“Salt Creek” CA.  4-7-8 foot wave faces – surfing

“Salt Creek” CA. 4-7-8 foot wave faces – surfing

This is an early morning look about 20mins after sunrise during a fair size SSW swell with a 17sec period Skies are generally clear this day with a very light offshore NE wind The tide was medium high early about a 4.9 to slowly going lower afternoon only about 2.5, so not much change all day Water temperature fairly nice about 68 degrees, winter can drop to mid 50’s with summer highs a few brief low 70’s Here on the beach about 10:30a.m the tide has dropped slightly to about 3.8 feet, the wind still on the calm light onshore variable side Generally low tides early with offshore wind will make The Point outside break steeper with hollow sections, and higher tides will make Gravels the shore break with more tubes possible up the beach As the tide drops further, the outside peak at Gravels will break more frequently South swells like shown here at Gravels spring, summer, fall, will produce mostly left slides with a few bowly rights Winter, spring and fall will produce W WNW swells with more of a hollow tube shore break right at Gravels, occasionally making for some great small backdoor like looking photos! Summer air temperatures on the beach can vary mostly low to mid 60’s morning lows, mid to upper 70’s for highs During an offshore wind flow known as a Santa Ana producing heat waves inland can cause coastal temperatures into the 90’s for highs and only cooling 70’s at night Fog can roll in anytime cooling day time temps only mid 60’s for a high in summer, also bringing a light onshore wind flow, most times making the surf very crummy Winter time the weather is still mostly fair, high air temps mid 60’s, lows mostly mid- upper 40’s, can go briefly upper 30’s in January around sunrise When the rain comes during winter, air temperatures will moderate, highs upper 50’s, nighttime lows upper 40’s to 50, although wind chills can make that feel colder The bottom is mostly boulder rock off The Point, then mostly sand as you slide left with a few boulders As you are on the shoulder and especially inside shoulder of The Point, it is mostly all sand The Point can handle almost any size, although getting out will be a much more challenging experience ! Midway in-between The Point and Gravels, it is mostly all sand, some good rides can be caught here too! Sometimes you can sneak a few rides inside The Point, although there is a slight deep spot that backs off the wave a bit, making the right combinations of turns you can still connect the sections If you can catch it on a good size swell, then sitting on the outside and waiting can pay off the best!! Moving north up the beach the bottom is basically all sand, Gravels will have small cobblestones inside and along the shoreline If you want to beat the crowds, do the pre dawn patrol paddle out at first light, you will most likely get in about an hour after sunrise empty waves Parking is easy, but will cost you about $1 dollar per hour, pay by machine and put the receipt inside your car windshield If you notice sometimes there is a nice quick bowly lip right into The Point, although be careful of dry boulder rocks! Waves here can stay good all day thanks to the less onshore wind exposure in this area Basically straight out from this view approx 48 miles is San Clemente Island, not visible in the distance, it can block some SSW swells a little bit but not too bad Looking WSW here out to sea is Catalina Island approx 26 miles can block out those swells in winter more so, although straight W and even a larger WNW swell can wrap in nicely Even on larger swells not much side current and generally most times can handle it with good shape, Hurricane swells with a SSE direction can develope some current, straight S 180 is basically open ocean un impeded This is a close look of the right from and into The Point, notice the dry rocks! Until the 1970’s Salt Creek was a total secret spot only rumored to be unreal from the surfers that made a long walk through thick bushes on a narrow foot carved pathway down Now currently since development The Point is much less than it use to be from grading the hillside filling in the beach building condos and expensive homes, also Gravels shore break was much hollower back then too Close by breaks are Dana Strand SE to the left of picture, then Dana Point Harbor and Doheny Beach State Park about 2 miles further on PCH To the right of picture NW a few miles is Aliso Creek Beach, then a few more miles Brooks St. and Laguna Main Beach This is a look at The Ritz Carlton Hotel, you can also see the concrete road walkway down to the beach, the old dirt pathway ran very closely to this.. The grassy area is very nice with a few tables for a picnic, also a small basketball court play area Always try to paddle out giving the rider on the wave priority, and do whatever you can to stay out of their way!! If you have any questions leave a comment below That’s about it for the “CC Close Captions” Still a few cool rides coming up in this video, also a sneak peak at a phantom big wave break to the north of cove, south Monarch Bay Point Feel free to share this video to your playlist and/or hit that like button also! Hitting that red ( SUBSCRIBE) button is most important to help bring more of these videos to you!! Visit my home page here on YouTube: “henryssurfshowcase” for many other mostly Southern California beach and surf videos,- link is in the description On the waters edge between The Point and Gravels, as the tides drops, lined up peaks start filling in Right about here in winter on a W or WNW swell Gravels does much better and more hollow for a few good tubes, today on the mushy side with the SSW swell and medium tide Thanks for visiting- “henryssurfshowcase”@YouTube.com

Antonio Breitenberg

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