SKATING HAS A IDENTITY PROBLEM  (with subtitles) // VLOG 124


But I certainly love rollerblading these is Rollerblade whats up Ricardo? Olá youtube, My name is Ricardo Lino and I´m a wheel addict this video might be a little bit controversial as most of you know inline skating rollerblading Whatever, you call, it blading was Super trendy the 90s. It was a time that Basically I would say every 5 in 10 kids would have a pair of inline Skates Roller blades blades. Whatever you call it, but something happened and What was it well the truth is no one really knows what happened? And no one really knows why the sport? Somehow came down, and that’s what we got to talk today, obviously what we’re going to talk today It has to do with opinions and people have different opinions about different things and this is one of those in my opinion somehow These wheels shoes things is lacking Identity and Everyone’s called them different names, but in the end no one really knows what we do. I’m going to try to explain What’s going through my head about two months ago. I made an interview with the rollerblade Marketing manager his name is Tom Hyser and in that interview my first question was what? Should we call to what we do ?these was Tom Hyser answer first question I need to make this question before you even present yourself Okay Can I call it rollerblading or inline skating? What should I call it? as the marketing manager for rollerblade I would prefer you called inline skating see so Tom Hyser has the marketing manager for Rollerblade said What we do with inline skating then I started looking around, and I see all the other brands like Roces , Roces have been Roces inline skates since I know about Roces since the 90s right? Seba , Seba is the brand from what I know they started in the 2000s, but Seba has always called their skates Seba inline skates Powerslide, Powerslide inline Skates basically what I’m trying to say here is most of the brands call What we do inline skating so basically they do inline skates for inline skaters, so they call us Inline skaters also calling the same name. What was the biggest event ever? For this sport in the 90s mid 90s arlo Eisenberg is the champion on the street? Have to admit. You know winnings kinda sweet now. It feels good the x games right x games was the biggest event ever For these wheel shoes will boots I’m not calling it a name yet but they did and they did call it aggressive inline or downhill inline skating and Aggressive inline skating basically the x games used to call it Inline skating then the first magazine or the biggest magazine that we ever had? In this sport to was Daily Bread and the daily bread used to be aggressive inline skating magazine So it was Daily Bread aggressive inline magazine same with other publications back then the ones that were successful like box Magazine or inline magazine they all used to call what we do inline skating Until here everything is okay so from what I’m saying now. We’re all inline skaters that’s Basic but since the beginning because the first brand was rollerblade there were always people calling us But I certainly love rollerblading Roller Bladers and It was all good until Here it was all good. So every time there was an event or there was a Magazine or there was something we used to be inline skaters, the problem starts when we start getting lost in the name That we call to what we do we already use an object which is a skate that Can be translated to all these different languages and portuguese would be PATINS, in Spanish would be patines in In Polish would be Rolki in German will be rolled shoe Rollschuhe I don’t know but I do know that every single language has the different name for the skate Just like everything else. There’s one language. Which is almost universal in that’s English, but We’re losing the power of what we do when we have like some people call It blades some other people call it rollerblades other people cause inline skates in the end What do we do do we are inline Skates Blades Rollerblades? What is it for a lot of people is not a problem of course? But if we want to see the sport grow we need to think like someone Who is trying to get into it? Most of the people say that they want to see more kids doing what we do they want to see more kids skating But kids usually want to do what’s popular and we losing popularity here, so if you google inline skating You’ll find something this big then if you google Rollerblading you’ll find something this big and then if you google blading You’ll find something this big if we put all these pieces together, we’ll find something this big and that’s what we want, so by all calling What we do the same name, we’re giving more power to the sport I’m not saying this is the reason why skating went down? But I’m pretty sure in a era that the internet is so important and google is so important everyone just Google everything We’re losing power right here by calling different names, and I give you another example now These are the barriers that usually? We need to go through as everything else in life And barriers are obviously Bigger than others okay, we got two barriers here one could be the media the other one could be Other sport that doesn’t want us to succeed this blading inline skating this is Rollerblading Can rollerblading go through the barriers by itself just rollerblading? Oops, it didn’t even go through the first one can inline skating go through the barriers by itself oh ops not really can blading go through the barriers by itself ah ahh…it went through media, but blading still stayed here, but now check this if blading join rollerblading and join inline skating We got something stronger, so let’s see if we can go through the barriers now. Oh, miss it again it seems like It seems like if we’re all together We’re stronger it might seem like what I did here was stupid, but it’s a visual example of what’s really happening We have all these different names that we call to what we do but in the end. We’re just losing power now Let’s talk about reality the reality is We have brands call it inline skating Then we have some shops that call it inline skating some other that call it rollerblading some others that call it blading. I don’t know Right here. We start spreading and then most of the pro skaters call. It blading some other call It rollerblading some other called inline skating and then we’re spreading even more and then we have all the kids all the followers all the People that practice what we do calling it, whatever they see the other ones calling so in the end There’s all these different names that people are calling to what we do like I just showed you we can be a lot stronger if we all do the same it’s a really really simple concept it’s a really really simple thing especially in 2017 where Google is so Important I’m not going to tell you. What’s the right name to call to what we do to these shoe with wheels But I’m going to leave a question right here, and that is What should we call to what we do? What do you call to what we do? All right um what up Ricardo? Inline skating rollerblading and why? alright um I Personally prefer inline skating I do inline And I think it’s a more