Shark Attacks Seal Near Surfers Off Cape Cod

Shark Attacks Seal Near Surfers Off Cape Cod

Antonio Breitenberg

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99 thoughts on “Shark Attacks Seal Near Surfers Off Cape Cod

  1. Ken B. says:

    Thank God it wasn't a Navy Seal. Just saying.

  2. Cameron Sipka says:

    poor seal. gawking beachgoers gotta fuck off.

  3. Austin Moon says:

    Surfers? Any one else see that those waves were like 1 ft high? Gnarly dude🤘

  4. My Name is Gladiator says:

    Who else always roots for the Seal?

  5. David T. says:

    The reason fucktards freak out is because they are not taught about nature. Just as a reminder animals eat other animals to live, this starts from the top of the food chain all the way the bottom of the food chain. Including us.

  6. frankdrebin says:

    False alarm, folks. Marine biologist here. A postmortem of the seal showed it had consumed an entire bottle of chipotle mustard. Therefore causing it to hemorrhage each time the seal passed gas, unfortunately killing it as a result. The dolphin chasing it is just a coincidence, as it turns out they're also, coincidentally, highly attracted to chipotle.

  7. morecowbell69 says:

    Ocean creature eats ocean creature in ocean.

    Film at 11:00

  8. Phish N' Chimps says:

    They have electronic devices that can deter sharks.. Why don't they create a Net (multiple beacons, like light houses that emit the electrical signal ) of them to keep sharks away. Off the shore. there is usually a sand bar.. position it there daily, and monitor them.The fish won't like it. But the swimmers will.

  9. Dan D says:

    HaHa. Shaaaak, Shaaaak. Get atta da wata, get atta watta

  10. Mountain Man3 says:


  11. EYVEFilms says:

    I was there just a couple days before it happened, I recognized the life guard running across the beach

  12. veda pierce says:

    Is it normal to see Great Whites so close to the beach ?!?

  13. Justus Krause says:

    I was there 🙂

  14. Osmund Ferreira says:

    The sociopath wearing a hat is more concerned about recording

  15. nate and Jakes show b says:


  16. Eric Sigwart says:


  17. Brian Harding says:

    Alex Kitner's mom disliked video.

  18. belle says:

    Foot got tangled… ha… duimbass

  19. Robert Frias says:

    No swimming in these waters for me anymore.

  20. The Dippin American says:

    Poor bugger, oh well, circle of life and all that

  21. The Dippin American says:

    “I grabbed his right ahm”

  22. •Only KatSab 19• says:


  23. ACG Medical says:

    Stop going in the water then you dumbasses

  24. Paula Jewitt says:

    Bullsh it.

  25. Dick Fitswell says:

    People..Sharks dont GAF about land. As long as they aint on it. Off Crystal Beach in Galveston I catch Black Tip Sharks up to 8ft not even 75yds off the shore. Dont know why people want to swim in their habitat. Its like asking a Grizzly Bear to come hangout..on your couch.

  26. Recycledheartdm says:

    They are all freaking out, but no one has mentioned that even tho the shark could have easily taken one of the slow clumsy humans it chose its natural prey the fast agile seal.

  27. Daniel Damiano says:

    Look, if there are no waves then dont paddle out….duh…if water creates turbulence as waves do crashing on sandbars, then sharks dont want to risk that commotion. Just keep your head on a swizzle, as if your visiting any city

  28. 12gaugegavin says:

    I'm so scared I can't go to Wal-Mart

  29. The Ganymede Hypothesis says:

    We'd only need to exterminate four or five species of sharks and there would never be another attack on a human. There would still be 495 species of the fricking things for "scientists" to "study"… The balance of nature doesn't miss the tyranosaur and it would not miss the white shark.

  30. Billy Kimmel says:

    That's nature baby

  31. Hurley V says:

    What the hell were they surfing ?

  32. Wil Morales says:

    eat all the snow birds

  33. Your Training says:

    stupid americans, no interest news,

  34. Pat Murray says:


  35. James Hoad says:

    In amidy they say yaaad! 😂 There in the yaaad nat too faa from the caaaa! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  36. powderedtoastmanzack says:

    I think the most insane part of this video is east coasters claiming to be surfers…

  37. Jon Davis says:

    He shoulda attacked the surfers not the damn poor sea lion

  38. Andy Fox says:

    Thank God where I leave The Black Sea doesn't have any sharks or anything dangerous but still pretty water, small waves, no tsunamies…

  39. Cara DeNalga says:

    Where are the animal activists at?



  41. Toure Yacoubou says:

    0:29 there is a clear sign up for human to read. why waste emergency personal time.

    by the way to help people get out of water faster. they have to put a red flag sign . advice everyone while in the water if they see people on the beach waving that sign that mean you need to get out of the water faster as you can

  42. Mister Cool says:

    Is this near by old silver beach in Falmouth ?

  43. Ayaz Ali says:


  44. Swimming with Sharks says:

    Shaaak saaak,….no wonder the teens were going like ‘’ WHAT ?!,…funny,,…there is a great white shark in the water,…get out,….that’s the universal warning,…..

  45. Scott Watson says:

    Damn, your american news reporters sure like to over dramatise the fuck out of everything. Making a “story” out of nothing at all.
    Its pathetic.

  46. MrDunkyg says:

    Seal should have punched shark on the nose, everyone knows that, idiot seal

  47. Andrea Co says:

    A gallipoli?

  48. Barry Rose says:

    Too many seals, not enough sharks. Hoping nature will balance out and bring this disgusting seal population down

  49. e30kitty says:

    Thats so stupid.. They are allways there, even if you cant see them. Agree to share the room with them or stay on land you stupid pack -.-

  50. sun shine says:

    Stupid asshole films during shark attack

  51. Sivle Aaron says:

    “People were yelling Shock,shock!”What an annoying accent that is.

