Skateboarding at The Gully Skatepark! Jamaica’s first DIY park

Skateboarding at The Gully Skatepark! Jamaica’s first DIY park

Antonio Breitenberg

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100 thoughts on “Skateboarding at The Gully Skatepark! Jamaica’s first DIY park

  1. Ramon Fraser says:

    When did Ras Kitchen move from ital cooking to skating? Kmt

  2. Naturaliss Jamaican Home Cooking says:

    That was a big fall. All in the game.

  3. mastah. G says:

    love this vlog man..bless up from philippines yah man..🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  4. Guyana Guy says:

    Wicked Video !! Change of content was a pleasant surprise…big up!!!

  5. Nickeshia Litchmore says:

    Ras kitchen up up bloodclatt up yeah man😍😄

  6. rather abstract says:

    wtf i didn't know Matthew is a shredder haha keep skating matthew

  7. elchonpiras jowi says:

    damm mathew didnt knew u skate that good!!

  8. peepee123 says:

    Skateboarding is universal …

  9. Nadia Dear says:

    Mathew is who him a call tourist? Mek him know seh you is a native. Chat bout! Respect!

  10. jaszel step says:

    😍🇵🇭👌🏻Love you Matthew!! Love and support from Philippines!! ☺️☺️😍😍👌🏻👌🏻🛹✈️💚🇵🇭

  11. Ricksteady8 says:

    Dope, that little tear drop bowl looks like a widow maker! That gully looked fun as well and the art was wicked!
    Love the skate vibes! Have you ever thought about getting Ratty into skating? He certainly has the spirit for it, but its just a thought. =P
    Keep doin the lords work Matthew, and safe travels.

  12. jaszel step says:

    Sending love from Philippines to Canada ( You ) and Jamaicaaaa ( Mokko )! 🇵🇭💚👌🏻🇨🇦🇯🇲

  13. dream machine says:

  14. Osmosis says:

    360 of love, that gravel is normal where i live so practise young grasshopper

  15. Richard Kiffin says:

    Matthew you a down to earth person you are the best

  16. BshDctr says:

    Ras kitchen + skating = best content on Youtube! give thanks for the video, and nice blunt rock fakie Matthew!

  17. ManofWords says:

    i love how you embrace the culture and not even one negative thought that you have your a soul that has wisdom and can see passed what is holding many back.. after watching your clips i will go to the island one day..

  18. Sherran says:

    Big up Ras Kitchen & Mathew 👊Bless Up .

  19. N H D Y Z says:

    Whoever put thumb down should be ashamed. Much luv from Montréal !!

  20. H- TOWN says:

    I love how skating brings us together. Big ups Jamaica. 1♥️

  21. sheldon sheldon says:

    Nice one Mathew

  22. gdcskates says:

    Matt Matt Matt you never cease to amaze me. Plus you music selection is always on point and out of this world. big up Ras Kitchen.

  23. p l says:

    I love the fact that you show the world the beauty in Jamaica. Jamaica is so beautiful if only everyone could take the time to see its beauty instead of just going to the tourists areas. Been there 3 times since my bf is Jamaican and we stay far away from the tourist areas. Keep showing the people this beauty.

  24. Timmy says:

    I didn’t even know you skated 🦴🌊🤙🏻🔥🤘🏻🛹

  25. Morgan Walker says:

    That was killer diller. That's Matthew. Big up to the gully crew

  26. LambeauPackman says:

    Gnarly bro! You're really good

  27. Mr. Dawg says:

    Fuck yeah 🤙🏿🤙🏿

  28. Bella Rules says:


  29. Sina Fierce says:

    My man can skate???!!!

  30. scarface 82 says:

    Get ratty a board man 😉 cool vid 😉 peace 😉

  31. Po Izzy says:

    Good vibes there! Blessings!

  32. Alex Mac says:

    Matthew can skate. I see you😎👊🏾

  33. vodka boss says:

    I didn't even knew we had this in Jamaica… 🙄🙄

  34. Sepppuku says:

    Whats going on with all the screentearing in thie video?

  35. David John says:

    Good look Mathew .👍🤛

  36. Areeb Hossain says:

    That skater girl live round there so?

  37. Djenkai says:

    yoo Matthew that Blunt to Rock Fakie was sick man mad skillz haha big up
    Edit: Btw i know ''Wonders around the world'' build a new skatepark in Jamaica would be sick if you checked it out sometime 😀

  38. MarvieP says:

    Big ups and shred on Matt!

  39. TreyVro says:

    shred it up bro 🤟

  40. tito Balkani says:

    This is the coolest. Skatin' Jamrock! Rezpekt🤘🏾

  41. Ms. Lewis says:

    Omg I never knew Jamaica had skate parks. Wow.

  42. diegoRad says:

    Beautiful video man, I discover this channel like a week ago and I love it 💛

  43. P D says:

    Thank you for making this video Matthew!!! Didn't know you were a skater

  44. Fb sg says:

    As someone who skates this video made me extremely happy. Bless up!

  45. yung existential crisis says:

    that's Anderson paak playin at 6:45

  46. Tommy Charles says:

    So SIck it would be tight to skate in Jamaica ! Bless Up!

