Secret Snowboarding Freeride Spots in Tauplitz, Austria

Secret Snowboarding Freeride Spots in Tauplitz, Austria

Thanks to we finally found ourselves standing in powder again at the start of January. To show our gratitude we would like to share the following with all of you: Freeriding Routes in Tauplitz, Austria (yes, I know it doesn’t need translating, but still..) Two weeks ago, in the first half of januari 2017, we were in Tauplitz, thanks to Wepowder It was their advice and we took that to heart. And with great result. During our time there we discovered two freeriding routes. The first route starts at the mid-station of the Mittersteinbahn. Actually by taking blue slope #29 which makes a couple of turns. And eventually, after 3 or 4 turns you can access a powder field. Which you can recognize by all the chopped down trees. A narrow corridor that eventually ends at the road. When we were there it was snowing so we were able to drive down the road. “we are going to take the highway” From where you can walk back to the Mittersteinbahn. Watch out for the bus that goes from the Mittersteinbahn to the Tauplitzalm every half hour. You could also, if there is no snow on the road, walk up the road for a couple of minutes. Up till here. And when you are high enough you can cross into the woods and ride down to black slope #28 And then ride down to the start of the Mittersteinbahn. The second freeride route we have taken a lot. Here, on the top of red slope #23. When you have good visibility you can almost directly leave the slope on the right side. And then you can make a couple of turns here close to the slope. Soon you will reach a small powder field just above the tree level. And from here you will have several options to enter the woods. And eventually you can, there aren’t any dangerous cliffs here or anything.. ride down through the woods quite easily all the way down to this road. This is again the road from the Tauplitzalm up here down to the Mittersteinbahn. You can cross it and then enter the woods again to finally reach slope #29 again, the blue one. Which you can take in this direction to reach red slope #27. That will bring you back to the start of the Mittersteinbahn.

Antonio Breitenberg

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  1. Patrick proier says:

    thats are by far not the best freeride routes at Tauplitz 🙂

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