This hah. Oh! [LAUGH]>>Hello everybody my name is Markiplier
and this is Bob here. We’re playing Skate 3 because it’s
been highly demanded and we’ve been trying to, what are you
doing?>>I don’t know.>>You okay there?>>Just taking a nap. Just leave me alone.>>We’ve never played before and we
plugged in at about, [CROSSTALK].>>Oh, no. [LAUGH] [LAUGH]>>So we’re going to take turns playing
it, because Bob’s flight leaves in about an hour, so we wanted to record
something else and this is it. So. [LAUGH]>>[LAUGH]
>>How do I jump again?>>You have to like push.>>[LAUGH]>>Whoa, that was magic!>>Oh yeah! [LAUGH]>>[LAUGH]>>What, what are you doing?>>I don’t know, I’m just pressing
buttons. I don’t know how to play this. Okay alright.>>You lost, you lost your skateboard. [LAUGH]>>Shut up.>>Oh that’s right you have the force.>>That was the first, God damn it. How do I get back on it. I never figured that out.>>Triangle.>>Oh, okay, okay.>>Oh my God jump over the side. God. [LAUGH]>>Oh, God damn it. [LAUGH]. Oh my God [LAUGH].>>[LAUGH]. Quarry, quarry sound good ? [LAUGH]>>I, I don’t need this anymore.>>Oh God. Ooh! [LAUGH] Oh God! No, okay. Eh. Oh my God no! [LAUGH]>>Jump, fucking skateboard! I don’t need a skateboard for this!>>It’s not. Shit.>>[LAUGH]>>Shit.>>There we go. Shit. [LAUGH] God damn it. Shit.>>Can you run to the top of this ramp?>>I don’t know. [LAUGH] What did I do? Okay. [LAUGH]>>There you go. Yeah that’s how you play console games. [LAUGH] You need at least five fingers.>>Yeah. Oh, no. No, no! [LAUGH]>>Shit. All right, you take over, I’m not doing
well. [LAUGH]>>Mm.>>Blistering fast, I like that. [LAUGH]>>That’s what we were looking for.>>[NOISE] Blistering speed. Perfect.>>[LAUGH]>>[LAUGH]>>Speed. Speed. Speed.>>Camera getting less clear>>[LAUGH]>>[LAUGH] Oh come on. Oh, saved it. Come back here. Some speed right there, that’s some speed
man. [NOISE]>>[LAUGH] That’s a big, not much speed.>>You gotta slow down. [LAUGH]>>What.>>Yeah. [LAUGH]>>Come back here you big, come back here, I’m going to get you, I’m going to
get you. [LAUGH] Woop! No, no, no! Get off the thing! God! Oh no! This is the big ramp I just jumped down!>>Okay, go down that ramp if you feel so
inclined. Get it?>>Oh God! No! [LAUGH] God dang it! Shoot and whoop, and whoop. And, oh!>>[LAUGH]>>Oh! [LAUGH]>>[LAUGH] God dangit!>>[LAUGH]>>Is that doing your finger wagging?>>Either that or I’m doing this.>>[LAUGH] God.>>[LAUGH] All right.>>Huh. [LAUGH]>>[LAUGH] Aw! No, no! Oh yeah, see, I got it, I got it. [NOISE] [LAUGH] Oh god. [LAUGH] Oh my god. [LAUGH] Oh Oh no. [LAUGH] [SOUND] [LAUGH] What the hell? [LAUGH]>>Grr, gimme my skateboard! Save me, skateboard. [LAUGH]>>Shut up. I can do this.>>Speed, speed, speed.>>I got it, hang on. [SOUND] What? [LAUGH]>>[LAUGH]
>>And [SOUND] and [SOUND] and [SOUND]! Aah!>>[LAUGH] Oh, I broke my spine. [LAUGH] Alright. Perfect. [MUSIC] [MUSIC] [LAUGH] Give me a bit.>>Oh my God.>>I want the viewers out there to
experience.>>Oh no, God it’s still happening.

Antonio Breitenberg

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