If something should happen to me, put on my suit, the reindeer will know what to do. Yeah right… (More info in the description below) [Trap remix of “Sleigh Bells” playing (more info in the description below)] [Sound of sled crashing while music abruptly stops] [BART] Alright guys, so we just…we’re in the middle of our shoot…There’s Mus. [MUS] And the whole board fell apart. [BART] I was getting tugged and all of a sudden this wheel comes off, so now we’re heading to Home Depot to try to get it fixed. [MUS] See if anyone’s in a good Christmas spirit to help us out a little bit. [Sound of drill] [MUS] Yeah, so there was a Home Depot like down the street. [MUS] This whole thing fell apart. You could kinda see it. Like…can they see it? It’s like a little cracked along here. [MUS] We came here, everyone thinks we’re cute–adorable, you know? [MUS] And John is hooking us up. He’s putting it back together for us the best he can. [MUS] John, you wanna say hi to the people? [John] Hi. [Sound of sled rolling again] [Song continues (more info in the description below)] [BART] Good morning Chicago. [BART] Say hi to the camera. [BART] Wooooooo! [ATTRACTIVE STRANGER] Santa? [BART] Yeah, Santa. [ATTRACTIVE STRANGER] Can I have a picture with Santa? [BART] Yeah. Definitely. [ATTRACTIVE STRANGER] What do I want for Christmas? I don’t know… Can I have you? (This is the moment Bart fell in love) [BART] Absolutely. [ATTRACTIVE STRANGER] So…have I been a good girl or a bad girl? [BART] You’ve been a bad girl. [ATTRACTIVE STRANGER] Ohhhhh (as she laughs and falls for Bart’s charming smile). [Song continues (more info in the description below)] [Song fades out (more info in the description below)] [Song restarts (more info in the description below)] [Song fades out as video ends]

Antonio Breitenberg

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