Singing the No Game No Life Opening – LITERAL VERSION

Singing the No Game No Life Opening – LITERAL VERSION

Version premier degré Ouverture to Birth by Sleep (référence à Kingdom Hearts) Et puis quelques crédits défilent Et puis une pièce vide Et puis on se tient la main Et puis on s’envole Et puis le titre arrive Ouais, le titre se trouve juste ici… Les enfants flottants sous une rue, Un échiquier sort de nulle part Quelqu’un pourrait aider ces enfants s’il vous plaît ? Un pion d’échec arrive à la rescousse Il encadre le pion Maintenant il l’attrape, ce gars en a plus La fille voit que tu regardes sous sa robe L’ange vole et te met un vent Deux filles veulent jouer à trois petit chat LO-LO-LO-LO-LOLI Maintenant le garçon est debout avec sa sœur Au dessus d’un grand échiquier Et maintenant ils sont à l’envers Oh mon dieu, c’est une fille renard Que quelqu’un la capture je vous en prie ! Oh attendez, il y en a une autre juste ici Pont à moitié détruit Je pense que cette loli est énervée Je veux dire comment vous sentiriez-vous si vous marchiez puis tombiez sur un cul de sac ? Frère Et soeur Et puis cette fille en train de regarder des planètes Arrêt sur image et zoom en avant Sur un plan esthétique Et maintenant un plan du bureau de Dumbledore Frère Et soeur Enfin, en quelque sorte Je n’en suis plus si sûre Regardent cette vue de la planète Namek Sora encadre la vue Les gamins courent pour avoir une meilleure vue Et sautent d’une falaise

Antonio Breitenberg

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100 thoughts on “Singing the No Game No Life Opening – LITERAL VERSION

  1. akidearest says:

    Suggestions here:

  2. pixel master says:

    One punch man

  3. pixel master says:

    Blue exisist

  4. yunotastic says:



  5. Soumitra Das says:

    You said it
    Shiro is the best girl

  6. Stunner00 says:

    Must have season 2

  7. كاندي كريم Candy Creem says:

    hahahahahahahahahah Lol 😂

  8. •{Ayano X Aishi}• says:


  9. Crazyartist 61 says:


  10. it's wochu says:

    I think this is better they should use this for the English version

  11. Ya girl Kailee says:

    “Now boy stands up with best girl” 😂

  12. S Metro says:

    Who thinks she should do black butler?

  13. Yuuki Chan says:

    In love

  14. Reptilienne Masochiste says:

    You're a genius, really XD!

  15. Sky Invisibality says:

    Am I the only one that thinks that Aki's voice really suits this song? Also her voice is so powerful I feel that she could make covers of the original ones.

  16. *Jêøñ Sømî* says:

    KiDs FlOaTiNg UnDeR a StReEt~ lol I want to do that

  17. KittLîght says:

    I luv dis XD

  18. Masquerade says:

    best cover ever XD

  19. Green Eagle Gamer says:


  20. Emily XI says:

    I love your anime intros can you do more plz PLZ PLEASE

  21. Bayu Agim says:

    Nani lo lo loli

  22. Sinister Games says:

    Do Danmachi/ is it wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon , oracle s1 or s2

  23. GainedCamera 257 says:

    I think this is better than the original

  24. Idiot Child says:

    can someone please help those kids?

  25. Mikaela Hyakuya says:

    Can you do seraph of he end next?

  26. TheOnlyWeabo says:


  27. RAWR says:

    i'm just here to let you know that since hearing this for almost a year whenever I hear NGNL op I think of these lyrics, thanks Aki

  28. evan chen says:


  29. Mr Bonono says:

    actually gold

  30. Kyle Broflovski says:


  31. Otaku Firewolf says:

    I swear to GOD you sound like my Mom and it freaks her out–

  32. Kacen Mikoeni says:

    LOL LOL LOLI!!!! wtf 😂😂

  33. -Rīññÿ- -Rīñ- says:


  34. flame it up says:

    LMFAO 😂😂😂😂😂

  35. Neko Chan says:

    Aki I love you 😂😂

  36. UNA JOHNSON says:


  37. Matryoshka Miku says:

    1:13 That was me when they kissed.

  38. Ju ju //.1.5. // says:

    It’s bad but I laughed so hard at the kids jumped off a cliff lol

  39. Alpaca Animations says:

    0:20 My mind at 3am

  40. jaxxx says:

    You need to do more of these, they're golden.

