Shredding diet: what to eat while snowboarding

Shredding diet: what to eat while snowboarding

If you’re a bit into sports, you should you that a solid training’s as important as a proper diet. As we shred all day long, you know: first up, last down kind of thing, we mustn’t forget about the fuel. So first, I don’t buy food in bars. I bring my own. It’s cheaper and healthier. And more convenient. And after years of testing and tasting it came down two: a power bar and beef jerky. When it comes to power bars I either make them myself or buy them. I trust ZmianyZmiany as it’s a delicious and healthy choice. Wild Willy provides me with my protein. It’s beef jerky but they also have beans for vegetarians. To stay hydrated I take my soft flask with me. Yeah, I drink tap water in the mountains. And coffee, of course. A piece of chocolate or a gel could occasionally land in my pocket. You know, you want variety.
And that’s it. Simple, convenient as it fits in your pocket. And first and foremost: healthy. Alright, see you in February.

Antonio Breitenberg

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