Shelby Lyons – 1997 U.S. Figure Skating Championships, Ladies’ Free Skate

Shelby Lyons – 1997 U.S. Figure Skating Championships, Ladies’ Free Skate

alright Terry Nicole Bobek currently in six is on the ice she hopes to return to the podium she’ll skate next will be returned to Nashville we expect to as a matter of fact there will be two groups that we will see skate here in the ladies free skate which by the way accounts for two-thirds of the overall score they have already skated in the short programs and let’s take a look at the first group the skate order Shelby Lyons who you may have seen along with a partner Brian wells finished fourth in the Paris competition here in Nashville ELISA Allen of New York City and then Karen Kwan the older sister of Michelle Kwan and Nicole Baalbek in sixth place and Lisa Bell and there’s a look at Nicole Bobek so far Peggy it’s been tough for her here but she’s coming off an injury she is she’s looking really well on the practice sessions but on the short program she was a disaster she’s lost about 15 to 20 pounds she looks terrific and is in terrific shape but maybe not enough shape for it’s like when she keeps your head together they’re wonderful would you please welcome Shelby liya and here is last year’s junior national champion she is an eighth place after the short program only 15 years of age Shelby Lions besides competing successfully in pairs she also has a very ambitious singles career going on she has seven triples planned in this program and the first of them is a triple loop jump made that look very easy one of the things to watch for in her triple jumps is the tightness and speed of the turn what’s this triple flip full really fast touchdown on it which is not good it’s hard to realize she’s only four foot ten inches and seventy pounds she’s a very small package Oh how’s it triple lutz she fell on one of the more difficult triples we mentioned she competed in pairs here came in fourth with her partner Brian wells with all the competitions and the practices always fatigue who would have to come into play at some point I know she’s only 15 years old but that’s a full week she’s been out in front of this crowd a lot this past week I see a whole different kind of presentation when she skates a solo number as opposed to skating a pairs number it’s a whole different world out here she needs to project more nice triple salchow double color nigga do you think she’ll have to make a choice between pairs and singles as a career achieve great success at either in the past they’ve had to make a choice kristi yamaguchi made that choice I think she made a good choice to me pretty good yes so I think eventually she probably will choreography is very pleasant but I mean it really isn’t very deep and I don’t think it stretches her in any way what she is is a very charming and complished and capable junior skater who has moved up to the senior level remember in 1996 she was first in the nineteen ninety-six national junior championships and now her final Jeff is a triple salchow at the end very difficult and she did that very well you notice how it looked over to coach really terribly confident very sweet girl from Oswego New York 15 year old Shelby lions we’ll have our marks when we return to Nashville or reliance for technical merit we are back in Nashville as the ladies free skate is underway Shelby Lions along with her coach kathy casey two sets of marks the first one for technical merit arranged 4.7 up to 5.2 well the timing is very different from pair skating when it comes to doing jumps but now she can go on her own timing of this nice triple salchow double toe combination very solid and in her own time and the second set of marks will be for presentation the smile on the face of shelving Lions as she looks at her march 4.8 up to 5.3 the rain see remember there are almost 10 skaters left to come following her and there’s got to be room this was a very attractive junior champ junior performance moving into the senior of them

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6 thoughts on “Shelby Lyons – 1997 U.S. Figure Skating Championships, Ladies’ Free Skate

  1. roger leblond says:

    I cant believe after 98 she quit pairs for singles. That was crazy, she had NO potential in singles. She and Bryan Wells still had potential together, with the weakish U.S pairs in 99-2002 they could have become U.S Champions and climbed the ladder internationally.

  2. Stephanie Soegianto says:

    Bobek is such a unique surname…….

  3. espinaca79 says:

    THhose horrible outfits. This one was is one the what was she thinking list??

  4. MAntiSystem says:

    What's wrong with her outfit?

  5. espinaca79 says:

    That dress ranked as the worst one: the shoulders look enormous, the back is not flattering because she is not fully developed and that vertical line cuts the body in two. Now, the front is too revealing for a 15 yo because the bust line is set too low on her chest area. The neckline makes her look shorter and all that glitter makes is too distracting. Compare this dress to Bobek's or any of the dresses Nancy Kerrigan and Michelle Kwan did and you'll know what I'm talking about.

  6. MAntiSystem says:

    Oh I see what you mean. It definitely seems show offish and does distract from the performance.

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