universal way of saying it and You know at grass inline skating if you aggressive inline or if you are hockey, or if you do speed or anything else but At least in Puerto Rico it all started with the rollerblade brand so I used to call That we rollerblade so rollerblading was how I called it because of of the brand I guess but I live in my case. I do inline skating and whether it’s aggressive or speed skating but I prefer inline skating, I think it’s a more universal and it’s you know it’s a well more well-rounded so that’s my opinion that at least that’s a personal way of Of expressing what I do aggressive inline skating So that’s what’s up. Yeah. I hope you guys doing good much love Ibn Culvert bye. Bye Well so many fucking names to our fucking sports, right? Well click one word is enough. The word is in line no one is enough because if I put myself in a position of an outsider I don’t need to get the physical formation about what we do I don’t need to know if you’re a mushroom player, or it is a fucking pistol wrong or forever, so if you using mindscape We practice in life. I think that simple and I am glad for your question, and I hope to help solving this identity problem get in line cap Chooses buddy chief. Thank you. One. Love oh my God Hola, Youtube. My name is Fo fester and Ricardo Lino asked me what people call my sport in the netherlands, so Out here. We have a term called Skeleton, which was a model from ice skating manufacturers of straw in the 80s and It was picked up by the speed skaters at first and then after that it came the public name for inline skating some older people call it rolls outside meaning Roller skating and there are actually also a lot of people calling it just inline skating or skating or inline and in short, which I hate for me the question about how we should call the sport is more important and It it’s a hard question because there are so many names and everybody calls it different But if you zoom out a bit and look at it from a bigger perspective then It becomes pretty obvious that it’s called inline skating because there’s like three types of skating one is ice skating the other is quad skating and The other is inline skating and these are the terms. There’s no doubt about it it will be just really weird to call it anything else if you put it next to the quad skating and ice skating Sports because everybody’s calling it skating like you have so many different types of people and Yes, like ice skating people that do fit figure ice-skating speed ice skating Hockey ice skating they’re all covered in skating and they’re all skaters they have skates on their feet, then you have to quad skates They’re all calling it skating if Derby’s you can speed quad skaters They’re calling it skating and just because like inline skaters are going to the skate parks as well And then yeah like skateboarders. There’s which are oddly enough also calling it skateboard skating for themselves we Thought like hey, we need to differentiate ourselves from skateboarders, and we’re going to stick to like Rolling or rollerblading or blading or all of those terms which makes no sense if you if you just compare it to to the other skating sports, it’s obviously the skating and it’s the inline variant of of the skating types and just remember that skateboarding is called skating because of us, so without Roller skating the skateboard wouldn’t Exist so like it’s just super weird if a skateboarder Would call his sport skating and we wouldn’t because like what we’re doing is actually skating so yeah Let’s all just stick with the correct terms. That’s super important for us right now and So if you’re just like doing anything on the inline skates called coloured inline skating and if you want to be more specific It’s like either speed inline skating or speed skating is short or aggressive inline skating or aggressive skating in short? then we yeah, we really have to stick to the to the same names to grow the sport So that’s it these are my thoughts job So we finally started rotating or inline skating? In my opinion in life sitting is much better Because it has more history to it if you look at the term itself were basically Before the United there was a royal stating and it was already current was skating to the skated bitten it and Basically people were racing and chanting on Wednesdays also both sports are like the royals getting any marketing I mean are like summer versions of ice skating which also has ice skating be delayed and so In my opinion and the investigating covers much more Of what you are doing on skates Its if you look at it for example free skating also containing the skating bit Inline Downhill contest the inline bit in the name and the speed skating obviously getting nobody say is saying that their Royal speeding or speed Rolling or speed blade Eagles on me light up and the same goes for the freestyle slalom Most people are saying the freestyle, but if someone wants to point that this is Dunham escaped during the indirect negatives and In life, especially are not in right? Beside slalom braking course freestyle we celebrating obviously So the wrong building name. I think it’s much more attached to their aggressive community that is using this and say even I a guy who is spending most of his skating time on the deep with when I’m reading or hearing the term road-building I’m thinking about the Aggressive skating not the other types of the skating and well I know that. They’re aggressive committee is pretty much attached to the term however I think they have recipe is also a good alternative to it And the problem with rotating is also that there are great. Do not want people to use the term and for any kind of financial gain Because it is the copyright infringement or something like that well if you look at other companies in other business types for example an april they wanted to make an iPod or iPod and alternative to the MP3 player or Sony Walkman Basically the Walkman is also a brand by honey, but some is not suing anyone for using the term and Walkman to describe the Audio device of the to play the music on the go the same goes with the able people are going there and the those devices that let you play the music and On the go, and I thought all the time and it is basically the free publicity same goes with the Microsoft when they establish the Xbox brand they wanted to and Establishing it such way that people will use the term xbox instead of the gaming console And when they succeed at least in the us. I think because in the us ever joke Cause every kind of console and Xbox uses play games It’s an aggie books to them so basically. I don’t know why whether it is against this and but if they do not once asked God and Other Escapes rotate or what we are doing rotating Right up. This is day loss not mine, and are basically Giving away the free publicity they are giving up on it, so I Don’t know we why are doing this as I said, it’s a problem for me. They’re Investigating name much better, and I will definitely stick to it. Thank you tres I hope you enjoyed this video if you’re not to try to the channel don’t forget to do it right now and If you did like the video give it a thumbs up Cheers see you soon will be

