She Broke Her Tailbone Sledding!

She Broke Her Tailbone Sledding!

– [Nellie] Do you want to volunteer? – [Bryce] For what? – [Nellie] We are seeking volunteers willing to get a different
flight in exchange for a travel voucher redeemable
for one year on – [Bryce] Yes. – [Nellie] Yeah? – Yes. Free flight, and we just
get there later tonight. (upbeat music) Enjoy the game tomorrow. How’s it going? We got 800 bucks each, hotel stay, meal vouchers for the whole day, hook up. $0.81 over, I’ll get that on my card. Boom. They also got us the same hotel that Nellie stayed in the
night before we got married. She asked if we wanted
two rooms or one room. And I almost just said two
just for fun because it’s free. That’s not needed. I don’t wanna milk this too much.
– You should have said two, and then we could have found
a homeless person and be like, “Here’s a room for the night.” – What happened? Why did they– – [Bryce] It was overbooked. – Awesome. That’s why I don’t fly with them. – Where is the jacuzzi tub? SL City! Oh, yeah, party. Well, I got locked out. Now that we’re here in
Salt Lake for the day, we’re gonna make it a date
night, so kind of a staycation. I mean we’re in the same state
but not even close to home. But anyway, here we go. – I’m gonna make our room so hot. – [Bryce] Why? – Because it’s freezing outside. – [Bryce] No. – No! – [Bryce] That’s good. – 72. – [Bryce] You can’t
sleep when it’s over 70. – [Nellie] I need just
to keep warm right now. – [Bryce] Hi. Are you ready for our date? Why is your sweater on? – [Nellie] It’s so cold in
here, and I turned it up to 80. – [Bryce] Yeah, it’s warm in here. – [Nellie] It’s awesome. – [Bryce] Rise and shine. Let’s go! (upbeat music) – Ooh, that’s good looking coat. We’re a little obsessed
with Cotopaxi backpacks. – I’m gonna just shave my mustache. That looks hipster. – It’s kinda gross. So we love this store, and we
have a ton of Cotopaxi stuff. And look who’s in this store. What? Bryce, why do we love this place? – Because it feels good here. – [Nellie] But why else? – Because there’s a lot of lights. – [Nellie] Okay, but why else? – Because there’s nice people? – [Nellie] Why else? – Because we got married here. – [Nellie] Yeah, there we go. Guys, we were married in this building. – Uber for Bryce? Sweet. – [Nellie] You’re the best. Thanks for picking us up. – [Bryce] Yeah, thanks, man. – [Nellie] Our alarm didn’t go off. – [Driver] What time is your flight? – [Bryce] 8:30. – [Driver] Oh. (Nellie chuckles) – They’ll be boarding the
plane once we get there. – Totally gonna make it. Is that Zack Oates. Oh, my goodness. This is our friend Zack Oates. – What’s up, guys. – He’s got a bestselling
book out there right now. Can I say bestselling? – Yeah, they say a breakthrough
new book coming out. Where is it? Oh, right, here it is. – If you are not married
or you are married or you’re a person, you should read it. ♫ All my dreams come true, true, true (upbeat music) Good morning. My friend (mumbles). My friend wants to be a pilot, just wave and say, “Hey, Shon.” – Hey, Shon. – Hey, Shon. – [Bryce] Awesome, thanks. – [Pilot] You bet. – They said, “Hi, Shon.” I think you meet your pilot dreams. ♫ All my dreams come true Healthy. It turned out Nell’s alarm
did go off for a whole minute. – Alarm silenced after one minute. I was in bed. He was in bed. There was a ghost in our room. – [Flight Attendant] Ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of Delta sky
team and our Gogo partner, we’d like to welcome you onboard. ♫ All my dreams come true ♫ All my dreams come true (upbeat music) – We made it. – [Flight Attendant] Seat belts fastened and your carry-on item stowed
so the aircraft (mumbles). – [Bryce] Thank you. Thanks, guys. That just looks amazing. So are you guys snowboarders or skiers? Skiers, leave a snowflake emoticon. Snowboarders, leave a
snowboarder emoticon. ♫ All my dreams come true ♫ All my dreams come true ♫ All my dreams come true ♫ All my dreams come true, true, true (upbeat music) This is epic! – Not that anybody wants to
know this, but I was going down and me and Maggie were getting off a lift. She was right next to
me, and there was a kid right in front of us as we got off. Ran into both of them, and
