Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Beardy Kisses

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Beardy Kisses

Burnie: We haven’t even talked about it Barb: We kissed, we gave a peck. *peck noises* Ashley: Burnie, you could kiss miles right now You’ve kissed more dudes than women at this company. I don’t know that I have, I kissed Kerry, I know- Everybody kisses Kerry. Yeah, it’s fun. He’s gentle I haven’t kissed Kerry Ha But now she’s licking Jeremy’s face, on the – To be fair, she was licking ICING. I didn’t – We didn’t really make contact with the face. There was too much icing. Yeah, right. And it was delicious. Got a little, got a little of that taste ‘a Jeremy in there. Yeah Go ahead It tasted *cough/choke* It tasted so hairy (Gavin): You did – It was like two cheek licks, but then you went for beard and that was, that was committment That’s because there was a chunk of cake in the beard. I kissed, uh, I kissed Max Crunky recently, aaaand Kissing dudes with facial hair is weird. Yeah it is That’s gotta be strange. I, like, I don’t, I don’t – I don’t think it’s strange for a woman It depends on how long the beard is Especially how long the mustach is. Cuz if the moustache is creeping into the lip part you have to like like lift it *slurp* To find the lips Do you like, lift it with your lip? No, just with my fingers NO you don’t You like, you like grab their face and like with thumbs push it up Do some ‘a this, yeah You do not. You have to! You like, nurse the hair outta the way? I don’t believe you. It’s like having- You go in for a kiss with someone with a, with a beard and you just go Hold on, let me get my comb The way you’re describing it, it sounds like an uncircumsized face. *laughter* *laughing* – hah, the way, your, your hand motion Ben come here, can you come here for a sec Ben? Can you – can I use you as just a quick? (Gavin) Miles is gonna – I’m NOT GONNA, so calm down Twitter, But no just come here real quick, I just need to see your face So Barbara, you’re telling me like you go and you’re like, aw, you’re so beautiful. And you just Do that? And then? Go in? Is that what you’re saying? Yeah! I want to kiss Ben now when I see that. I always want to kiss him It’s way more attractive Thank you, Ben, thank you very much I guess you kinda go in at like an angle like go – *laughing* Like up and under? Like under the mustache

Antonio Breitenberg

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100 thoughts on “Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Beardy Kisses

  1. TheSmashMaster9000 says:

    "Got a little taste of that Jeremy in there?" Well, Barb has officially moved from puns to innuendos.

  2. Dominique Macrae says:

    Yay new episode

  3. Reannan Telfer says:

    Nah. Kissing a guy with a full beard and stache usually end up with his moustache hair tickling up in your nose and beard hair somehow ends up in your mouth. It's like French kissing a doodle with the amount of hair you'll end up flossing with.

  4. j18s17 says:

    a true Lol moment when he said uncircumcised face😂😂😂

  5. rejz123 says:

    I lost it when Barbra lifted the mustache and the guy licked his lips to the sound effect

  6. wisconsindabber says:

    Is it only my app that the rooster teeth tab doesnt load videos but all the other channels load fine

  7. koreanese says:

    wheres ray now?

  8. Sam Curry says:


  9. Drini Nokaj says:


  10. Old Account says:

    Poor Ben…

  11. Austin Koerner says:

    And then there are also the mustache hairs that go up inside your nose when they go in for a kiss, and beard hair is bristley so it's really uncomfortable when it's pricking the inside of your nose.

  12. JAMCastillo1 says:

    Poor ben, he has be(e)n put into a weird circumstance

  13. Valdish says:

    This is the gayest rtaa since the Jons and Miless Livestream…
    We need more.

  14. Asvea says:

    Personally I'm not attracted to guys with mustaches and beards…there have been a few rare where they were trimmed but still had some and I found them really attracted but for the most part meh..,.

  15. roy tang says:


  16. Okami-Rose says:

    I don't kiss, so I guess I'm fine xD

  17. DarkAngel 3037 says:

    Where the freak is RWBY?! I have be waiting for 4 months and not even a RWBY CHIBI came out yet

  18. DJ Weger says:

    That's the loudest I've seen Burnie laugh

  19. Joseph Mort says:

    I mean… I just groom myself so my mustache doesn't get into my lips…

  20. Hellvillain says:

    "I haven't kissed kerry….HA"

  21. Hyperbeat Blitz says:


  22. TheVoidLord says:

    This is one of the RTAA's that needs to be paired with the source.

  23. sillysinz says:

    guh! very true.. just gotta like brush it away first or push it up with your lip

  24. leeah galaxies says:

    That has to be Rauhl … Right?

  25. JoeSloppyJoe says:

    its 40 minutes in on the podcast

  26. Ryan Merow says:

    Fantastic animation too

  27. Hotaru says:

    This animation is particularly hilarious.

    ( I mean the animation and its details itself not the story.
    Not that it's a bad story.)

  28. DrunkMarksman says:

    What podcast is this?

  29. bbr64 bbr64 says:

    0:49 So nice of Rahul to let his likeness be used in this.

  30. Surley Halo says:

    Wait do they have an app on Xbox cuz the outro lists it

  31. David Taylor says:

    If Jeremy was covered in icing, would that make him a shortcake?

  32. inSANSity 21 says:

    More rwby plz

  33. Eli halfe says:

    Lol deep space wifu

  34. The_Nuke says:

    Bro rooster teeth is still around?!

