Silver Surfer Destroys Galactus | Fantastic Four Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007) Movie Clip 4K

Silver Surfer Destroys Galactus | Fantastic Four Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007) Movie Clip 4K

Treasure each moment with her. And tell her she was right. We do have a choice. Thought you could use a hand. Oh, my God. Why isn’t it working? We were too late. I will no longer serve. This is the end for us both.

Antonio Breitenberg

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23 thoughts on “Silver Surfer Destroys Galactus | Fantastic Four Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007) Movie Clip 4K

  1. Filmic Box says:

    Human Torch vs Dr. Doom:

  2. Slade Wilson says:

    Movie may have sucked but the actor who played silver surfer did a great job.

  3. Trey Rex says:

    My favorite scene out of the entire movie.

  4. Darth- Wayne says:

    I loved Silver Surfer, he was kinda wise and cool at the same time

  5. Juan Roberto tellez says:

    You should post clips from the first movie

  6. JRA Tu Amigo says:

    I can't wait to see Fantastic Four & Silver Surfer into the MCU for Marvel Studios.

  7. IBRAHIM S G says:

    Dr doom takes over the surfboard

  8. stay4roste says:


  9. Treyvon Williams says:

    The Avengers vs Galactus

  10. DUBSDADEVILL says:

    John shnep voice
    A fucking cloud!

  11. Taajwar Pope says:

    "Though you could use a hand."
    Silver Surfer is smiling for an assistance.

  12. gor9027 says:

    This movie had a lot of wasted potential but they did get the Surfer’s casting and voice right.

  13. Jack Daxter says:

    Silver surfer is one of few Marvel superhoes that isnt nerfed(HULK-THOR-CAPTAIN MARVEL-DOCTOR STRANGE are so so nerfed due to MCU), cause MOVIE UNIVERSE BLAH BLAH BLAH. Silver Surfer is so powerful that can bring down galactus and more powerful than that!

  14. malcolm x says:

    "We do have a choice" life advice man

  15. PredatorWookiee says:

    I think for a time before comic movies were mainstream blockbusters, the idea of Galactus being a cloud that destroys worlds was a good idea.

  16. Jmarion Warren says:

    Silver surfer is gonna be in the mcu

  17. Kyle Campbell says:

    A guy goes planet to planet, preparing everything for his boss to eat it up

    But when he goes to Earth, he suddenly decided to go against his boss


  18. DesahnGoBrzy says:

    Does anyone else wanna know besides me why we didn't get a third movie before the reboot because lowkey they ended this on a cliffhanger

  19. Hisyam Nct says:

    Can't wait to see fantastic 4 and silver surfer in mcu and many more

  20. Mateo Perez says:

    Silver Surfer: treasure each moment with her and tell her she was right we do have a choice.

  21. click bait says:

    how can silver surfer destroy galactus

  22. Hisyam Nct says:

    Fantastic 4 2005 and Fantastic 4 rise of the silver surfer 2007 better than Fant4Stic 2015

  23. John Delos Santos says:

    Where's galactus exactly??

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