Antonio Breitenberg

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100 thoughts on “SKATING HAS A IDENTITY PROBLEM (with subtitles) // VLOG 124

  1. Marcel blomme says:

    inline skating/ A.I.S Aggressive Inline Skating, this is the best name possible, i prefer aggressive inline skating, if we look back in the 80's the stunt riders prefered to be called aggressive inline skaters to state that the stunting part is way different then the rest of the inline skating corners like speed inline skating or power inline skating. thats my opinion why we should call ourself aggressive inline skaters

  2. Nicolas David says:

    here in France, we call it just rollers, cause Rollerblade was the most famous when the sport was new and popular. Just like we often call our fridges "Frigo", cause when the fridges appeared, there were very few brands, and "Frigo" was the biggest brand at the time… even if the brand died a very long time ago, the name somehow sticked around.

    Some other huge factors that plays against inline skating are :
    – You need good roads ! And on the old continent, besides big cities, you don't really have good and comfortable roads for skating.
    – It is expensive ! More expensive than a bike… while the latter is not dependent of roads, doesn't require you to put your shoes in a backpack, and its wheels last a lot longer !

    I'm lucky enough to skate everyday cause it's my job in a mall (but here stops the luck ^^), but out of there I have discovered so few places to make long and nice rides… As I said, this is IMO the fact that this is so dependent of the road infrastructures that is the biggest break to this sport.

  3. GetSkateyWithNatey says:

    This was very educational and enlightening. I came from watching you in a Powerslide Doop advert, thinking, 'he looks really familiar, isn't that THE LINO LIFE guy I'm not subscribed to yet but pretty much see everyone else subbed to when I check out their channels?', then I saw you in the comments section and booyah, it was you! – I've subbed now. :') – I literally hate it when people call all vacuum cleaners a "hoover", after the brand, even if it's a Dyson or something completely different. After watching this, I think it's going to grow more and more irritating for me when I hear people calling inline skates, "rollerblades" if it's not the Rollerblade brand. I personally will refrain from ever saying "rollerblading" ever again unless I have a pair of Rollerblade "inline skates" on my feet! The whole world needs to see this video. Inline skating all the way!

  4. Tamara Zawada says:

    In polish skates is actually "lyzwy". "Rolki" is a short name for "lyzwo rolki" which literally means: roller skates, or skate rolls. For the traditional roller skates in the other hand we have a completely unique name which is "wrotki"

  5. Joltown 23 says:

    I use to say skating but I say blading now. Drives me mad when ya see ambassadors of the sport like rob Guerrero say skating yet on barely dead he specifies we should say blading. That's why skateboarders hate us

  6. S R says:

    The reason for the death of the sport is far more complex than simple brand name extension. One of these issues is because in-line skates were developed long after sport market saturation in other but similar sports.

