SavageLife Ep. 2 “Snowboarding BRECKINRIDGE Colorado” (Fvncii’s First Ride)

SavageLife Ep. 2 “Snowboarding BRECKINRIDGE Colorado” (Fvncii’s First Ride)

you ready bud? -Im a
fucking savage where my grill at? Lets get it rockin’ boy -Gang Gang friend shit i love -i love doing friend shit i love doing friend shit Breckenridge, Colorado “10k” – Andy Savage LVMBO – FVNCIISAVAGE Money & Fame – FVNCIISAVAGE Lets go then, what are we waiting for? huh? I’m waiting for eh- everyone’s like, not ready to go I am (Jp Killa) I am such a nice a friend, Im goin to park all the way down the mountain and ride a bus back up, I’m just such a nice fuckin’ guy Found parking guys I love doing friend shit.. Love it. Another day in the savage life baby! WAHOO! Yeah I’m the one, they call me savage *laughs* Psyche! Thats the wrong numba! FVNCIISAVAGE Thats my fucking gang! Gang gang gang “That’s awesome, wonderful” – Don’t tell people your famous bro.. People don’t like to hear – she’s like ” Awesome, wonderful.” She didn’t care! she fucking hates you, she’s like.. She just deleted that picture Fuck you and your pineapples kid. -Almost got right in here Biscuits Buddy -This little girl with the fuckin… Pink sweater on walks in front of me with her head down Had to eat shit -mmm.. That is a tasty fuckin blunt. Too bad theres not people coming down.. That is a tasty blunt. Tasty. I wouldn’t hand that shit to them.. you fall off the damn lift Hell yeah, that’s a long walk. You fall off a lift so somebody else could get high? you a good friend Jordan. I’m a nice guy dude. I love doing friend shit. -I love doing friend shit -We should make a song called friend shit… Nice.. There you go. There you go. Straight ahead. “That was a great stop” Hell yeah, we killed the mountain today boy Y’all have fun? I had fun.. My ass hurts. Well thats it guys. We just made it home. Good two hours of driving.. Just another day in the Savage Life. We out.

Antonio Breitenberg

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1 thought on “SavageLife Ep. 2 “Snowboarding BRECKINRIDGE Colorado” (Fvncii’s First Ride)

  1. Tyler Klinedinst says:

    Flash hitting that sign has me crying!

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