Shawzy Returns to the United Center: Mic’d Up | Chicago Blackhawks

Shawzy Returns to the United Center: Mic’d Up | Chicago Blackhawks

(upbeat music) – [Shaw] It’s amazing. You know, you always wish it would happen, but you never expect it to happen. I’m going back to the city that, you know, we had so much success and helped form me who I am
as a player and a person, and I just can’t wait
for this season to start. I have a family now. I have a little daughter,
and I also have a another kid coming in January so things have changed. Matured a little bit in
the best way, obviously. So, More of a family guy
now which means I gotta, you know, work hard and compete and show my kids what
my parents showed me. I find Chicago is a blue
collar type of city. A lot of hard working people. That’s the type of person I am, that’s how I was raised and it’s just a really good fit. How are you? – How’s it going? – Pretty good, yourself? – Good, good. Ready to play today? – Yeah Sikky, yeah! (loud mumbles) Coming into an inner squad game, a scrimmage, and packing the arena,
it’s a great atmosphere You know, the UC It’s an amazing place to play. And I look forward to today. – Just how much the city has our back. How much they want us to play for them. You make it pretty easy guys. (cheers) – You hear that, Gus? That’s for me, bud. Heads Up (whistle) – I like the way our team looks. I think, as long as we
all buy into the system, and work together, I think we’re gonna have a lot of fun, and a lot of success as well. – 3 and 0 on you right now. (Stick hitting ice) (skate blades gliding the ice) I had to shoot it.

Antonio Breitenberg

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6 thoughts on “Shawzy Returns to the United Center: Mic’d Up | Chicago Blackhawks

  1. Stadium79 goneforever says:

    Welcome home Shawzy! LETS GO HAWKS!!

  2. lee Thomas says:

    Working on that header I see . your stage front presence for the tip ins very much needed this yr .

  3. Dawn-Marie Sundquist says:


  4. Victor Salazar says:

    Welcome back Shaw good to see in a Blackhawks jersey again

  5. Paula C says:

    The Mutt!! Welcome back to the Madhouse, Shawzie!!

  6. Andon Coward says:

    I love having him around

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