Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Snowboard Slam

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Snowboard Slam

I went snowboarding once and it was in New Jersey, and it was a like a fake mountain You know like not real snow -right- I would just- I would either bust my ass immediately, or I’d be going like 70 fucking miles an hour And I would literally like throw myself in the ground because I was like, “I’m going faster, and I can’t stop.” I was literally trying to like lean, to like, fuckin’, you know, pivot and actually snowboard, and I’m literally just like sliding down in a perfectly straight line and it was, “what?” It was like near the end of the day, I ate shit all day. My fucking ass was killing me from like hitting the ground over and over and over again So I’m going down. I see in front of me And there’s like this woman and her like little kid is snowboarding And I’m like “I’m gonna fucking nail them.” Like I’m gonna nail them as I’m fucking tearing ass down the mountain I’m gonna nail them, so I decide, like- it was like the furthest I’d went without falling But because of which, it was the fastest I was going all day, like, I’d made it like halfway down the mountain without eating shit, but still had no fucking control. It was just like pure luck that I was balancing, Jeremy: It was just like, “I’m gonna crash, but when?” Michael: So I’m flying, and I’m like “I’m gonna hit this one, I have to- I have to stop before I crash into her” so I like, fell on the ground and like threw myself on the ground you put your board like, up, so it scrapes the snow and it slows you down. Doesn’t fucking matter, I was going so fucking fast, I’m like “oh shit” and like, I’m feet first and my board out, it’s like, the woman’s like right here I’m fuckin- I’m like, I’m flying towards her and I go BOOOSH And take out her legs. I go under her, the woman went in the fucking air completely over me, and I went like another 20 feet past her and I was like “ooohh fuck” like I had nothing Geoff: Did you just kept going, and never look back? Michael: No I was there with my brother And it was like, he fucking he gets over to me, cause he can actually snowboard, he gets over to me And he’s like “oh fuck” and he’s like-
he’s like “are you okay?” talking to the woman, and she’s like “oh, oh, what?” Like she’s like, fucking out of it. And this little kid comes over He’s like “mommy mommy. Are you okay?” And my brother’s like “Oh, are you okay?” then he’s like whispering (to Michael) “Get the fuck out of here. Get the FUCK out of here!” And he’s like pushing me away like “go go go” and I’m like “well-” I just, like fucking run away down the mountain as this woman’s like “Was I hit by a truck? did anybody see it?”
Jeremy: Oh, God and I was like “ooh, I better get out of here.” [End card music] [RT Animation end card, jazz music]

Antonio Breitenberg

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100 thoughts on “Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Snowboard Slam

  1. Lazer X7 says:

    I like how all the snowboards are forward facing, like ski's, cause the animators are probably from Texas XD

  2. Killjoy0329 says:

    Just saying, it’s real snow, but it’s man made

  3. ChromatiKosm says:

    is that the thing from ski free?

  4. AutoClown says:

    s k i f r e e

  5. Just Some Sad Weeb says:


  6. MRmagicmuffins says:

    do you know de wae

  7. Hman says:

    New RWBY looks great

  8. Chronosukal says:

    I had something similar but with skis. I was about seven going down a beginner hill, trying to practice turning. But I started catching speed and I had bent backwards hands on the snow. There's a woman skiing straight down, and I go right between her legs underneath her. She freaks out and both of us wipe out.

  9. JAMCastillo1 says:

    Theres snow time like the present to think about your actions

  10. AllyOJustice says:

    F=MA, it’ll get ya.

  11. VilleF1N says:

    That SkiFree reference tho.

  12. LL Cool Ray says:

    Ski Master race here – this is exactly why I hate dealing with new snowboarders

  13. SCSotU says:

    How is hit and run on a snowboard not a felony in 2018? Maybe Oprah will fix this in 2024, or maybe white MJ will raise from the dead, claim he's Jesus, and "hee heee" – moonwalk his way into the whitehouse? Who knows, who cares? Tune in next time to Trek Wars Jerassic 24D!!

  14. Lewis Griffiths says:

    Did anyone notice the Ski Free monster at 1:23?

  15. Dunzee says:

    Ski free reference? Oh man.