  35. FaithPixel says:

    Glad i never have to kiss guys xD beards seem unhygienic

  36. StoogeMuffin Stuffin says:

    So… we're not going to talk about how you unfairly Copyright struck TheFloofArtist's video? No? Alrighty then…😑

  37. bonjanglevash says:

    “Hold on let me get my comb” I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I think Gavin actually had the funniest line for once.

  38. RDeathmark says:

    Why does only Barbara have the eye light reflection thing.

  39. MundisMaple says:


  40. Logic2187 says:

    Just finished watching every RTAA!!

  41. Tyler Goodyer says:

    The girl I'm seeing atm complained about the stash on the upper lip, so it's a thing 😛

  42. Em0SceneStabr says:

    Where is this icing lick video? I have to do a science project

  43. Garrett Isham says:

    How ironic, I shaved yesterday!

  44. nightmare vision says:

    Does everyone at Rooster Teeth just kiss each other all the time?

  45. Windmelodie says:

    Lol I always say to my guys "if your moustache is long enough to touch my lips, I'm going to rip it off."

  46. Rook/CapColdblood says:

    Wait, did I hear something about Ashley or Barbara dating someone here?

  47. LonewolfeE5 says:

    Poor Ben lmao

  48. Sonicfalcon16 says:

    shave? gotcha

  49. Leviathan Xyzzy says:

    Yo we got platonic kissing that's cool

  50. Fedowicz says:

    I wanna kiss Miles my dudes.

  51. Isaiah Bolton says:

    Rip X💜

  52. Ragnar the Red says:

    Is this Loss?

  53. Rafael Almeida says:

    Wait, who and when kissed Jeremy with cake ?

  54. kazethe goat says:

    When are we gonna get a rwby season 6 I'm dying just waiting for it😢😢😢

  55. Michael Darling says:

    Hope Rwby Chibi is coming to YouTube.

  56. Blaze11592 says:

    Ah barbara comedy gold.

  57. Charles Saint says:

    Cousin Itt?

  58. zavia romanova says:

    “im not gonna do it, Twitter so cALM DOWN”

  59. Caboose The Michael J Caboose says:

    I gotta see the video that this is from

  60. johnathan bryan says:

    Hey RT if Me And my friend came down to austin could we kiss Carry

  61. Sarah Townsend says:

    Lol 😂😂😁😀😉😊 so funny

  62. Chase Song says:

    This makes me want to shave my beard

  63. •ღ Vαux ღ• says:

    I love these stories sommuch

  64. Ryan "Raucous Hearthstone" says:

    Lesson to be learned here: trim the mustache so it doesn't cover your lip

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  66. Maverick44 says:

    On a scale of 1 to Ben, how uncomfortable are you right now?

  67. Adam Itzla says:


  68. Halo Kitty says:

    I hate when the mustache pokes into my nose. It feels like a hairbrush scratching your face.

  69. Jack Wheeler says:

    Carrie deserves those kisses

  70. The Netflix Knowhow says:

    That lip lick, though.

  71. Marisa Faith says:

    Wtf rt?😂

  72. Marisa Faith says:

    I've kissed more girls on the cheek

  73. John McRose says:

    Whoes the ripped guy

  74. Benjamin Gotthardt says:

    Stupid animators, teeth aren't part of the skeleton.

  75. MadiCat247 says:

    Cactus face or fresh shaven with stubble is my favorite texture. My boyfriends beard is shorter and out of the way of the "action zone" so i have no issues with beards or staches as long as they r shorter

  76. jesse spence says:

    sounds like these dudes need to trim their stash

  77. HUNTER S117 says:

    That bit with the face reminds me of the Uncle from the Adams family

  78. Jose Corchado says:

    Which pod cast was this

  79. CookieEliteGaming says:

    The day I finally kiss a girl I’m going full beard with a handle bar mustache!

  80. james russell says:

    They on the watch list for this one🤨

  81. Fallen GuardianLR says:

    Has everyone in rooterteeth kissed everyone? XD

  82. DemonRage90 says:

    0:57 lmao I died 😂😂😂💀💀

  83. Hingle McCringleberry says:

    Uncircumcised face had me dead

  84. 2BuckChuck says:

    I learn so many things from Barbara that I never wanted to know, but appreciate knowing

  85. fulcrum 29 says:


  86. Cherry Mashmallow says:

    oh yeah yeah

  87. Gruntzy says:

    I'm growing my beard out, and I like the idea of a girl coaxing my moustache out the way to kiss me. Seems cute XD

  88. Epic bacon Strips says:

    I feel awesome cuz my name is Ben and I have a beard

  89. Sikandar Nirmal Singh ਸਿਕੰਦਰ ਨਿਰਮਲ ਸਿੰਘ says:

    I love kissing face hair. Big beards n moustaches lift the moustache with ur tongue lol

  90. Reed Rasmussen says:

    So beardy wrong

  91. Chloe Telay says:

    Not all girls notice a beard whenever they're kissing their lover like me for example I barely notice his beard and mustache except when I want to bug him then I bite on it LOL he hates it but it's so much fun

  92. FriendlyFire2830 says:

    Kerri is a gentle kisser

  93. Iron Pool295 says:

    Is this why Jeremy went bald?

  94. Little Bit Of Everything says:

    I can easily picture all their faces as they tell this story. And no not because you can see the podcast.

  95. link4555 says:

    When did Barbra and burnie kiss?

  96. Jerico Jabsworth says:

    Someone was too fat when it came to cake

  97. Sasha Turner says:

    Want see source

  98. ChrisHasVideos says:

    Now I want to kiss Ben

  99. Killer Joy says:

    Good to know.

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