Ryu’s Soccer Drills for Kids ~ Learn La Croqueta!

Ryu’s Soccer Drills for Kids ~ Learn La Croqueta!

Please like and subscribe! Are you ready to learn La Croqueta? La Croqueta is a great skill. It allows
you to trick the defender, as well as protect the ball. See? It’s super easy. Once you get the hang of this drill, try it in motion. Watch me closely. Are you ready for the next drill? Let’s practice La Croqueta on a
defender. Let’s try La Croqueta in a real match. Now you know La Croqueta! After I train hard, I play hard. Off to the Adventuredome! Let’s go guys! Thanks for watching! See you soon. If you like this video, please like/subscribe. And…

Antonio Breitenberg

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    Nice soccer skills! 🙌🏻 Great job explaining different drills and methods! 👍🏻

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    Awesome soccer drill👍💙💙💙💙💙

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    Yess, another drill for soccer. We love learning more about soccer #3GurlzAndDIY

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    Such a cool kid 😎. Awesome skill 😱

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    You are gonna be a pro soccer player. My mom is from Belgium and soccer is very popular there! #natashalajolie

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    Thanks for the lesson. Those are some great skills you have. 👏
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    You are always so good with your soccer moves ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    You have such great skills. Great to see it so I can practice later.

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    Thanks for the soccer tips ! We enjoyed this video ❤️🥰

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    Hi friend. Great video👍🏼⚽️


    Hi new friend here 👋🏾

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    Great skills. Keep it up. 👌

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    Wow we learned a lot about soccer thank you!!!👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

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    Nice job! We’re enjoying all of your soccer lessons 😊✨

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    I enjoyed watching.
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    Wooo…. Great going player🤩

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    Love your dance moves… Cool n adventures rides 😅😅,

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    Such a awesome video!
    Also awesome dance moves!!!

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    Looks fun!🙂👍 I 🙋‍♀️want to play soccer ⚽️

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    Also fun fair games 🎡🎠🙂👍

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    Love these soccer drills a lot… great video! He is so good!

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    Nice video 👌


    Great video!!!💚💚❤❤

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    So cute!!! I love he’s energy and fun day at amusement park! Nice👍💕💕

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    Great job friend, your skill is awesome

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    Always can expect great soccer drills from you Ryu. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful weekend! ❤👍👍

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    great job! you are awesome

  33. Let's have SAM fun! says:

    that’s a fun place

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    Nice soccer

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    Merry Christmas ryu

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    Great soccer drills. Love your dancing. Some of those rides look scary.

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    When our little one gets into sport, oh boy… LOL.

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