Skating in China with Richie Eisler and International crew

Skating in China with Richie Eisler and International crew

over there let’s do it welcome to Shenzhen China and let’s see we ready to go
ola youtube my name is Ricardo lino and I’m a wheel addict we are in China we are in
Shenzhen China and I’m with Diego James from Colombia but wait I got some it’s
an international group so we got Andrea from Russia come on Andre come on
inspector we have Mesa Redonda
that’s the crew tonight gonna get in whoa whoa whoa this Russians yeah you can’t even see the top look
that shit there’s the clouds arrive yeah come on show me with you guys the nokia yeah take it – no key – such a 6-point thanks Angie better good man I fell good last time I did something like that it
was like 95 hello are you doing how are you so what you doing what you’re doing
pushing my wrist out and then I’m gonna move away from here and see how to tell
toys this guy what are you you’re nothing I’m a youtuber take the camera
out of I’m buying subscribers with a premium or is it what it’s like to kiss
Ricardo Lina look at that building look at my view pink is richer dude and right here with these crazy colors
we end this video I hope you guys enjoy this video I hope you enjoy Shenzhen and
Ritchie and the rest of the crew as much as I did and you know if you enjoyed
this video do not forget to subscribe to the channel look at this crazy place I’m
still like not getting it if you enjoy this place if you enjoy this video do
not forget to also give me some thumbs up if you didn’t like something well you
can give me some thumbs down but let me know what do they like about these
either come on don’t be jealous is a cool place to be and a bug to dude octi
gadget and other than that like I always say just don’t forget why we all started
skating and that is because it’s fun come on now I get the f5

Antonio Breitenberg

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36 thoughts on “Skating in China with Richie Eisler and International crew

  1. Vernon Tan says:


  2. Empoderada says:

    Primer comentario 😍❤️

  3. Vernon Tan says:

    Richie Eisler is my favourite skater 🙂

    ❤ Me

  4. Blade In NY says:

    Cant wait till you come to NYC. Dope vid

  5. Erik Droogh says:

    who is that Richie guy?

    nice place to night skate,

  6. MinimaLhosT says:

    USD pro veteran in the house 😂 were u only on big wheels?

  7. Michael Yeung says:

    Please brother next time you come let me know your schedule a little earlier, miss you loads and would love to meet!! safe flight home and stay in touch!!

  8. jabuka USD says:

    Real fun video👏 I enjoy'd to look at it..thanx Ricardo🚌💨

  9. Sascha Urlacher says:

    What Aeons do Richie ride? Never seen that version before.

  10. Edward Ngan says:

    That’s wonderful!!😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️

  11. Zshock soda says:

    Those light-up floor tiles make me wish you carried quad skates to change into and just film yourself busting some wicked retro roller disco moves. 🙂

  12. Daniel Souza says:

    that's just a nice video. just plain fun and exploring.
    Maybe I will do videos like that on my city.
    that would be actually a great idea to get some videos like that and compile into something like skating around the world.

  13. Poephoofd Nattescheet says:


  14. kaylaglazz says:

    The first ten seconds and I'm like 😵 OH NO.

  15. Remy Cadier says:

    Supercool vibes homies!! Lots of fun to watch.

  16. WHITTYskater says:

    Cool video. Great vibes and great skating!

  17. ataraxia says:

    trippy good vibes

  18. Fashionable Speed says:

    Nice!!! Were you riding 110s with Richie?

  19. Dakota Reeves says:

    Damn dude China looks lit af

  20. Hans Horts says:

    This was surprisingly gay 😂😂😂😂…..

  21. Ihsan Yunis says:

    Very nice groop. ….

  22. Ranjit Singh says:

    Bro i love this video! Such a good energy you guys have!

  23. Dhiyao says:

    Are usd aeons good for cruising?

  24. ktextreme says:


  25. siva maars says:

    So much fun!

  26. Kevin Daugard says:

    One of my favorite videos from you so far! The scenery, vibe, and editing was on point.

  27. Kevin Daugard says:

    I love that it was concise, not too long or dragging; just right 👊

  28. Rob Mastin says:

    Awesome fun video man. I'd kill to skate with you and Richie X much love

  29. Howard HU says:

    I'm live in Shenzhen too, when can i see you guys? really want to skate with you all together for very long time~

  30. Johro's Inline Skater Channel says:

    Because its FUN!

  31. Mitchell Schagen says:

    Moreeeeee plz

  32. ItsOurFault says:


    Have fun and be safe on your travels….APPRECIATE YA'LL A TON!!!

  33. Malik O says:

    Love the Intro

  34. Skataque says:

    Hey, i would say i am an advanced skater but the last years i was skating a cheap freeskate. Now that i have more money available i want to upgrade, therefore i thought about the powerslide imperial one skates, what do you think about them? Are they appropriate for advanced skaters?

  35. Nova i ЯиЧко says:

    Андрей, верни сотку я тебя нашёл!

  36. Jojo Mahama says:

    I’m gonna go to shinzen next vacation! Skating there looks awesome

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