  7. Gustavo Espadas says:

    InMexico we just say roller, are you roller? yes i am 😀

  8. Combat Medic Luke says:

    Mad respect for knowing how to say Rolki in Polish

  9. virginia maria mejia matos says:

    inline skating

  10. Dante Devencenzi says:

    I am interested in inline skating, and don't own any, but that's what I call it. My mom calls it rollerblading because she has rollerblade brand skates from the 90s.

  11. Charlie Zxi says:

    Here's another wrench to toss in there- recently I skated with some friends on a Bike Party here in the Bay Area. About 450-500 bikes, but we were on quads. As we go by different places, people cheer and shout, and in the 18 mile course through neighborhoods and city streets, EVERYONE cheered us like "Yeah! Rollerblades!" NOBODY said "Roller skates" and nobody said "Inline skates".
    I wish skateboarding had never hijacked the term "skating" it's so lazy – when on a longboard, they use the term "longboarding" – at least all of the groups I knew of or were part of. (I mostly just roller skate now).

  12. Shawn Kerbow says:

    I always try to telll kids that have never seen a aggressive blading/inline. To ask there parents to buy them some for bday or xmas. I let any body that wantsto try on my skates try on

  13. Post Tramatiq says:

    The internet killed it no one wants to go outside anymore

  14. Prince Mononoke says:

    This reminds me of how bands like Alvvays and Chvrches chose to spell their names just for the search engine optimization.

  15. Horacio Stjeward says:

    We call em skeelers *-:-)

  16. Horacio Stjeward says:

    In Dutch it's schaats

  17. Horacio Stjeward says:

    Inline skating my vote <3

  18. smol snek says:

    I used to want to skateboard, UNTIL, I remembered an old game called jsrf, then I went and picked up a pair of USD skates, and honestly every other form of skating looks very basic and bland to me when compared to inline. The skates also look very badass, way cooler than wood planks and bikes. Feels way better too.

  19. Kevin Sawada says:

    Must have something to do with the marketing :/

  20. Dario Alfano says:

    Hi ricardo!
    In argentina we say freeskate or inline skate or in spanish "andar en rollers".
    Here in argentina it lost popularity because there are not many good places to skate and if you do not have a car it is difficult to move the skates to practice in those places.
    Also in Argentina there are only two stores that specialize in the sale of skates. At least in Argentina those are the reasons.
    You are the best!
    When you come to Buenos aires Argentina? I can show you the best places to ride..

  21. Fran Grau says:

    Hi Lino!
    I've just found your channel and I really like it, I have a quite similar background to yours. It would be great to skate with you sometime…
    I think only English speaking countries call it rollerblading. All my friends in the US, UK, Ireland and AU call it rollerblading. But here in Spain, France, Germany, Italy… it has and always will be inline skating or ILS.
    I also think the term rollerblading has such a bad connotation, when people say it seems they're talking about toys or a kids thing. We should get rid of that term ASAP.
    Take care Lino, you're awesome!

  22. Human Emulator says:

    I call it inline skating

  23. Haroldo Stenger says:

    hi! having seen and listened to the video and the opinions, I find them all well balanced, and down to reality. The technique has many names, it even has many use-cases, it touches very different parts of someone sensibility, security issues, discrimination issues (I'm 46 , started skating three months ago, call it here in Uruguay "patinar en línea", o "patinar en rollers", and i'm deeply saddened when people say foolish , childish, or directly insulting things because of seeing a skater), anyhow I have to go on and ignore that kind of words. I used to suffer of the same discrimination when using "trekking poles" in the city streets, people would ask "Where is the snow?" or just "… and the snow?" , or openly laugh. Many people would however just watch, or respectfully ask what was I doing. With rollers, being a more knowledgeable thing than poles, curiosity is not the issue, but maybe the "appropriateness" of a 46 years old man skating for the first time in his life, trying to get more expert in his tries. I'm sure seeing me out there skating inline rollers, touches many different feelings , frustrations, harm sensations, some envy, maybe some isolated happiness. In my opinion, which I reserve my right to change, the name is not the important thing for the technique , or sport to expand, it is an important part, but if a consensus is not agreed, it is not that really important as the other aspects of the sport that society and other people perceives. In addition, women opinion regarding the name of the sport should also be recorded and collected. What does your wife who does skate (I've seen her in the vlogs) call it ? How does she dream of the sport, technique? And her she-friends ? Apart, there is a canadian video of some guys who go to do aggresive in the small cities of some Canada state, and there is a scene where they ask a woman bar tender about skating spots , and she asks "Isn't that a dying thing?" , and then they sort of laugh to themselves, unwilling to answer really, which is fine for both parties. Marketing departments maybe should agree on the necessity of broadening the marketshare, and the mindshare. Google will "synonimize" the three or four words that refer to what we do (it usually offers alternative words for things it knows are the same), maybe google is not that problem now, although a more uniform digital precense would help. I think that the real think that helps grow the sport is vlogging , and trying to interview skaters, talking about what they do. Skating is both a children thing (say) , and a very extreme thing, a high engineering thing, a city design thing, a city testing thing, a candidate to transportation media thing, also a show thing, it's a lot of things, it really a complex object, made of complex "subjects" : ) , I think that approaching this complexity from the different perspectives it evokes will help. The engineering thing , the engineering exploration of the technique, the physics explanations part, even the psychology involved in skating, urban design, even the sort of wierd use that skaters usually do of the city (think transgressions of some sort, which undoubtfully are fun, but are transgressions too) has to be "researched" so as to assess the anthropology of the sport. For me the most important part is feeling fine, and having easy access to good information of the products, but mainly of the stopping techniques, trying it not to be a sort of well kept secret until one manages to discover. I think rollerblading inline skating will succeed, and what you do is incredible, I love your work. Thanks for it. In a way, we're connected spiritually and technically. That's fun and awesome. Let's the world know that.

