SCHOOL BUS converted to TINY HOME by High School STUDENTS

SCHOOL BUS converted to TINY HOME by High School STUDENTS

Hey I’m Eric Gordon and this is my
40-foot tiny house Skoolie called The Mountain Bus here in beautiful Boulder, Colorado. As always trying to live as minimally as
possible and also have a ton of options as far as where I can live, what I can do,
and being cost-effective. I live part time in a VW van. Started out doing that
for about three or four years and now we’ve upgraded to a larger situation. In
my life Craigslist seems to just be the way that I find all things good. It’s how I
found my old 71 VW. Found this one super beautifully built out down in southern
Colorado and I reached out to him and it turns out it was built out by a high
school shop class. They were looking to sell it to essentially fund their art
program and their outdoor program being a climber and an artist I was stoked on
that so we went down and checked it out and it was everything we wanted to do. It’s a very simple build out. There’s no inset plumbing or there had been no solar
setup put in there yet and we already had both of those situations figured out.
We started off when I drove the bus off of the schoolyard that same day when
I was first driving this 40-foot school bus, which I’ve never driven something
this big before, ended up actually having a friend who has a 40-foot driveway
exactly like garage to sidewalk. We started off living in a school bus
downtown Boulder around million-dollar mansions, definitely got some strange
looks for that. Soon after that a friend that owns this property and this house
with this beautiful backyard put it out there that she really wanted to kind of
start a collective living situation. She just moved in here and really wanted to
still embrace community and have a strong sense of friendship around here
so I had to like widen the fence to sneakily drive this in because we’re in
kind of a quiet neighborhood here so I had to like ram the curb and shoot
the gap to get this 40 foot school bus in this backyard all while doing
it like to not draw really much attention. This is The Mountain Bus. It’s a 40-foot
1990 Thomas Skoolie tiny house. First off we have the glorious Skoolie front
door very important to getting into your bus. We are heated all by big wood-burning stove inside so we’ve got our hardwood
stuff protected under the bus here. That’s where we storing everything. We’ve
got a couple of storage compartments here for all the gear and stuff that we
can’t fit in there. We try and keep it as tidy as possible. Probably one of
the most important things of alternative living or anything like that living in a
bus is gonna be your solar setup so we’ve got a four panel goal zero setup
here and we decided not to mount it on the roof just because I don’t have that
time to be honest, but also it gives you a lot more mobility as far as getting
your most optimum sunlight wherever you are. So as we cruise around back here here there’s a large diesel engine in here that I
don’t know how to work on so that’s important. Very important to shove all of
your blankets and sleeping bags against the windows to insulate your sleeping
quarters in there. My very fancy way of getting the solar into the bus is a
drilling a hole in there, definitely. This is actually a pretty great feature here.
There we just have access to inside the bus here. The wood-burning stove is right
in here so this is where we also have another wood pile that were able to just
chuck some wood in there. All we need. Got one more very large hard to open thing here with some more bins, outdoor gear, our winter setup right now. One cool
thing actually is the clearance that this bus has is you know what schools
take to all their sporting games in the mountains here so that’s pretty great.
We’ve got a little bit of clearance if we want to get gnarly. Here’s a very
jerry-rigged chimney situation that maybe cost me about six dollars total.
Found this all at the recycle place. Just like the engine here’s a bunch of
wires that I don’t know what they do but I did dismantle the emergency alarm
so that we can open that back door without waking up the neighbors. And last
but not least these are the mirrors that I hit my head on very often when I’m
walking around the bus. Welcome to the inside of The Mountain Bus here, come on in. In the doorway here we got our nice winter coat setup. Got all the shoes
going on here, a little shoe rack, and skateboard. I guess come on inside here. We’ve got the living room, the kitchen, and the writing table. We decided not to do any sort of intense
plumbing for this setup so we just have this is a three gallon classic
countertop dealio and you just flip that on, we got water. This is a little catch
sink where we can do some dishes like in the summer like that window will be down
we just toss it out there. We try and use things that aren’t harmful to just you
know put back in the ground. Since we travel a lot in our VW van and camp for
months at a time we have decided to use all of our camping gear because we have
so much as our in-house gear as well when we’re not traveling. This set up
