Segway Shoes!!! Segway Drift W1 Unboxing and Review!

Segway Shoes!!! Segway Drift W1 Unboxing and Review!

– Okay, so here’s the thing, I’m thinking that I should
probably put the helmet on now. I’m about to unbox Segway Shoes. Now, that’s not actually
what they’re called. They’re called, the Segway Drift W1, and you guys remember the hover boards? Well, this is basically
like a tiny hoover board on each one of your feet. We’ve got one here. It looks like a mystery box, but I assure you, this mystery is going to be solved very soon. I guess I can take the helmet off. That’s a little excessive. So I did cut the tape. I was trying to peek in here, ’cause I wanted to do a pre-unbox thing, but the problem was it
was boxed very nicely so I wasn’t able to. Instructions, these are going
to be extremely important. Segway Drift W1 user manual. Is that going to be me later? (laughs) Do not traverse bumps or uneven terrain. Do not ride on public
roads, motor ways, highways, or streets. Avoid slopes steeper than 10 degrees. Do not ride through puddles. Oh, there’s something else. This looks important as well.
This is one of those things where I do no throw the instructions away. Oh! Oh, wow! One wheel! – [Female Speaker] It
looks like a knee pad. – It does look like a knee pad. I have also brought knee
pads and a lot of stuff. ♪ Rollin’ up to the scene
with my ceiling missin’. ♪ I’ve used Segway products in the past. This is kind of crazy,
when I went to college, I was actually a, I don’t
even know how to explain it. I gave tours of my college, and we’re one of the first
colleges to ever have a Segway. So we had one, and I
would ride the Segway, and I’d wear a helmet. Since this was so early, a
lot of people didn’t even know what the Segway was. So it’s kind of cool to be able
to see how far they’ve come. I also had one of these Segway Ninebots, which was sort of the actual hover boards and using Segway technology. It was something that is so
much more trusting than some of those hoover boards, because the people that were making those, there were some really
crappy hoover boards. – [Female Speaker] They
were catching on fire. – They were catching on fire! And when I saw that Segway was doing one, I knew that this was a
brand that can be trusted. Let’s see how this charges. So here’s our… charging cable. I’m glad that I brought
my skate boarding helmet, so that I would be ready. I also brought my skate boarding
knee pads and elbow pads. One cable, so this plugs into here, and then this plugs into
the wall, and it looks like there’s two separate
little charging cables to charge each one of
these shoes, Segway Shoes. Another thing, you guys can’t tell, but these are really heavy. Like this is, it’s not
like these are light. Maybe like seven pounds each? What do you think? Do you want– – I have
an eight pound weight, do you wanna? – Yeah, get the weight. – Okay. – I’m pretty sure, this is actually a really good weight, because this will help you with
your grip strength as well. God, I’m feelin’ so shredded right now. I think it’s about
seven and a half pounds. Three point five kilograms times two. Three point five kilograms
is how many pounds? – [Phone] That would be
seven point seven two pounds. – Yeah, I said seven and a
half, so that’s pretty accurate. Now that I know that I am
a genius at everything, says the girl with the helmet on, gosh, I’m going to make
so many friends today. Yeah, so there’s the charging port, okay, let’s charge this up. Okay, we can stop filming now. – [Female Speaker] Okay. – Cool, look we’re going
to let this charge, and then we’re going to
go outside, you guys. Looks like they’re charged. The first thing that it told us to do, in the directions that I read,
were put them down like this to get them calibrated. So this puts it into
like calibration mode. (beeps) They’re calibrating right now. Look how pretty. One thing it did say is
not to touch the wheel. The only think I want to do it touch it, but look at me, I’m
not. I’m being a saint. ♪ Celebrate good times, come on! ♪ It is powered on, and
parked on the ground. Stand by mode, and then
it goes into balance mode when you slightly tip it, so let’s see. I’m gonna put this on, because– – [Female Speaker] I’m
just gonna shut the door so that Matty is hidden. – Yeah, no pets. – [Female Speaker] I don’t
want him to get run over. – Ah, I’m doing it! I’m doing it! Oh my goodness! Okay, so… I’m a little unsteady, because your legs (laughs). It’s weird. It’s weird. How do I even explain, oh God, there’s a carpet over here. – [Female Speaker] There’s a carpet! So my (laughs) legs are doing something. It’s like my legs are not communicating with not only my brain,
