Sian starts off soccer match with the first kick, plus a cool ceremony! [TROS/2018.01.07]

You must practice for the first kick-off event. – Let’s go. / – What is that? It’s the kick-off event. Okay. (Yodeling) – Isn’t this… / – Isn’t this yours, Dad? Is that yours, Dad? Is this yours, Dad? Why did your pitch change like that? Donggook’s hard efforts earned these trophies. What is that, Seola? I wanted to share them with you, Dad. – What is that? / – Is that bread? Cloud bread? Oh, fish-shaped buns. Hold on. Not yet. You can’t stuff yourself before exercising. You’ll get a tummy ache. Right? That won’t do, right? Let’s eat them when we’re done, okay? – Let’s eat after. / – Okay. Let’s go. (They tour the training room together.) – Hello. / – Hello. Sian. Hello. Make your body like that later on, okay, Sian? Say hello to all the uncles. – Hello. / – Hello. That uncle is receiving therapy. That uncle with the glasses is a therapist. Talk to him when you’re hurting. – Are you hurting a lot? / – Does it hurt a lot? Meet this uncle. He’s a national athlete. – Hello. / – Say hello. (Kim Jinsu is a defender on the national team.) – Say hello. / – Hello. – Hello. / – Flash him a scary face. There you go. That’s scary. Come now. Where’s my spot? Find my spot. You found it last time. (This place looks familiar.) Two years ago, the trio found their dad’s locker. Seola instinctively found her dad’s shoes. (Waddling along) Baby Sian just kept napping. He grew up so much. This is your spot, Dad. Why is it messy? It’s because I just went out to practice. We’re here today because Sian’s participating in tomorrow’s kick-off event. There are no people here today, right? But tomorrow, there will be 20,000 people sitting around you. 20,000 people will be clapping and cheering. This ball will be used in tomorrow’s match. Once you kick it, the game will begin. You must carry the ball to that middle dot. You must take it there alone. I won’t be helping you. Begin. Try it. I can do it. 20,000 people will be roaring around you. Don’t be scared, okay? Okay. Place it right in the middle. Where are you going? Put it in the middle. Good. Place it there. Kick the ball hard to me. Like this? That’s what you did, Dad. He remembers the moment precisely. Try it. All the way to me. (He flies forward like a bird,) (and shoots with impact.) Now place it back and try again. – All right. / – Hey, Sian. Stand confidently. I’ll be standing right here. Run and shoot. Shoot! (Sian kicks the ball impressively.) Now what? (He performs his goal ceremony.) (Sian’s goal ceremony) (Sian is cool.) Five steps within three seconds? That’s very impressive, Sian. It’s over now. You did so well. The first person to score will win, okay? Now, prepare here. Hands out. If you beat me, you’ll do great tomorrow. You can do it in front of a huge crowd, understand? – Let’s do it. Good. / – Let’s do it. Begin. Go! You can do it. You can do it, Sian. Shoot it, Sian. Shoot. (Kicking) Do your ceremony. (Sian’s goal ceremony, all rights reserved) If you can do that, you can do anything. (Kissing) You can do it, okay? Let’s do it! Let’s go. (I can do well tomorrow.) The kids are hungry after the long practice. – There. / – The fish-shaped buns. Hey, kids. What happened to all the tails? (The case of missing fishtails) (Seola and Sua glance around without a word.) There were four of them. Three tails are missing and this one is missing a head and tail. What’s going on? (10 minutes ago) Let’s just eat the tails. Okay. (Munching) The sisters blame the long practice to eat without waiting. (They focus on the tail to make it less obvious.) (They enjoy it more in secret.) I ate it there. We both ate them. So you and Sua ate them together? Look, there was one each for four people. – How can you… / – Oh, I forgot. You ate this, Sua. So this one’s yours. It’s not. – This one’s yours. / – No, it’s this one. No, that’s mine. No, leave them. One of you must settle. One of you must choose to eat this one. Who will eat the