  16. Little Snuggle says:

    This video felt like it was far longer than two minutes and that's because there was so much happening in the animation and the story, and that made it so much more enjoyable. This is an RTAA I'll be coming back to watch again

  17. Hawkeye Stegosaurus says:

    I love the animated adventures they make for Off Topic.

  18. Marks. says:

    best face animation @ 2:16

  19. Tick Solo says:


  20. Pilot231 says:

    i just lost it when those police cars chased after Michael.

  21. Goggles Tigerkhan says:

    what janky-ass ski resort lets kids practice in a high-speed zone??

  22. ilovefunnyamv2nd says:

    Michael commits a monster hit and run

  23. Dat_Triggered_Person says:

    I just watched every single episode in 3 days. I had life to deal family and school to deal with k

  24. Emil C says:

    If you hit a woman your going to have a bad time

  25. The Biting Irish says:

    The yeti from SkiFree!

  26. JerseyLeems says:

    Good ol Mountain Creek

  27. Jaylon Jackson says:


  28. werr3222werrr says:

    Season 8 yessee

  29. Dank Memes says:

    Me tho

  30. NairbNroh says:

    shoutout to the ski free monster

  31. Lucifer says:

    Okay I really appreciate that ski free reference

  32. deloreanfan81 says:

    Love how he throws the table aside for the mountain model

  33. MissySnowstyle says:

    Hey Michael, I'm a snowboard instructor from western new york! Come on out, I'll teach how to shred!

  34. Rovmox says:

    The ski monster from ski free!! 1:02

  35. Ro Draws says:

    is that the skifree yeti?XD

  36. Zurfi says:


  37. Chef Excellence says:

    the model has the ski-free yeti on it

  38. Qball says:

    I work at the place he most likely boarded at 😀

  39. Reece Nijensohn says:

    I have done the 70 mile thing before. Except I nearly hit a building. Mud saved my life

    That’s why I like rain

  40. InvictvsNox says:

    Thank you so much for including the Skifree yeti.

  41. Hockeyrocker117 says:

    I want so much to teach Micheal how to snowboard!

  42. gameridiotNOT says:


  43. Andre Gon says:

    0:54 Anyone knows what that yeti on the mountain is supposed to be about?
    Am I the only one who played that game?

  44. Noone says:

    I wonder if the women or her kid ever see this video and see this video and go "It was him!?!?"

  45. Butter Fly says:

    70 Miles and hour we go about 90 or 80 miles its great and im not from america so im not breaking the law

  46. Jenna Josten the Fairy says:

    Everything is legal in New Jersey…

  47. fangorn23 says:

    Lmfao now David gets the chance to be telling Mike to just stfu and GO.

  48. Synthetic says:

    A comically incoherent story.

  49. RelentlessEating andGaming says:

    anyone else catch the skifree reference lol

  50. GymleaderWatson says:

    So they know thats not how you stand on a snowboard right?

  51. Laptop46 says:

    1:16 made this my new favorite ever RTA.

  52. CHAVCHAZ _ says:

    Omg rooster teeth should make sport merch as like an fun house ski bored or achiment goggles or an rooster teeth golf club or basketball

  53. Oracle says:

    Bet he was at Camp Gaw

  54. allegedman says:

    The ski free monster at 1:03

  55. RC 1207 says:

    Geoff getting mad everytime the puzzle dissappears omg lol

  56. Unknown Entity says:

    Do the animators not understand that you stand sideways on a snowboard? And you don't tip backwards to stop.

  57. T says:

    am i the only one old enough to get that ski free reference?

  58. lord tachanka says:

    0:53 and 0:54 geoffs face😂😂😂😂😂😂

  59. Guywholikes goodmusic says:

    Geee, I wonder if this is why they advise beginners to take lessons on the bunny hill before going to the top of the mountain…

  60. Estebita Latorre says:


  61. Brenden Pischke says:

    That model of the mountain with a stick figure monster near the top, is that reference to a really old skiing game that was found on an older version of windows or something? Like windows 95?

  62. Cooler says:

    I thought he was going to say that his brother was trying to be her Knight in shining armor.