  24. Patrick Stewart says:

    Such a great commentary on this subject, great points!

  25. BarneyRuckus says:


  26. BarneyRuckus says:

    A perfect example of this phenomenon is what I think is also happening in the skiing community. I’ve been interest in learning more about short skis and skiing in general. So naturally I tried google’ing it. I searched for “snowblade”, and came up with Salomon Snow Blades. It turns out that what I thought was snowblading is actually skiboarding. Once I figured that out, I was finally able to find places to buy some.
    So from my personal experience, this is precisely what happened to me.

  27. steven calpecos says:

    How about calling it dick breath?… Who cares what u say it's called, inline or rollerblade ppl still know what you mean.. Call it what u want, it's something ppl want to do or not.. I'm glad that not everyone likes the sport.. Coz we don't have bird-farts acting like. "yeah this is cool coz everyone is doing it.." those who blade keep blading n those who keep skating keep skating.. Underground is better than corporate I say…

  28. Makaha Sk8Rz says:

    Roller skate, Roller disco, Roller blade (blading for short or slang derivative) is a natural progression. Roller skate (quad or in-line) is a natural progression as well. Whatever it’s all good Holmes. Type blading in you tube search and you get weird results I have noticed though. So your theory has some validity.

  29. viswow says:

    Lets call it Aggressive In-Line roller skate blading … heh

  30. James says:

    I'm up for inline skating as the name but the perception that inline is all for little kids and that if you're older than 8 it's stupid to do it and that's the main problem

  31. Ithryn says:

    Inline skating or more specifically aggressive inline skating or aggressive inline Is what we do. We are skaters. Blading kinda works I guess but it's definitely aggressive inline.

  32. Simon Cowell says:

    I am half spanish and half french. In France they call it Rollers. In Spain they call it Patines. That is the problem. The word SKATEBOARD though is used in every country. We need to do the same. ONE WORD: INLINE. Simple, universal and english. Not En linea (spanish) or En ligne (french). INLINE.

    From a newborn in this world who still sees this from the outsider perspective.

  33. Drazen Radovanac says:

    Is that Serbian Army uniform?

  34. Ravi Ramautar says:


  35. antonio santos says:

    Its like calling tooth paste a colgate

  36. Sierra Fly says:

    … I call it fruit-looping, my whole city seems to as well. We're part of the problem!?

  37. conajohn says:

    I agree the problems stems from how these things were marketed where you live. in Canada the roller blades are mainly advertised to the off season hockey crowd, and inline is for recreational skaters, street crowd. Then you get all the cheap Chinese brands flooding the market with even more confusing terms arise.

  38. Simon Altman says:

    I'm surprised there's so much love for 'inline skating'. I think it sounds too long and technical. Inline is a boring word that doesn't sound exciting or attractive. It describes the shape of the wheels, not the whole experience.

    It sounds okay if somebody specifically asks, "what do you do?" "i do inline skating". But to say "see ya later, im going inline skating" – it's too long. So people naturally drop "inline" and just call it skating, but then of course there's the confusion with skateboarding.

    In the uk, rollerblading is the more common word, when talking to outsiders, or within the community just 'blading'. It doesn't matter that it's a brand – brand names often become the main name if they sound better than the technical name. To me it is a better name. It sounds energetic, aggressive and fast, whereas skating sounds much more 'dancey', and creates images of roller discos! Rollerblading is clearly separate from this, with no confusion.