smallest piece? Who should eat it? (Seola and Sua can only glance around.) (What a strange atmosphere.) Who will eat this one? (Gosh. What should we do?) It looks funny, so I’ll eat it. You’ll eat this, Sian? (Sian volunteers to eat the smallest piece.) – Sian… / – It’s funny, so go ahead. Go ahead, Sian. – I’ll take this one. / – This is mine. Here’s yours, Dad. (He willingly forfeits for his older sisters.) – Let’s all share. / – Go ahead, Sian. (He’s content with the smallest one.) Girls, you ate these tasty buns first because you were hungry. Sian’s hungry too, but he gets the smallest one. – Right? / – I’m okay with that. – Isn’t this unfortunate? / – Yes. – I’m okay with it. / – You, girls… What? I’m okay with it. – You’re okay? / – Yes. (Well, if you’re okay with it…) Then, sure. Eat mine too, Sian. Since you’re so nice, okay? – Okay? / – All right. (Have some too, Dad.) Why are you handing out everything? (He takes a tiny bite.) Here, Dad. (Seola gives him a bite too.) How nice. (Eating should be done happily.) Do well tomorrow after eating that, okay? – Is it here? / – It’s here. Here. Choi Chulsoon is in here. – Hello. / – Hi. – Hello. / – How many will you give? – Thank you. / – Good. – Here you go. / – Thank you. – Eat well, please. / – Good luck. (Jeonbuk’s forward, Eduardo) Say hello. – Hello. / – Hello. How are you? – What’s your name? / – I’m Sian. Nice to meet you, my friend. – Bye, bye. / – All the best. All the best. All the best. You, too. Sian, this uncle here is the most talented athlete in K-League. What is this? – What is this, Sian? / – It’s fish-shaped buns. Did you buy them yourself? – Thank you so much. / – Me, too. (They make sure not to leave anyone out.) How many are in each bag? – Thank you. / – This uncle here is named Lee Seunggi. Isn’t he handsome too? Hurry up. Your neck is so long. In one, two, three. With the support of his dad, uncles and sisters, Sian’s game day arrives. Spectators brave the cold to gather. Fan’s spirits warm up the entire stadium. The stadium is filled with spectators. Will four-year-old Sian’s first ball event turn out okay? (The athletes enter the field.) Dad. – Dad. / – Dad. Dad. (Donggook is here for the kick-off event.) Hurry on out, Sian. Do you think he’ll be okay? I’m going to believe in him. I will too. (Clenching his fists) Sian appears. (He looks restless and anxious.) He enters courageously. (This is the biggest challenge of his life.) I believe this isn’t your first time here, right? (This place seems familiar.) Back when he was a toddler, he got on a car pulled by his dad. (Looking dazed) And delivered the match ball. (He delivered the ball with his dad.) Two years later, he finds himself here again to perform the kick-off. Will Sian do well with all the spectators around? Hello, Sian. (Donggook goes to get Sian.) Hey, Sian. Let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go. You can do it, right? Kick the ball hard over there, all right? Kick the ball hard to me, all right? Then, you’ll do the ceremony, right? (He’s completely tense.) Let’s go. You can do this. (They head to the event’s center circle.) Holding his dad’s hand into the stadium like that is sure to become an unforgettable experience. They’re getting prepared for the kick-off. You’re right. Everyone, Sian will be giving us the kick-off in a moment. – Let’s go. / – Let’s go. Let’s go, Sian. (Will Sian make a successful kick-off?) (The whistle blows.) (He runs vigorously and shoots.) His bravery brings success. (The fans cheer on his kick-off.) (Scratching) You did well, Sian. He even completes his ceremony perfectly. – You can go alone, right? / – This way. – See you later. / – Let’s go. (Sian has succeeded once again.) Go, Dad. The fact that he’s doing a kick-off made me realize that he has grown. He himself was surprised that he could make a kick-off like that. Thanks to him, I was able to play a good game. I’m very grateful to Sian.

Antonio Breitenberg

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