but with each other. I’m not sure how to explain it, because basically you just move your feet, and like it goes that way. I mean, the thing is, I’ve used
the Segway Ninebots before, I’ve used the hoover boards before, the one thing I never really tried, although I did give it a
shot, was the rocket shoes. Those were incredibly dangerous
because they went so fast, whereas this is different, because you’re not
actually strapped into it, your feet are free. They’re free, your feet are free. I’m going to need to clear
out all of the furniture in my house now. I don’t know if I’m street ready. I should probably just do hallway first. Whoa, my legs are spreading apart! I did not want that to happen! Like that’s the thing, when these kind of get like this, like you got a really use some muscles to sort of like force
your legs back together. I’m all geared up. If your wondering why these
may look a little bit tight, it’s because they’re children’s. Safety first. The handle is actually quite handy. Alright, let’s go. How’s my posture? It sounds like I’m on a space ship. I’m not ready for full speed yet. Like what if one leg decides
to do something else. – [Female Speaker] Go
faster, go go, go, go. I think this is as fast as I can go. I don’t think he’s home. Oh my g– – Well, what’s happening? – Matt. – What’s going on? – I have been ringing your doorbell for like 15 minutes. – What are those? – So far so good, but I came to visit you. I was like, I wonder what Matt’s doin’? – Hello. – Hello, nice jersey shirt. That’s nice.
– Thank you, can I try it? – Uh… – The fact that you have elbow knee pads and a helmet though. – Oh, this is from my skateboard days. – Camera as well, it seems like
a very esteemed thing to do. – Oh yes, okay, so now they’re balanced. You basically just, you just hop on. What are my legs doing? Okay, so we found Matt. Now we’re gonna go find Ed, and
we’re going to cruise around in the parking garage, and I’m going to get some really cool slow-mo shots, to make it look like I’m really cool. Hello. – Hello. – Go to the parking garage. – What floor? – I don’t know. So right now I’m practicing. I’m feeling pretty good. I’m feeling pretty good about it. Have you seen anything cooler than this? What do you think, Ed? What do you think of these? Do you think it’s cool? – I think it’s kind of neat. Just the other day, I was
like listening to old music, and I was like, man, I
remember roller skating in elementary school,
and how cool that was, and it might not be cool
again, and then you’re– – Now it is. ♪ Look at this stuff. ♪ ♪ Isn’t it neat? ♪ ♪ Wouldn’t you think my Segway
collection’s complete. ♪ We made it outside. Let’s ride around and get it. Get what? I don’t know. Does that mean something bad? See my legs sometimes do this, so you gotta like really
get them back together. This is handling this sidewalk incredible. (slow dramatic music) – So they turn off after a
minute if no one’s on them, which is probably a really good thing, ’cause it will save your battery. They do work independent of each other, so they’re not actually both connected, so this was the one that I
had on my left foot before, and now it’s on the right, so it doesn’t really matter. There’s no left or right. These are it. These are the Segway Drift W1. They should have been called Segway Shoes, ’cause that’s way cooler, but if you do want to change the name, don’t forget, you heard it here first. Thank you guys so much
for watching this video. I had so much fun trying these out, and the surprising thing is
they do look really dangerous, but so far they were so much
easier to ride than I thought when I watched the demo video. So if you guys want to check these out, I’ll put a link in the description, and I’m having so much fun trying them. Yo, what’s sup? Do ya like my shoes? There Segway Shoes, baby. – [Female Speaker] What are those? – That’s exactly what Matt said. – [Female Speaker] Really?
– Yes, he goes, what up? But he was being entirely serious, like what are those? What are those? If your not going over any
crazy bumps or any elevations, it says your not supposed
to go up like 10 degrees. – [Ed] It’s pretty steep. It’s like maybe more
than a parking garage is. – Show me. Come here. Here I am the ground. Okay, cool. – [Female Speaker] You
are going to get run over. – I am going to get run over. Alright guys, we’ll see you
later. Thanks for watching. Don’t forget to subscribe,
and be sure to hit the bell, so that you’ll be notified
when I post new videos. I hate that I have to say that. It’s so… icky. – [Ed] Sing it. -Icky – [Female Speaker] Yeah,
sing it. Makes it cool. – ♪ Keke, do you love me? ♪ ♪ Are you ridin’ on your Segway? ♪ (gentle music)

Antonio Breitenberg

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