Single Ski Sled Race in Slovenia – Red Bull Pležuh 4 Cross 2013

Single Ski Sled Race in Slovenia – Red Bull Pležuh 4 Cross 2013

My tactic is to let everyone else crash and then have a smooth ride to the finish line. The course is fantastic. Full throttle, that’s it! It was very icy in the morning, so we were all a little scared. The riders were all over the place. It softened up a bit during the race, so it became a little easier, but the bumps and holes were still quite a challenge. You can’t really choose your line. Every ride is different and you have to watch out for people crashing. You need to have a little luck as well, stay on your “pležuh” and carry on as fast as you can. I’m doing better every year. I was third on the first edition and hope to be victorious next year of course. I’ve been under a lot of pressure from my mates to at least repeat my previous success and I did it!

Antonio Breitenberg

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79 thoughts on “Single Ski Sled Race in Slovenia – Red Bull Pležuh 4 Cross 2013

  1. Alexandre Soenen says:

    First. More sking

  2. DieDraufgaenger1000 says:

    yeahh richtig geil:D downhill mit schnee

  3. diego antonvilla says:


  4. ananiaszebra says:


  5. Lovemylongboard4070 says:

    Wtf… I dont even…

  6. Djumpps says:

    Looks like fun… but that would really hurt the ass.

  7. n97svt says:

    You don't even…???

  8. Santi Caribe says:

    they were going to buy skis but they were short of money

  9. Matteo Sione says:

    Wich id the italian/english name of this "bob"?

  10. mgltraveler says:

    In Vermont those are called Jack Jumpers, no idea why, but usually are put on a full length ski. It's not easy.

  11. Charlie Lilly says:

    I would love to get me one of these

  12. Thinguns says:

    So you're telling me I just gotta switch from alcohol to Red Bull & I can be world champion at this? Cool.

  13. lionel grunauer says:

    I hät äuä z schnelschte schi gibi

  14. hiyayhi says:

    This is hilarious.

  15. Johnny Schmidt says:

    looks fun great now i want one -.-

  16. Hampus Larsson says:


  17. Mikhail Khalibrov says:

    new day, new sportstyle!)

  18. jollyboyjohn says:

    The snow looks rubbish

  19. Thomas Heylen says:

    I'd love to do that, it looks EPIC and the best thing is they'd be no pro who train all their life

  20. TheRelicARTS says:

    Sometimes I forget that RedBull is actually an EnergyDrink xD

  21. OSWChewbacca says:

    Yea man I totally understood what you mean '____'

  22. byZinck says:

    Looks like a hell lot of fun!!

  23. Lorenz d says:

    its just a little bit like monoski

  24. Denis Ledinek says:

    only in Slovenia 😉

  25. Lilou Salvador says:

    Its crazy i just try it fucking crazy

  26. noonenaught says:


  27. Pidivì crew says:


  28. gh057d0g says:

    Isnt Redbull the best YT channel out there?

  29. nibbzs15 says:

    Look at my videos

  30. taileN says:

    how 'bout no.

  31. James Lavanway says:

    That's called a jack jumper

  32. TheOnlineGamer812 says:

    Doesn't that hurt their asses? 0_o

  33. Joe Rumming says:

    So its essentially mono ski cross for able bodied people!? So cool! 😀

  34. StudioRDW says:

    I'd like to see some freestyling 😮

  35. Grant Stone says:

    Are they serious about this?

  36. Dr Gumby says:

    my ass would hate me if i did this.

  37. Red Bull says:

    You comment on our videos and subscribe to us, that's why we are sending you a case of Red Bull in the mail. Shoot us a direct message with your email.

  38. julian or toast says:

    since seeing the art of flight, felix's jump/freefall and watching a lot of the back catalogue here my opinion of red bull has changed significantly. keep up the awesome work!

  39. Jim Corrigan says:

    Hahaha You have to feel bad for the guys that don't have shocks…

  40. Dylan D. says:

    I never had a free case of Red Bull in my life, but this is not why suscribed to this channel from its very beginning. It's about more than that.

  41. Sean MacDougall says:

    another awesome sport I see red bull promoting that looks funny yet awesome, like the flugtag, and soapbox car races, and the mini-series red bull has. Love seeing this stuff on my youtube account, damn glad I subscribed 🙂

  42. Noah Boudart says:

    That dude just blew the one jump and landed on his ass at the end lol

  43. StuPhee says:

    Awesome video.

  44. James Elzenberger says:

    I hate you……

  45. Shea Blackman says:

    Awesome video. Always wanted to do this! @redbull are you really giving away boxes of redbull?

  46. Evan says:

    I comment toooooooooooo!!

  47. splicerz says:

    Lol, this is crazy. Redbull = the coolest sports you didn't know much about. Liked.

  48. splicerz says:

    Btw, @Redbull, is there another Art of Flight, or something similar coming out anytime soon? Art of Flight was amazing.

  49. thebogster01 says:

    more like the rape your own ass with a ski race. winner gets a facial.

  50. Panda Clears says:

    This is fu(< Stupid……. .

  51. zebra sheep says:


  52. zebra sheep says:


  53. itsCHIExD says:

    is this gonna be in the next winter olympics?

  54. Featureland says:


  55. Echo says:

    Slovenia !!!!

  56. 2001films1 says:

    #redbull #2001films

  57. timothyupham says:

    a sitski!

  58. Антон Буяшенко says:

    Словены вы чо с ума съехали? 0_о монолыжа блджат!

  59. 234dragoman says:

    0.21 ……and thats the dog that will kill us all.

  60. Youssef Atr38 says:

    google traduction jaja xd

  61. TheFigglesworth says:


  62. nederlands100 says:

    Cool sport

  63. juaobitor says:

    that last guy that won is older and has more energy that 9 tenths of the people watching this.

  64. Alex Dabek says:

    It's amazing all the shit redbull does

  65. Maximilian Weiß says:


  66. broghapa97 says:

    is there anybody coming down without falling ? 😀

  67. Will Alexander says:

    Only in Slovenia

  68. André Voß Erdbau und Transport GmbH says:


  69. Auðunn Kvaran says:

    It looks like Red Bull pretty much has a race for everything.

  70. Tobias Beyer says:

    You can make with them Freestyle

  71. Алексей Скотников says:

    =) без копчека.

  72. Enrik Perreault says:

    Trop cool

  73. david schaaf says:

    seen this comment like 20 times on redbull vids lol…..

  74. Lovemylongboard4070 says:


  75. n97svt says:


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  77. doncarlo5 says:

    and if one day red bull decides to try a new sport art … we'll all follow it , instead of asking ourselves : does anybody need this stuff ?

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