we’ll just we’ll just unscrew it and take it up with us on the road and then
when we come back we just plug it right back into the propane tank we got under
here and this is just kind of some simple storage here. We just got an extra
water tank, some random tools. You end up having an impressive tool collection
once you’ve lived in an alternative or tiny house thing because there’s
always something that could be fixed or you could move it two inches and it’ll
change your life. Here we just got a little writing table. This actually used
to be like probably twice the size and then when you’re living in a small space
for long enough you realize you only use this much of the table. We could probably
even cut this down to half this size. We got a bench slash cooler under here
so we try to make that look as classy as possible while still being a fridge. This
is that glorious wood-burning stove still a little warm from last night that
I was talking about. This is kind of like the biggest thing that especially
winters in Colorado living in a bus you can imagine our floors do get pretty
cold just because it’s you know there’s there’s that wind flow underneath the
bus that tends to really cool it down so having a really big wood-burning stove
is excellent. We got some more lighting here from the goal zero setups we have. A
larger lead acid battery there and then a lithium battery over in this
side. Continuing farther and farther into the
chasm of glory we have our wood burning wood, some little chips here to get the
fire going, and then bigger logs down there. If anybody out there is gonna be
using a wood-burning stove as your main source of heat always buy hard wood just
do it, spend the money. And into the humble bathroom situation. It’s an
awesome hack that I learned about from somebody. You have here a five-gallon I guess you call a waste water tank and then a funnel. In that funnel you put a
ping-pong ball. Pee goes in there and then it caps it automatically and there’s no
smell. We have a self composting toilet that is essentially you got your bucket
your compostable bag and then we take ash from the fireplace and use that as
our compost initiator and it also neutralizes all bad things and it’s just
super simple. Got some more coolers here. We’re really big on coolers in The Mountain Bus. Just for we’ll take that one camping or what not but or use it as a shelf. In the summer when we’re using our mountain bikes that’s a huge thing that we love to do. We actually they both fit
right here in this kind of space. Right back here we got the bedroom, the closet, which I get very little space of and then on this side another we got the
wheel wells here again so one side of it is the shelving and the closets and the
other side is just some more hanging space. This is a full king sized bed
platform back here but we don’t have a king sized bed because who really needs that? That’s ridiculous. In a tiny house that doesn’t make sense. Lastly the the cool thing that came with this bus is the doggie door. This is you know right there. We use it as storage right now cuz we don’t have a dog, but it just reminds us
that one day we got to get a bus dog. It’s probably corny but maybe not. I
own a coffee business that I run out of my VW van around the country and I’ve
incorporated the advice of ‘Life is short. Live your dream. Find your line’. I think
of those on a daily basis. So simple. Life is extremely short when you think about
it. What one thing would you do with this magnificent life? You should just start
living a dream as soon as possible. That looks different for everybody so the
find your line part is just kind of like what what line are you gonna choose
to get to that point in life where you’re doing exactly what you want and
if you died tomorrow you would be a happy person. Figure out the direction
that you really want to start putting yourself down and start to look for the
avenues that you can do that. When you find the one that feels right and you
know it feels right don’t hesitate go for it. You know if you have the ability
to do it just do it or even if you’re not even there yet create that path for
yourself to where once you start changing your lifestyle in that kind of
way you realize how little you really need as far as feature comforts and then
how much more important or how these things have always been important just
like the people around you, the things that you spend your time doing, just
being happy. You’re able to focus so much more energy on that rather than
cleaning a massive house or worrying about paying large bills for things that
don’t really add much value to your life besides you know, they look nice. I hope you enjoyed this week’s episode.
If you did be sure to LIKE comment and subscribe. If you want to find out more
about Eric you can find him over at Caribbean or Coffee and today’s episode
was filmed on the DJI Osmo Mobile. They’re having a holiday special where
you can get one discounted so if you’re interested in getting a gimbal for your
mobile phone the DJI Osmo Mobile go over to DJI and buy one. Get it discounted. Have a great week. Byeeeee.

