Ryu’s Soccer Drills for Kids ~ Learn to dribble!

Ryu’s Soccer Drills for Kids ~ Learn to dribble!

Today we will learn basic dribble!
Dribble is the first thing you need to learn in soccer. There are free different
ways to dribble. You can dribble with your inside foot, outside foot or the bottom
of your foot. Let me share some basic drills. These drills will help you
improve your dribble. These are the four drills that will help
you dribble better. Follow me! Inside push. Use the bottom of your foot, to bring the
ball towards you. Use your inside foot to pass the ball to your other foot. Here, I’ll show you how! Don’t worry if you can’t do it on the first try. Keep at it until
you make it. Watch me use inside dribble to trick the defender. Outside push. Outside push is the same
thing as inside push. The only difference is, you use the outside of
your foot! See? It’s not that hard. Watch me use the outside dribble. Behind
the back. Behind the back is a little harder. Keep passing the ball behind your foot. This one will take more time to master. Watch me use it in action! Zig zag through the cones. First dribble in
between the cones using inside foot then return using outside foot. Dribble right
foot only. Dribble left foot only. Finally, dribble with the bottom of your foot. Be persistent! Put all the drill skills
together. One day you’ll be able to do… this! Well,
that’s it for today. Come back next time! for more drills! If you like this video, please like/subscribe. And…. Click here for more videos.

Antonio Breitenberg

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