    It's unfortunate that rollerblade having the legal rights to that name has prevented other brands from being able to use it. It would be good for the sport's unified identity if they would release the name so all brands could use it

  39. Spiggie says:

    I agree with the second guy

  40. Василь Жуковський says:

    Agressive inline

  41. curiexr says:

    Inline skating, it's what I call it. But the name is quickly lost with translation. Also it would help if it was just one word – Inlineskating. For example windsurfing was always called windsurfing. No need for two words IMO.

  42. Jessie Shores says:

    I'm late to the party, having just discovered you, but I'd like to point something out. The MOST well known name in the world is rollerblade. Point blank period. While I realize that those of us inside the sport rarely call it that, if growth is your goal owning the name that already has world wide recognition is the only logical plan. Thus, I personally would say "blading." Strictly from a marketing stand point. It's simple, it provides the imagery of a straight "inline" object. The outside population would immediately recognize it. Adding the word skating to it in any way will only work against you in todays market. Skateboarding is the dominant form of "skating." They have have inherited that term from us, and I don't hold that against the sport. It survived, and thrived, and blading died. However, a great many of the people outside of extreme sports hear skating and think skateboarding. I have literally had a guy ask me "what kind of skateboard is that?" when I told him I wanted to get back into inline skating. 🙁

    TL;DR You don't have to like blading, but it is the identity with the best chance to let the sport grow.

  43. Jami Madmoon says:

    Different terminology for what we do can reduce the collection out of confusion but then there is slang.
    Bladers rollerblades and the insulting term fruit booters just to name the slang but when it comes to me personally I call my self a roller blader but I use the technical term inline when I am searching for parts and or I am referring to my inline skates.

  44. Anand Kumar Jha says:

    People called Inline Skater >>> Have to Stick together 🙂

  45. Anand Kumar Jha says:

    I hope your voice reaches all pros !!

  46. MissMerc007 says:

    20 years ago we used to call them rollerblading, but that may have been marketing to make it easier for parents to buy the skates fot their children. But now that I'm older, I like inline skating – but still sounds technical. Good topic.

  47. wasyhasy says:

    I <3 Inline Skating

  48. Matt Brogan says:

    We are losing this battle with the name. Great video!
    The other brands have had no choice but to call it 'inline skating'
    Maybe if Team Rollerblade relaxed their copyright we could all just chill and call it rollerblading because thats what most people call it. Most people outside of the rollerblading world say 'hey look at that rollerblader'.
    Inline skating, as much as I love that term its just not SEO friendly or outsider friendly.

  49. dstaop says:

    Why not cal it blade running, after the great movie!
    Most dumb, is , roller blading,
    I don't say I like McDonald's If I should say I want to say I like hamburgers.

    Ricardo, start name competition 🙂

  50. dstaop says:

    Sometimes when you don't know what is a good thing you can exclude the bad things. Why not have a name competicion on what to Not call this sport!

  51. dstaop says:

    We can give skateboards a silly name back, – dry surfing,!
    Inlines got more speed and flexibility, so in many ways they envy us

  52. Armoured Rat says:

    I've always just called it skating, but the ol' plank-wankers don't like that kind of talk

  53. msdosfx says:

    That's a funny name. I'd have called them chazwazzers.

  54. Dušan Barlík says:

    The dictator has spoken!

  55. penninviisaampi says:

    I think the problem is that you cant get them your local sport stores anymore. Name dosnt matter.

  56. Jimmy Rayne says:

    I am an aggressive inline skater

  57. Reactor Haz says:

    I call it inline skating ,that's what I do ,much needed video !

  58. James Hoey says:

    I blame scooters

  59. James Hoey says:

    I skate

  60. Orfkip says:

    Here in the Netherlands inline skating was also popular in the mid-late 90's but it was mainly the aggressive inline skating people were interested in. It was mostly guys between 10-16 who were into it but they grew out of it and moved on to things like riding mopeds. It was just a status thing for them instead of an actual hobby.

    These days people are riding a variation of skate-like things, most popular seems to be the scooter followed by longboards and regular skateboarding. Occasionally I see a person cruising on inline skates but aggressive inline skating is dead for years. It really does have an identity problem because people are still interested in skateboarding but not inline skating, and no, this has nothing to do with the name.

  61. 아이리스 says:

    Still love skating either on ice or land

  62. Jaruma 177 says:

    Inline skating 🤟🏽

  63. Joshua Leong says:

    cool illustration!

  64. magistik-[DARK] says:

    I tell people that rollerblade is a brand, I in-line skate. That being said aggressive in-line is starting to have an uptick in my state here in the. U.S. I have made 2 friends out of nowhere the first week I returned to skating! Been back for 2 months now and beginning to work on grinds again. Never stop friends, never stop!