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100 thoughts on “SCHOOL BUS converted to TINY HOME by High School STUDENTS

  1. FLORB says:

    I think it's pretty amazing that a shop class decided that converting a bus was what they wanted to do for their project. Shows that more and more people are actually considering alternatives to the "traditional American narrative". What are your thoughts? Do you like the bus? Would you consider living in a bus? How about a van? Maybe a Tiny house? Or are you thinking of something else entirely?

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    Sick…sick….sick…loved it totally


    Hi Dylan I loved this Bus it was awesome

  7. small footprint says:

    Dylan. You're genius. Don't know how you find these people but Erik and his bus/lifestyle are amazing. You finally got to hear the real deal at the end there but all of it was great. Aside from the lifestyle he created for himself, I'm impressed with the urinal, and ash for the potty. Hard to believe there's no odor but a cup of water as a chaser after the pee might assure the non odor claim. Have to make it female friendly. I use a wide mouthed jar. Might have to be a 2 part procedure. Water available to rinse would help. Would make for more frequent emptying but it takes a while to fill up a 5 gal jug or even 2 or 3 gallons. Thanks for the great idea. Is that a standard funnel or did he cut it down? OBTW… there are some great handles that are made to carry one of those big jugs. Makes it easier to dispose. Lots of great ideas here. Thanks again, for posting.

    Oh, one more thing. I can see a cute little skirt for the bottle. lol… I know… guys don't care and actually, neither do I but makes it more visitor friendly… depending on your visitors, of course.

  8. Mari Rodriguez says:

    Nice video…Beautiful lifestyle. :))

  9. James Cox says:

    where the solar wire go into the bus you should put a rubber sleeve to protect the wires from rubbing on the metal.

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    I find it absolutely fascinating that a lifestyle that I lived and pretty much still do is so trendy and smart. It does afford me to travel and live the way I wanted. Although then you were looked down upon and were subjected to certain prejudices.
    Now people behave like this is a new found alternative lifestyle.I did it to save money and travel.I have always thought buying house was ridicules. You never own it nor the ground it sits on.If you bought low and sell high they take that too. Mortgage: French for Death Grip. Ha!

  13. Paddy Cooper says:

    Not much spent on hair cuts I see

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    Love this story! Very inspiring

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    It is really inspiring…there is so much truth in the words he says. I am just wondering how get to that path as well … my life recently has been quite hard on the emotional, physical and financial sides and I live in a country where there is not much space for creativity and alternative lifestyles…but watching these videos make me feel that there must be another way even for me…

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    Cool bus even cooler dude!
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    This was very inspiring thank you 😀

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    But he surely isn't allowed drive it if he's only in highschool ._.

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    Good stuff, but you gotta work on those close up shots to tell the story. Pick an object of interest. I'm sure there's plenty all over, give me sense of the place and the people within it. Let those pieces of interest add more of their personality and character tell the story. Gimbal shots are awesome, but really not ideal for this kind of video. You'll find shooting in hand to be more effective and less cumbersome. Your stuff is great, keep the videos coming.

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    Hell of a kool tinny house. Love the set up.

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    You could minimize the air flow under the bus with some hay bails around under the bus to block the wind.

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    Cool! Great work you did!!
    I don't know any Japanese ( I'm live in Tokyo, Japan) who has doned this kiind of conversion.
    Amazing 😍👍🏻👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  31. Large Rooster says:

    Kids …. This is a perfect example of what smoking pot 24-7 will do to you. When you have to describe the items you own in your home with words like thingamabob or dillybob …. You might want to put the bong down ?

  32. Michele Lavender says:

    Dylan,what a lovely man you are,you have yourself a nice life,all the best to you over there from Athens ,Greece

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    Quality over quantity

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    Are you still able to live in your bus legally? I heard they are trying to make it illegal to live in vehicles or to have a tiny home. Where do you find to park it? My fiance and I are so wanting to ditch the insane money grubbing greed here and do the same.

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    Something this guy said made me book a one day flight to Amsterdam for September this year. Now I'm shitting myself.

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    Yea I've konked my head on my mirrors too. Pretty cool build. I hope mine turns out that well. But coming from someone who has has a railroad commission Propane certification, the Propane tank under the sink scares me. If it leaks and no one is inside to smell the odorant or if your asleep and it leaks it could be really bad.

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    Love your sense of humor, AND you were lucky to find this awesome school project, and being able to buy and donate money for their art fund, made it even better. A lot of us old hippies used to live in buses at Drop City before the geo domes came into play and I miss those days of self preservation, and personal rule… Unfortunately it only lasted a few years, but some of the domes are still there, it's near La Veta, Colorado , and on occasion a celebration of "the good ole days" does still exist. I love your idea, it's a wonderfully free way to enjoy the adventures and journeys of life 🙂 I live in the Southern Colorado mountains, and wouldn't live anywhere else, it's beautiful, peaceful, less traffic, and the air is always clean ~~

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