Russia in first, Korea 13th as 2014 Sochi Olympics end

Russia in first, Korea 13th as 2014 Sochi Olympics end

From the emotional wins of the Dutch– sweeping
medals in speed skating… to the controversies… like the stunning performance that saw Korea’s
ice queen Kim Yu-na taking the silver medal in figure skating… the Sochi Winter Olympics
truly captured the world’s attention. After 17 days of breath-taking sporting action,
the curtain went down on the Games on Sunday… with a typically colorful spectacle.
Connie Lee has more. Splashes of color lit up the stadium… at the start of the closing
ceremony of the Olympics. Sochi 2014… Russia’s first Winter Olympics…
came to an extravagant end on Sunday… with music, dancers and art.
There was even some humor in the closing… when only four rings of the Olympic symbol
opened up — a nod to the technical glitch during the opening ceremony when one failed
to open. The fifth ring eventually opened… followed
by the singing of hundreds of children… ballet by the Bolshoi and performances by
some Korean artists, including soprano Jo Sumi.
Sochi 2014 was the most expensive Winter Games ever… with Russia spending about 51 billion
U.S. dollars, and a record 88 nations competing. In the medal standings… host country Russia
came out on top… with 13 gold medals… and a whopping 33 Olympics medals in total.
Korea ranked 13th,…with all of its medals coming from the ice.
The host country of the next Winter Games came out with three gold medals, three silver
and two bronze medals. In his closing address…. International Olympic
Committee President Thomas Bach… hailed the success of the Sochi Olympics… saying
that “… everybody with an open mind could see the face of a new Russia: efficient and
friendly, patriotic and open to the world.” And then the flag was passed… from Sochi…
to Pyeongchang… the host city of the 2018 Winter Games.
Connie Lee, Arirang News.

Antonio Breitenberg

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3 thoughts on “Russia in first, Korea 13th as 2014 Sochi Olympics end

  1. Quentin House says:

    I like how they made fun of their own mistake.

  2. Szarko says:

    spend 50 billion to show the new face of Russia. Ruins it all by invading Ukraine the day after.

  3. dukky fuzz says:

    fuk russia

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