  63. Frank Serrata says:

    Loved the fact that they used the Mountain from the old PC game SKI, I remember that monster thing on the slopes as a kid

  64. xtcfreaxx says:

    I have a similar story bringing my friend skiing for the first time 😂 their was a group of like 9 kids learning to ski with an instructor and they were in a triangle shape like bowling pins and my friend basically got a strike, took them ALL out 😂😂😂

  65. Wolfox says:

    damnit Micoo

  66. Shayne, TheChangingMan says:

    This actually reminds me of the first day I went snowboarding.
    I must of been 12/13. Naturally I fall down at some point. Before I can get up I hear "Watch out!" followed by someone running right into me. Guy must have been 16-18. Says "Sorry kid", gets up and continues on. Shortly after I'm about to go down again and I see the same guy crash into a class of little kids taking (what was probably) their first ski lesson. Instructor is LIVID; yanks the guy up and shouts at him for a while. Forces the guy to dismount his board and walk back up the hill.

  67. Javi Legoff says:

    You just have to make the one tactic: hit and RUN!!!!

  68. muutari says:

    I'm willing to bet it was mountain Creek

  69. Phillip Miller says:

    Was that the yeti from Skifree on the model mountain?

  70. Elroid Tiereon says:

    "did you just keep going and never looked back?" is such a Geoff, profesional animal hit&runner, thing to say

  71. Catarina Carvalho says:

    Is it just me or does Michael sound like a younger version of Steve-O? xD

  72. Ben Meiers says:

    Shoutout to the abominable snowman! Haha ohhh childhood

  73. Har- Binger says:

    What are the chances that the kid ends up watching rtaas and remembers that trip

  74. Madwizard145 says:

    its her own goddam fault for playing with her kid… there are slopes for small kids for a reason

  75. Laptop46 says:

    Still my favorite RTAA ever.

  76. ShAmbAh says:

    I know this was posted in January, but I LOOOOOOVE the animation of Michael explaining it to the rest of the Crew with figures xD

  77. Sir Dwarvenhine says:

    I kinda wanna know if that woman or her kid have ever watched this

  78. CallMeFreakFujiko says:

    1:28 Yeti!

  79. The More You Know says:

    That mountain is mountain creek or Vernon valley depending how long ago

  80. Amy Glick says:

    He was never see again he was last seen in New Mexico heading for the border

  81. Markus Bello says:

  82. OOOuise says:

    yikes my dad had his arm broken cos a snowboarder slammed into him

  83. Viperphoenix says:

    I liked the little story it told in this video with Geoff and the puzzle lol

  84. foxstar612 says:

    actually legitimately how I met my ex

  85. AuraHero says:

    I've done that before. Unfortunately when I did it, I accidentally took out a Special Olympics kid.

  86. monshirah says:

    Truck-kun at it again eh

  87. RumRunner Airsoft says:

    If Michael was a truck, she would be an isekai protagonist

  88. Sikandar Nirmal Singh ਸਿਕੰਦਰ ਨਿਰਮਲ ਸਿੰਘ says:

    The little hands….dude the little hands lmfao

  89. John says:

    “Did anyone get the license plate number of that truck that hit me?”

  90. court says:

    My first RTAA and it never gets old

  91. Happy BedBanana says:

    What podcast number is this from

  92. Audrey LaRenarde says:

    I appreciate the reference to skifree, but now I feel nostalgic for weird 90s PC games XD

  93. menelmacar3 says:

    Did you try shouting to warn her?…

  94. WTFMinecraft00 says:

    Michael's "euuuuuugh"s are so good

  95. Peleg says:

    I think I know what ski resort Michael went to in NJ. Look up Mountain Creek. Most of their resort is a huge safety hazard for many reasons.

  96. Amazing Gaming520 says:

    Ha good reference on the mountain top

  97. Timothy Kirk says:

    Congrats you've mastered snowboarding you can go fast and no skill and hit people sounds like most the snowboarders where I ski

  98. Normen Rosenberg says:

    Pivot pivot pivot pivot shut up shut up SHUT UPPPPPP

  99. Cold_Chili says:

    What you did was terrible. This video shouldn't have so many likes.

  100. Dragon Relm says:

    Why does Michael look so different from his anamaited counterpart

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