Salt Baked Fishe & Samphire Salad | SURFING THE MENU: NEXT GENERATION

Salt Baked Fishe & Samphire Salad | SURFING THE MENU: NEXT GENERATION

Mate, how good’s this feel? Nah. Now, who’s gonna do the taste test first? Oh. I’m gonna give it a go . Yeah, have a crack. Whoa. What do you think it tastes like? Tastes like salt, Dale. Good stuff. Pretty good salt, too, eh? So, we’ve got a beautiful coaltrap. Isn’t it gorgeous? Straight out of the ocean this is the most
vibrant blue. It’s beautiful now,
Well, mate, we got some lemon, got some dill, and I’ve got some thyme… Cool.
…let’s outdo this beautiful trout… In the cavity. In the cavity, all about it,
don’t need to do anything else, ‘cause I got something special coming for
you over here. Okay. I’m gonna add the whites,
and I’m just gonna bring it to a stiff peak. You making me dessert, eh? Dessert and fish, mate. What do you think? Weird combination. I normally add a little pinch of salt into
my meringue. Oh, yeah? Not that much, though. Something a little bit different, isn’t
it? Yeah. We’re adding it gradually. Gonna build up that volume,
just exactly like you would with sugar, for a typical dessert meringue. Put a third of our meringue mix onto the base… Nice.
…like that. And you wanna make sure it gets a little bit
hot. Just kind of smooth it out. So, let’s get this trout on top so it’s
nice, in the center. What are we making? Do you have any idea? I think we’re doing, like, a meringue salt
crust that we’re gonna bake the whole fish in. That’s exactly right. Now.. What the salt does, in the salt crust is,
it makes sure all the moisture stays inside, so the heat is very well regulated,
and it cooks in one third the time. And she’s ready to go in the oven, mate. Mate, you really have to wait,
so we’re gonna make a salad. That’s that samphire that we picked up,
yeah? And all I’ve done is… …I’ve blanched it, and it’s beautiful. Take a bite, mate. It’s good, hey? Yeah. Really salty, nice and succulent,
just bursts in your mouth. Samphire’s not something you can always
pick up from your local supermarket… Yeah. …so asparagus is a perfect alternative. All right, mate, so whack the beans in. I’m gonna get a good bit of color on ‘em,
and soften them up a little bit. There we go. Making a mess. It’s looking good. Nice and colorful. Mate, we’re just gonna chuck all the rest
of our ingredients in. We’re not gonna be too shy with our samphire. Look at that. I love using pine nuts. They’re dancing around in there. Sprinkle over the top. Over the top, mate. Be liberal for me. I’m gonna get our fish. Oh mate, look at this. There you go, what do you think of that? Looks amazing. It’s a big question. Is it cooked, Dan? That’s what I’m wondering,
So, let’s crack open, shall we, mate? So, just peels… oh…
You can smell that, you can smell the thyme… How’s that dill? Whoa. Unreal. That is beautiful. Feel it, mate. Really sexy. This is what I’m talking about. The juice is staying inside. And this is the test, mate. You just get your fork in and see if you can
peel, and tear it back. Look how good that flesh is. See that? Look at that. So, we’ve got our samphire salad. We’ve got our beautifully cooked fish. There’s only one thing left to do. Dig in?

Antonio Breitenberg

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