She fell on her A** | Snowboarding Vlog

She fell on her A** | Snowboarding Vlog

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day. I’m at ‘Donckers’ and it’s a new snowboarding day! And there you see the sun, as usual. First, I’m going to buy a birthday present for Sylwia, without her knowing. At ‘Fun’. ‘Jungle Speed’ the extended edition, I hope. Haha, sneaky sneaky sneaky… OR I won’t be going to ‘Fun’ because look: it’s closed, I think. Ok, I’m here and it IS open, but from 10 AM and it’s not 10 AM yet… I have to be back at ‘Donckers’ at 9:45 So I can’t go to ‘Fun’ without Sylwia knowing… OR… I’m going to get the car on my own, so.. Uhm.. Maybe I can be very quick so that she doesn’t suspect me going anywhere else Let’s try it What are we going to do? – We’re going snowboarding, finally! – Finally. By the way, I did it 😉 *She doesn’t react to what I say* – Just as I’m getting sick. So this isn’t really the best day to go snowboarding But whatever! This is actually a Christmas present and it’s already April. – May. – May. Did you put your helmet in your bag? Way ahead of you! And look, close to the entrance. Closest spot by the entrance. C’mon, I want to go snowboarding! – Me too. Aww! Ok, wow I look so good… – Me too… I’m exhausted. – We’re quiting. It’s been long enough. – Yeah, one hour earlier than we could stay.. – That’s okay. Ok, downstairs we go. Do you want to carry me? Fine, climb on my back. We are eating. I just lost the carkeys… I forgot them at the reception. So that was a bit stressy. That’s an understatement: ‘stressy’. – Yeah. – Losing your keys in another country. But because of that, the food also tastes better. – Mhm. Okay We survived. I’m so exhausted… But the food was really good. I had a wonderfull day. – Yeah good food! I’m not going to be able to film anymore.. So, done, last video. Seriously? – Yeah. – Haha okay.

Antonio Breitenberg

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