Senior Perspective: Meg Tveit, Women’s Soccer

Senior Perspective: Meg Tveit, Women’s Soccer

being a student-athlete at Harvard
definitely one of the most incredible opportunities of my life I am I think be
I’m surrounded constantly by the most supportive people my teammates are also
other athletes whether it’s coming to our games and I’m cheering us on or
seeing them around the dining hall I think athletes have this community that
is very uplifting and empowering and I’m really grateful to be a part of it here
at Harvard being a soccer player here at Harvard probably has taught me more than
I’ve learned in the classroom at Harvard it’s taught me what it means to be a
teammate what it means to lead what it means to trust your teammates and I
think ultimately like it’s told it’s taught me what it means to be a family
and my teammates means more than anything to me and just knowing that I
would do anything for them is something that I can’t learn in any other part of
my life I was selected captain about a year ago and it was it was an incredibly
special moment for me I I think I’ve cared a lot about the program but a lot
of my goals and stuff I think were individually driven once I was voted
captain I realized that like there’s so much more about this team than like what
I can contribute and throughout this season definitely I’ve learned that what
I’m taking away is the team not anything that I’ve done individually we have the
best coaching staff I couldn’t be more grateful for our supportive they are and
how just dedicated to this program it’s it’s really incredible to watch and
to be a part of they I think this year especially the culture of our team has
changed drastically and they have driven that along with the captains and I think
that that’s changed our trajectory of our program I think this year we were
expelled three and one with one of the best records in the past 25 years so I
think they there’s a lot to do with what the coaches what they do and what they
show our team and that’s dedication to this program and to winning and to being
the best version of ourselves but also just being sympathetic and like
empathetic and expatiate about our lives and like making us better people once we
leave this place I think that that’s as a senior that’s what’s been the most
important thing for me is like seeing that they not only care about me as a
soccer player but they want to know what I’m doing after and they want to help me
in any way and they can they wrote my writer letters of recommendation like
they’re so supportive you

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