  41. Khadijah Abdul-Ghani says:

    OH MY GOD ITS A FOXGIRL!!! SOMEONE CAPTURE IT PLS!! oh wait there's another one in here……. wow aki just wow

  42. Mark Fox says:

    Do Tokyo ghoul please

  43. normal addict .74 says:


  44. Marinette DupenCheng says:

    My hero academia plz

  45. Shiba 17 says:

    I sub just for this

  46. Deven Arnold says:

    Look at that view of planet Namek and
    Lo lo lo lo Loli 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  47. Angel ViRus says:

    Im shook that sounded like vocaloid

  48. The wolf Scott says:

    No loli no life

  49. Fox galaxy Girl says:

    I love this so freakin much

  50. SquigglyAcorn11 C.L.T says:

    Uh, when are you going to make another one?

  51. Mariela Martinez says:

    Hahahahahahahahah I love this and I bet if the world see this they would like it

  52. 《WolfyGirl Love》 says:


  53. K Corno says:

    – Noragami
    – Haikyuu
    – My Hero Academia
    – Free

  54. Tyler PlaysThings says:

    you would question if Sora and Shiro were even related anymore.

  55. オルハンOrhan says:

    this is both demonic and heavenly

  56. The Revox says:

    0:43 OMG IT'S A FOX GIRL ! X'D

  57. Natsu says:


  58. Anahira says:

    See, I never got this one because I never watched it. Now I've watched it and I actually get some of it xD I love it

  59. Bakugo Lover says:


  60. Denki Kaminari says:

    'Kids run up to get a view and jump off a cliff" I'm ded xp

  61. niknurul1 says:


  62. ronn diva says:

    That was ‘’Literally’’ funny

  63. May Amper says:

    What would happen if sora met riku and challenge each other?

  64. salandit230 says:

    lo lo lo lo lo loli

  65. harem is life says:

    666k views!! illuminatti

  66. Crystal Myth says:

    the viewssssssss

  67. vuk king says:

    Is lyric like that

  68. d3p68S73Mqp3 l9k6a1 says:

    666K views, hello satan!

  69. Janae Williams says:

    Can u do Tokyo ghoul

  70. maxgamer12789 says:

    Nobody: .

    Tomodachi life characters while singing:

  71. Fredboi 526 says:

    👍👍👍👍 really good

  72. Alexander Jr says:

    It's kinda cool but funny at the same time😂 btw like ur vid

  73. Dark infiniZ says:

    "Dumbledore's office" im dead 🤣🤣🤣

  74. Snö-Freezing says:

    this litraly is the dubbed version in 2 min

  75. Morgatuna 10 says:

    You sing very well!! ❤❤

  76. RAYVEN Steins says:

    Faut m'expliquer pourquoi le titre est en français…………

  77. Cicero the Neko knight says:

    Other great one🤣

  78. ThatAnimeKid says:

    Next assassination classroom

  79. :MayDreamerColours 564 says:

    O. MA. GOD!

  80. Lucy is a Bae says:

    Please do a Noragami one. Really love all of your literal op versions

  81. Kpoplover KPop says:

    This is actually not funny…

  82. Neo Origami says:

    I wish this was the rile opening

  83. MA - 09LJ - Bramalea SS (2402) says:

    That was art

  84. Chikawazu says:

    When I watched this a few months ago I remember I didnt know what a loli was and I kept thinking "WHO IS LOLI???!?"

  85. Hanako Miwasaki says:

    Lol lol lol LOLIIII
    Poor loli

  86. Hanako Miwasaki says:


  87. Leilia Dickinson says:

    I really like your singing

  88. Evie Janssen says:

    Ok so I have never seen this anime before so obviously I haven't ever seen or heard the opening. I already know for sure I love your version better lol.😂

  89. Zeus Warlord Olo says:

    Lo, lo, lo, lo, lo, loli😂😂

  90. Jake the Idiot says:


  91. Feng Chu says:

    Haha love this!

  92. Kaytue says:

    Not Blood Related

  93. Mitsuki Hoshimiya says:

    this is good,but I much prefer the original one.But,seriously,it's really good,I just watch this 10 times a day.

  94. Sycca Chan says:

    No game no life needs a 2nd seASON!!!!

  95. Vertowy says:

    this is


  96. AllozaBD says:

    That's fucking accurate

  97. KittLîght says:

    Lo lo lo lo loli XD

  98. Andrea The Person says:

    Dumbledores Office

  99. Sara Bautista says:

    well actually they’re technically married cuz in no game no life zero they weren’t siblings and got married but then died and got reincarnated as siblings and as shiro and sora

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