  47. Taylor Hill says:

    Awesome episode!!! Love it always something different each video

  48. Vee says:

    Oof Chipsey is so FINE! Damn, what a handsome man 😍 Need to find me a Jamaican, lol ❤️

  49. Rapheal Francis says:


  50. Trevor Major says:

    Hey Matt what's it mean wen mokko says blood clat

  51. natty fuzz says:


  52. Steve Rousseau says:

    Everything is in Jamaica if a egg we Inna the red lol 😀

  53. Andrew50bp says:

    Ya man brilliant stuff to bloodclut

  54. Sizzla Fan Benita says:

    He’s gorgeous. Reminds me of a young Wayne Marshall.

  55. Yvonne Morgan says:

    Matthew big up.thats 8 miles area or Bullbay

  56. Vince Stark says:

    Good morning

  57. Marley91crx,si vibes lol says:

    Bleeesssss up Mathew I gotta hit that spot and nice 360 off the ramp had no idea my dud can shread the narr

  58. Liam small says:

    There is a local bmx and mtb rider called a-wire who rides at the gully he's a legend

  59. crime face law says:

    Good video, happy to see the youths them transform the gully into something positive!

  60. Wim Harleev says:

    I have been to bull bay, saturn close just 3 weeks ago. was some experience! strange to see all the places in your video so soon after

  61. skinny boy says:

    Mathew skates well

  62. Slops One says:

    Mathew! That drain spot looked so cool! I would love to paint a mural there if I ever come to visit the Moko Yard 👌😊 bless up brother 💜

  63. QueenSharaina Rutherford says:

    You Matthew!🇯🇲

  64. Anthony Ibanez says:

    Needed this in a Friday Matty thank you

  65. cale doane says:

    Dude! You're shredding! I wish for you to come to Eugene Or. Skate,surf,snowboard, and I make crazy good thai food over the fire inna da yard!

  66. Charles McDowell says:

    Woah Matthew skates!

  67. Bradley. Missick says:

    Respect Matthew.

  68. Deondre Grace says:

    U need to check boston skate park in boston, portland

  69. eja narinn says:

    I didn't know u know how to skate bro 👊

  70. 40 Grit says:

    Sick Matthew✌

  71. slug_7 says:

    hell yeah i didnt know u skated too!! this is awesome

  72. Jason Linkinhoker says:


  73. Jason Linkinhoker says:

    Mathew rippin

  74. Charlie Rios says:

    Nice shredding mann…
    🤙🤙🤙didn't know u was bout that….
    Kool shit

  75. Shanda 360 ♥️ says:

    So cool

  76. Mak Mak says:

    ..this is a great escape.

  77. Melarie Garcia says:

    Damn! Matthew can do anything..talented in many ways

  78. Caligreen420 says:

    Sickkk mini bowl yo! Them boys can skate maannnn. Yo! We be living the same in the 90s , skating in he water spill ways and ish , but the set up here wit the ramps and graphs …… way dope , getting them Venice street vibes 👟🧢🍀✨🛹🛹🛹🏝🏔

  79. Benificiall Music says:

    This is the coolest right now…

  80. Iyoub says:

    omg yes. JAMAICANS SHREDDING THE GNAR. I Actually lived for this moment. im so thankful for this video.

  81. Iyoub says:


  82. Evan Weddell says:

    Mathew are you still staying at moka's?

  83. U.K Air rifles Hunting&Target says:

    I'm a British Jamaican. Never been to Jamaica but when i see videos such as yours my heart aches and i get that homesick feeling . I am not well and am much better of in England but Jamaica if your young and fit could be the place to make a dream, ATB Mokko and Mathew, Bless up Ratty. Reminds me of my boy "Moses" with his mannerisms lol

  84. Kylie says:

    Hey matt hope allow well, i seen that kickflip over that gas bottle sick as bro

  85. Tykree Llewellyn says:

    Such great view on like a whole completely different calm view on a place on the island

  86. BetterYouBetterWorld V says:

    you are a legit skater ay i skated in my teens but the best i could do was 5050's on the ramp and ickflips on the move lol i HATED dropping in man half the time i wouldnt commit properly and fuck myself up lol people die from hitting there head on cement so its pretty dangerous really, worst crash was first time i took my bike to the skate park, was getting mad air on a camel hump and got 2 excited and then got too much air and crash landed on my head and shoulder with no helmet like a dickhead lol

  87. Ferdy leamsi says:

    ✌️ YES MAN sports weed lobe….

  88. nick rogers says:

    damn Matt with the clean ass kick flip ..respect 😀🤘

  89. TRELAWNY says:

    That Park looks like a video game, or like it belongs in the Boondocks 😆😂😆♥💯♥

  90. Sascha G says:

    Hey Matthew please can you check this spot out in Jamaica ?

  91. Ded Berd LB says:

    Matthew only made this video so he could flex on everyone. Haha never knew he could shred like THAT

  92. peneloperedfern says:

    the street sign is hilarious "wickie wackie blvd

  93. Donovan Wallace says:

    My art is at the park now

  94. worldsuckss says:

    efficient little skatepark good share

  95. Jeremias Manuel. says:

    Matthew ! When are you going to make a video on Ratty's father ? We want to know the whole family .

  96. Roger S. says:

    Headed to JA this summer and can't wait!

  97. Zack Dowdy says:

    So epic!! I've seen some footage of another DIY spot being built in Jamaica by some friends!

  98. Claudette Chambers says:

    Respect matt

  99. Carter says:

    nice piece of land the old lady got …

  100. Travis says:

    doooooope! the street art, the skating, the vibe!

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