Sheffield Steelers – Pride Weekend 2020

Sheffield Steelers – Pride Weekend 2020

Pride weekend for me means accepting everyone every color of the rainbow, every shape, every nationality everything so go for pride! My daughter came out gay when she was 16 It released everything in her so this is what it means Pride weekend means to me is that it gets awareness for the LGBT community I think pride is all about equality and
respect every human being the same and that’s the way we should go about the
world I thought that coming out gay was not not not going to be cared for or whatever But it means that I fit in and I’ve got a family around me It just shows that what an important weekend it is and the inclusion of everybody is so important and not only in the hockey world but in in the world in general you know we need a little bit more love and less hate Its hockey is for everybody, everyone’s got involved in it everybody’s come down to it, everyones enjoyed themselves and been who they are and that is what pride means to us yeah I mean it’s you know it’s a huge
thing that the whole league is doing and I think it shows that you know we’re open that
everybody can play it’s great to see and you know great to be a part a
community like that Pride weekend is really important it promotes inclusivity in hockey that’s a massive thing as a fan and I think it’s all you ask for I think it huge I think pride is important to me because you can be whoever you want to be and do whatever you want to do and be accepted and it’s great to do it here at Steelers games

Antonio Breitenberg

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