  65. Habeev07 says:

    I always tell people I BLADE, first… then if they ask, I say aggressive inline. I love that your channel exists but ITS STILL BLADING… or just call it Aggressive inline like Daily bread. People are in this weird thought still that speed skating dominates rollerblading. Roller blading is the weird middle ground imo that make people think about street hockey or something and NOT AGGRESSIVE INLINE, using soul plates and H-blocks. I bought some SL's from Rollerwarehouse last week and Iam expecting shipment tomorrow. Senate – Project Mayhem, VG20 Roots, IMYTA!!! Its all about the grinds and huge gaps in my eyes. I miss the early 2000's.

  66. Dan Of The Day : says:

    Inline skating

  67. Jack Thompson says:

    This all confused me, i'm happy he has clarified 😉

  68. Aja Kennedy says:

    Solid logic and well articulated. As someone brand-new to the inline (rollerblading? blading?) community, this is definitely food for thought.

  69. Scuba Tuga says:

    great topic!!!

  70. Banzai Ho says:

    Just skate !. Fun.

  71. Betsy Abreu says:

    I grew up calling it Inline skating!

  72. In The Box Productions Tutorials says:

    Well I was there in 60s as a kid on roller skates , then when inline skates came out in the 90s ( rolerblades were the first i think ) so like hoover that became the name ! Then inline became the name later ! BUT we all ROLLER SKATE ON either Quads, inline or NOW triskate!! SO WHY ARE YOU COMPLICATING THINGS !! It is ROLLER SKATING !! FFS !!!

  73. In The Box Productions Tutorials says:


  74. Javier Roll Elx says:


  75. Troy says:

    It's always going to be rollerblading in the US, there's nothing we can do about it, so embrace it.

  76. EL Dinamita says:

    I learned a lot of informatuon from the Barely dead documentary

  77. E Nuff C Nuph says:

    The more popularity it gained, the more normal people put on their pads, helmets, and wrist guards, and skated down the cycle track to the local shop. Pushing along, looking like an injured Arctic penguin, whilst wearing vibrant brightly coloured lycra, , with illuminated pink/green wheels…… And then bring on the lame rep! And the death of inline.
    Also "blading" sounds cheesy af!

  78. Kevin Erwin says:

    i can tell you exactly why everyone stopped, or at least why i stopped, i started blading when i was 10 years old, and every park or spot i went to, i got harassed and bullied by skateboarders because i was alone, i bladed for many years and the bullying never stopped or even got better slightly. i tried to get into skateboarding but i didn't like it how i liked blading and after a while i just got so tired of being made fun of. so i took a break and that ended up being the end of my hobby. i can't help but think thats happened to a lot of other kids too. the most common thing i was called was fruitbooter or just plain "faggot, gay, etc." I'm getting back into it now being 12 years later, but i still can't help but believe this same thing has happened to other kids who didn't fit in with any group of skaters so they skate alone just like me.

  79. RUOK2000 says:

    A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet

  80. Doff says:

    Dude I'm wearing that exact coat as I'm watching this.

  81. Iain Mcfly says:

    nah you need to:
    1.make a good budget aggressive skate
    2.make it 100 bucks
    3. distribute to well-known youtubers and paid reviews.
    4. school demos

     bang!! skating is popular again.

    it worked with Scooters…

  82. INK_ZANE ROLL says:

    the worst about calling it inline skating (without the issue of the different name at each country) is that there are too many disciplines, sk8boarding is sk8boarding everywhere… and that really makes the mess, cuz if u dont add your category everyone thinks you just go around hardly standing, fully padded with your helmet. thats the bad truth… who knows the reason, sk8boarding bullying at the 90s?… nah… most inline skaters (where i include all disciplines) look like that… so, if we few “agressive in line skaters” wanna change that… we got a looooong path.

  83. Vlado cro says:

    Personaly i just got back into blading, only 3 of us were ripping aggressive blades like 15yrs ago. Now im alone and ppl dont have a clue what that is. I hope i will show ppl now in my 30+yrs what that is. Its not just name is missmatched, whole sport is fading away. Im so happy i found your channel. Respect from croatia. Keep ripping it.

  84. Jamie Rankin says:

    👌 I think we should drop the aggressive and just say inline skating

  85. Michał Mikulski says:

    Pozdrowienia a Polski 😉
    Z innej beczki, w Polsce na buty sportowe mówimy adidasy, od firmy adidas. Przyjęło się to chyba od lat 80-90. Obecnie coraz częściej mówi się buty sportowe z racji mnogości firm na rynku.

