Seavenger Odyssey Wetsuit: Best 2018 Surfing Gear

Seavenger Odyssey Wetsuit: Best 2018 Surfing Gear

Prepare for your next great vacation
with the Seavenger Surfing Wetsuit. This wetsuit is designed with specialized features
to adapt to your active lifestyle. Go straight from surfing inside the barrel
to jumping off the dive deck without having to switch up your gear.
The wetsuit is constructed with three millimeter neoprene material,
providing just enough insulation to keep you warm on those dawn patrol surf sessions.
The full-body jump suit style and heat retaining fabric keep you
comfortable without sacrificing flexibility. The multi panel design is
extremely stretchy and maximizes mobility making it totally easy to
charge that wave. The new wetsuit model also features an extra torso panel that
covers the chest and stomach. The shark skin material provides hardcore
durability in an area that wears down quickly. For even more resilience the
suit provides anti-abrasion panels on the shoulders and knees. It’s totally
tough and reliable! This wetsuit is just as comfortable as it is convenient.
Flatlock stitching eliminates chafing and is great for sensitive skin while an
extra long leash and inner gusset make donning and doffing simple and quick.
The snug style comes in two uniquely contoured fits for men and women with
new color options that help you stand out in the sea of surfers.
With durability, comfort, and convenience at the heart of our design process, the
Seavenger Surfing Wetsuit is the ideal choice for surfers and a great option
for all-around water sports enthusiasts. Thanks for watching. Don’t forget to subscribe to
our channel and like and share this video. Together, we venture.

Antonio Breitenberg

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