Show Me a Scotsman

Show Me a Scotsman

Antonio Breitenberg

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16 thoughts on “Show Me a Scotsman

  1. Jordan Lott says:

    USU is great and they beaten BYU tonight. wooooo.

  2. Kyle Bruscheff says:

    Utah State Rocks like no other!!!

  3. Spartan00000000 says:

    From and MSU Spartan fan…..AWESOME!!!!!

  4. Annie Emms says:

    Junior in High School trying to decide between USU and BYU. I've heard that USU is funner, but I've been a cougar my whole life. …. help.

  5. NS says:

    Looks like a great place! If I could turn back the clock a decade and apply to college all over again, you bet your ass my first, second, and third college choices would be Utah St., Utah St., and Utah St.

  6. Jordan Lott says:

    I know I'm a Uconn fan and we won the national Championship but USU is amazing Love the Students full of energy. I would say the Aggies deserve to be in the top 10

  7. stuartmays says:

    Hello from scotland…..

  8. Michael Brice says:


  9. dgallen88 says:

    @AOviatt18 Repent and come to Utah State!

  10. Kamra says:

    @AOviatt18 GO TO USU. We have more fun.

  11. P8ballK0 says:

    USU is a lot more fun. Logan is a blast. You get like 30% everything in the city for having a student ID. πŸ˜€

  12. J. Navarre Valdivieso says:

    -Hope this doesn't get you too late! I've been to both BYU and USU (and a fair number of other places) and USU is by far my favorite! It's like a well kept secret!

  13. usteeler81 says:

    Back at ya! Been down to Tucson a couple times to see family and once visited UA, great school mad props. GO AGGIES!

  14. michael gustafson says:

    Utah State is the best in the Mountain West. Go Aggies

  15. Tommy Magnusson says:

    So very the best GO AGGIES

  16. うけはクラウディを says:

    Go Aggies!!!!

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