  86. Michael Bodenhoff says:

    the webstores here in Denmark uses the broad term Rollerskates , and under rollerskates are
    Side by sides
    Nordic skates
    Derby skates

    All are wheeled thingies that is strapped to each foot

    Skates are for ice
    wheels mounted to a board are skateboards/longboards/waveboards
    scooters are ….well scooters 😀

    Rollerblade is a company and cant be used to describe a complete sport

  87. Chuck Phlegming says:

    Well you go and ride a "Jet Ski" buy a "Ping-Pong" table, pop some "Bubble Wrap" and then put on your "Rollerblades" with "Velcro" straps.

    Alternatively; you go and ride your personal watercraft, buy a table tennis table, pop some (I don't think it even has a generic term) and then put on your inline skates with hook and loop fasteners.
    See how brands can just become the name for something and its not a problem? I mean, especially with Bubble Wrap actually being the brand name for 'it'. It'd be so much easier if we could just call it rollerblading.

  88. Kielbasa says:

    at the moment we have an electric revolution in which the inline-skates unfortunately do not take part. We will have to wait a bit longer, until the exo-pants allow to join inline-skates for this race.

  89. MorDreadful says:

    Okay, so I know this is 2 years old almost but here's the thing. English wording and terminology gives us the answer if we break it down.

    Roller blades. Blades are a sharp edge technically and used for cutting something. Ice skates would be on the blade family. Roller? when do we see blades roll exception being pizza cutters. From this alone we can see that, roller blades is kind of a mute and contradictory term and not really a thing, unless your going to attach 3/4/5/6 pizza cutters to the bottom of your boots. This is technically what it implies. Roller (ability to roll) blades (something used for cutting like a knife). Does not make sense right? precisely.

    Inline skates. Wheels that are in a line rather than in pairs and parallel to each other. A line of wheels. Inline Roller Skates would be technically correct. Inline (wheels that are in a line) roller (ability to roll) Skates, attached to the foot via a boot or shoe type footwear, for short, inline skate. We can negate ice skates here as there is one blade, we could technically call them blade skates but just as much, we call them ice skates, which they are, the latter sounds better.

    So just thinking about the words, we see a contradiction with roller blades and no contradiction with inline roller skate or for short, inline skate. The terminology is then being used correctly. This thus gives us the true name. Inline Skates.

    I would surmise that the term roller blades may have come from the ice skating domain due to the ability to mimic more closely, being on ice without needing to be at an ice rink all the time. Much like skate boarding was used by surfers when not near the ocean or sea and could practice balance etc. whilst on land. Whatever the reason for the term, roller blading/ blades is technically wrong. Inline skate as we have seen, is technically right by the English language and meanings of words.

  90. Sowel 44 says:

    Tony Hawks Pro Skater came out and converted people to skateboards, that's what happened. xD

  91. Wolfy The Witch says:

    Inline skating for the win

  92. Aymeric Meziere says:

    I do inline skating 😊

  93. Encryptedte says:

    Inline skating sounds good. Makes sense, since Rollerblading is a brand, but was picked up in the nineties as the name of the sport.

  94. Stef Hepburn says:

    This is an important video

  95. Eric Robertson says:

    definitely inline skating

  96. Faris Mandura says:

    The point this video is about is so critical, and inline skating it is!

  97. Indecisive says:

    You call it 'inline skating'. I call it 'buying my doctor a new car, one fall at a time skating'.

  98. NoVanity1 says:

    This is so true! I've been on a hiatus for a while now and when I decided to check back in on the sport I honestly wasn't sure how I should phrase it to get the best results. Either way, I'm excited to get back into the sport! I've got new skates on the way in the mail right now!

  99. Guilherme Tonon says:

    Não é questão de nome. O mercado valoriza aquilo que acha mais rentável. Caso vc analise os filmes como de volta para o futuro, vc pode ver que havia um skate. Então era a indústria querendo influenciar no gosto popular.
    Poderia apresentar vários argumentos aqui de pq o nome não é questão do gosto. Não há investimento de propaganda alguma em patins.
    Mas hoje vejo mais pessoas andando de patins do que antes.
    Os patins estavam relacionados também a uma possibilidade de consumo, com saúde, com estilo de vida jovem.. se vc não tem dinheiro, se a sociedade é pobre, menor a diversidade. Então acaba q skates predominam por vários motivos, são mais baratos que patins.
    Uma população saudável consome melhor os produtos.
    Enfim, vários os argumentos.

  100. Lexie Cassel says:

    Question would you consider rollerblades and roller skates I’m the same group as they both have wheels on there feet I skate both

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