Shakira and Gerard Piqué cheer on sons Sasha and Milan at soccer practice in Miami

Shakira and Gerard piqué cheer on San
Sascha and Milan at soccer practice in Miami it seems Shakira sons are taking
after their talented dad the singer and soccer player our teacher Don Sasha for
and Milan six as they attended practice on Friday afternoon in Miami the
picturesque family who inhabits numerous homes across the globe has been spending
their Christmas holiday beachside in Florida when Shakira isn’t on stage
performing before thousands of adoring fans she’s chillin on the sidelines
while she lets her two sons steal the spotlight the hips don’t my singer and
peak were spotted on a local soccer field in Miami hanging out at the sun’s
weekly youth football practice Shakira is known for her curvaceous figure and
revealing stage outfits but the mother of two dressed down so she could be an
active participant in the day’s football festivities she donned a vintage
inspired ac/dc Jersey tee which she paired with torn up light washed denim
and chunky Nike kicks Peake took note of his gals shoes and sported a pair of
grey Nike sneakers and distractingly white Nike hoodie football is a big deal
in his family with Pete being a centre back for Barcelona and all the Colombian
Sun stris had a huge grin white across her face as she took in every moment of
the practice the waka waka singers off spring boat sported head-to-toe soccer
gear with matching grey and yellow cleats
Shiki her and her 32 year old Spanish boyfriend have been together for nearly
a decade the couple first met on the set of the singers waka waka music video
which was a song written for the 2010 fifa world cup
pekes team happened to win the World Cup that year where his soon-to-be
girlfriend performed during the final game though the two corresponded in 2010
the relationship between the two mega stars wouldn’t officially take off until
the start of 2011 in the fall of 2012 Shakira would use her Instagram platform
to announce defends that she was pregnant with the football stars son
just two years after the birth of son Milan the couple went in for round 2 and
announced they would be expecting their second child Sasha who would be born in
2015 the couple have admitted publicly that they have no plans to head but that
hasn’t stopped them from having a family life

Antonio Breitenberg

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