  52. Ward 's Call of duty says:


  53. Tony Rame says:

    great whites love the fatties, bony skiny humans bad taste.

  54. Tony Rame says:

    Somebody should have shot that Seal it was suffering.

  55. Lon Fisk says:

    OMG I can't believe there's shawks in the water. Why didn't anyone wawrn us. We could have been attacked! That's similar to what I hear here in Florida when a northerner gets bit by and alligator. Why didn't they have signs wawrning us of alligators! Lol

  56. Eric Morgan says:

    The shark is doing what it does best. Scary to you then stay out of the water.

  57. Tomtalker2000 says:

    I live down here year round where this happened. So us "natives" are used to it perhaps the tourists get scared. However, when you live so close to the ocean as we do this is what you expect from time to time.

  58. Rylan King says:

    I live in Massachusetts and I have been to that beach

  59. brussell639 says:

    What's a shok?

  60. samiamisme says:

    Unsure if its eating a human, sure grab the camera

  61. MM Solo says:

    This is all Trumps fault.

  62. Robert Joseph says:

    Fucking water all returning back to normal waves keep going not even caring.
    Where does all the blood go to?

  63. jasons1231 says:

    sharks are in the water………. yeah…. big news…..

  64. Liam Coleman says:

    Too many seals. Its only a matter of time until a person gets bit. “But seals are cute” well they also have damaged the cape cod fisheries and fish populations.

  65. Meag says:

    Where is cape cod?

  66. GoMiGman says:

    Suck ass tv news station.  Shut up and show the film, gaddam big mouths.

  67. Daniel May says:

    What are they surfing?

  68. April showers says:

    Over fishing

  69. TomSexBombJones Wright says:

    Hope the seal is ok

  70. G G says:

    Spoke too soon 9-16-18

  71. Diego B says:

    e o ser humano vê o próximo em perigo oque faz?pega um celular para registrar.
    o amor da maioria se esfriará

  72. Shortythepresident says:

    These things are happening because of people like scumbag Trump removing regulations and having company's destroy the earth and sharks have to move to cleaner waters. Prime example how the devil works. That man is a demon.

  73. DZ Malekvali says:

    Kill them sharks,,serious

  74. Fernand Palem says:

    what news ??!!!? So is nature wild life …

  75. Athena Cinca says:

    Someome call them Orcas to patrol the beaches!

  76. Roger Seebald says:

    I wouldnt swim in those waters if you paid me a mill

  77. vivahernando1 says:

    what's a shaaaauk and an aaaaauhm ?

  78. Jonathan Drew says:

    Shock shock get outta tha whata

  79. Justin Miller says:

    Ya, you go in the ocean. There are sharks there. And on rare occasions, there can be a problem.

    Why does this still surprise people?

  80. Lionel Hutz says:

    Y'know the thing about a shark—he's got lifeless eyes, black eyes, like a doll's eyes. When he comes at ya, doesn't seem to be livin'.

  81. Lily and doug says:

    I see nothing wrong with this the shark picked out a seal among the Surfers and didn't eat a surfer

  82. Rob Longley says:

    The seal population has exploded on Cape Cod over the last 10-15 years. I did not see a single seal there the first 40 years of my life (I'm 52.) Now some beaches there, as well as on Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard, off the Cape's coast, are littered with them — and as a result, the area has become prime hunting grounds for Great Whites. But I still go swimming in the ocean there — the odds of being attacked by a shark there, or almost anywhere, are incredibly low. They're not there to bother humans. And when they do, it's almost always a case of mistaken identity. That's why the vast majority of attacks aren't fatal.The shark bites you, says "wait a second — this isn't a seal," and moves on. If the shark really wanted to eat humans, 99 percent of attacks would be fatal. They could kill a person in literally seconds if they really wanted to eat them.

  83. los three amiGOs says:

    Awh, What about the seal😫 #wedontDeserveAnimals

  84. Mike Davis says:

    Everybody on the beach get outta the water SHARK!

    Teens from New York ignores them suddenly sees shark and yells help me….! Really? Really? We warned you but you ignored us so you're on your own. Adapt or Perish!

  85. Chris Valdez says:

    So this is a Harvard bar, thought there’d be equations on the walls and shit.

  86. Joey Kaplan says:

    I’m going up there in June 😄

  87. TheGreaterGood80 says:

    It's high time us humans keep a relatively respectful attitude towards our fellow top predators. Don't blame sharks for being sharks. We enter their turf and get surprised when they take off our limbs?

  88. Julia S says:

    Poor seal 😢 Nature is cruel

  89. Boogie Man says:

    Shuuuuut the fuuuuuck up… they clearly weren’t running for the shore. Stop acting like they were running from jaws u morons

  90. Parzehlli TV says:

    Anyone else disappointed that nobody tried to push the seal back out in the water.. A great white can be fueled up for a good bit off all that blubber. What a shame, waste of food.

  91. Cat Herder says:

    Peter Griifin's cousin?

  92. Mike Renton says:

    Shahk shahk! Dont care nauset is the best ⛱

  93. NASA F says:


  94. james lloyd says:

    The shark mistook the seal for a turtle

  95. fabio sunspot says:

    Well why don't they put nets along the beach where the people swim, you know that's the sharks home we are intruding .

  96. Jack Venom says:

    Might be a good idea to surf where there aren't any seals 🤷‍♂️

  97. Hoffman's Landscaping says:

    In a few years, as long as the seals are still protected, the beaches of Massachusetts will be the deadliest in the world.

  98. David Tremblay says:

    Billy we were surfin one footahs and saw this wicked big shahk in the whatah eatin a seal!

  99. godoflightning 4 says:

    Those sharks don't care one bit about you. Just seals and such

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