I fell right on that part. (bell dings) Great, just great. I hit it right where it shouldn’t go. Now you all know not to do that. (upbeat music) – Uh-oh. – We can’t get up. (screams) Yeah, suckers! (laughs) (upbeat music) – [Bryce] Zach, can you tell the people some advice for sledding. – (gibberish) – [Bryce] Yeah. – If you’re a baby, you go super fast. If you’re five, you go speed. – [Bryce] What if you’re
in your 20s like me. – You go kind of slow. – Aw! We’re just having a blast here. Yesterday was perfect
snowboarding weather, perfect snowboarding conditions. I’ve never had powder that amazing before. And I wish my camera lasted longer, but today, now we’re sledding. It’s a good time. Guys, get outside, get to the snow. Go enjoy it if you haven’t yet. (upbeat music) Nice. – So a few years ago, we
found a really awesome hill, and we made a huge ramp. And I was like, “Mom,
you should go with me.” And she was like, “No,
you’re gonna go fast.” I’m like, “No, I won’t.” And she was like, “Okay,
well, put your feet down “if you go fast.” And so I was holding her feet, and I wouldn’t let her put her feet down. And I held my feet up the whole time. And we hit it so fast, and
then we hit the ramp so hard. – Hard. – We flew up the ramp,
landed and then slid all the way to the road. We made it that far just that day. – I broke my tailbone. (Nellie laughs) – And then we went
snowmobiling the next day, and she was in so much pain. I still feel bad. – [Bryce] Well, this is
right outside of our cabin. – [Nellie] This is beautiful. – Look at that view, it’s amazing. So this is the lake here. So rad. So cool. This is where we stayed. It’s beautiful. This is our last night here. I’m walking on a lake but actually, this isn’t really ice anymore. It’s like slush. Look at this. As you can tell, we’re
walking on slushy water. It’s crazy. – [Nellie] (laughs) It’s gonna work. I can’t even make (mumbles). It’s so deep. I’m gonna do it. Woo-hoo-hoo. – Nice. This was super frozen
yesterday, but now it’s all wet. So that’s crazy. You gotta be careful there. There’s a dock right here
that’s covered in snow. So we knew that the edge of the lake was somewhere around here. We checked yesterday and it was all ice, but now it’s not, so that’s crazy. This cabin here is built like a boat. That’s the front of it. It’s like Noah’s ark, so cool. Hopefully, we come back in the
summer, and we can come back to this cabin and then
hang out at the lake. That’d be rad. Oh. It’s totally giving in. I’m wearing rubber
boots, so I’m still dry, but I can feel it cracking through the ice but this is the super shallow part here. Crazy. Well, it could be sinking. Oh, my gosh. What pocket was it in? – [Nellie] It was on
the right one. (mumbles) It’s on airplane mode, huh? – This is stupid. There’s no service anyway. – [Nellie] Did you come out here? – [Bryce] Oh, my gosh. When did you notice you didn’t have it? – [Nellie] In the house. – [Bryce] Did you check
everywhere in the house? – [Nellie] Yes. – Update, the sun was setting really fast. We’re hoping that my phone is still connected to
the Wi-Fi of the cabin ’cause the service is not good out here. So Cherish is calling it. So hey, just listen for it. If anything, it’s on
vibrate but not on ring. I’m trying to not be mad at
Nellie, just being honest. (Nellie screams) – [Nellie] Oh, there it goes. Oh, my gosh. – [Bryce] You have it? Are you serious? – [Nellie] Oh, my gosh. – Where was it? – [Nellie] You were right next to it. – I was? – Yeah, it was in this
snow pile right here. And it was just glowing as it was– – [Bryce] Wait, it needs to be dry. Don’t let the camera get wet. – [Nellie] That was a miracle. It was right next to you. Prayers work, people. – [Bryce] It’s on airplane
mode but it still had Wi-Fi. – [Nellie] Oh, that’s amazing. – Oh, my gosh. It lives. Yes, still works. Is that sad that I was super bummed when we didn’t know where this was? That’s kinda sad. I know it’s just a material thing, but I have memories on
there and pictures and video that I haven’t downloaded yet. I’m glad we got it. I’m glad it still works. I’m a little embarrassed
with how bothered I was that it was lost. First world problems. I gotta get over that. Yes! (upbeat music)

Antonio Breitenberg

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