Rollerskating Gone Wrong

do we have cotton somewhere that’s not
nothing ola youtube o my name is Ricardo Linono and
I’m a wheel addict might be we are on the way to a skate park about I don’t know
like 45 minutes one hour from the place where we leave it’s a little maybe not
that little cement skate park that has like a cement bowl and I got some roller
skates and some inline skates we might both be rollerskating and checkered
shirt I wear twinsies couple goals by the way do you know that the other day
that was a guy saying that one of these days my camera will turn against me
because I’m always doing so if I ever show up with like a bruised eye or
something I said on me it wasn’t her I wish was the camera so what was happening Janice but now
we’re not nervous anymore so see you at the State Park what happens in this little town
ricardinho so this town is known for everything being slow it’s called Ellen
– ooh and we’re gonna shake things a little bit and make it faster ready yeah
but I’m keeping the speed for later okay so you’re good at seeing of things age
right what you’re good at thing or things age you could add seeing how
things aged what aged the park the park is all the last time I was here was
about 2005 and I broke my leg or 2006 okay
so I’m just trying to say it’s a pretty old park that’s all I’m trying to say
okay well we’re pretty old I’m nearly 40 you’re even closer to 40 look I’m young
in my shirt you know where they can buy the shirts online like under this video
there’s like a little bar if you splat it to one side or the other you can
actually get like me if you want to look cute like me with the wheel attic
t-shirt it’s not a link below it’s just like
okay I’m gonna go with it camera don’t hit me I’m not where I’m supposed to be
I’m going in circles going in circles I should get away from here
there’s a better place for me better place for me trying to play my Symphony
but there’s so much noise around so much noise around constantly fighting for
space need to clear this doesn’t seem too healthy especially for roller skates
there’s some cracks how’s the best that I could do try one
more I thought to get to beat here that’s about it
it really is rough I usually like to skate with roller skates on the cement
ball it’s usually fast but feeling good here trick or two here okay quick update
we might need to move this skatepark is not safe it’s not safe at all this skate
park is not safe at all to come with my wife look what she’s doing she found her
own show me your moves what is it about this place that
everyone got no patience and everything’s in your face
killing y’all so we go to Renoir let’s go okay
we’re gonna go to the next part it’s like a lot smoother skatelite I think
that’s it I don’t think this one will work I won’t be able to drive in my
skates but let’s go your handle escape work this one doesn’t work let me just
try one thing I’m just gonna try to do a line or two with the inline skates just
to see if it makes a difference on a rough skatepark with inline or roller
skates oh one second okay so check this these things just feels so much easier
it actually feels like a different Park not good by any means it’s still like a
broken skate park but it just feels a lot safer let me just show you a line
with this and then kind of see what I’m talkin about cuz I can I feel like I can
cruise not proper fast but at least cruise I’m not where I’m supposed to be
then you go and circle go and circle I should get away from here there’s a
better place for me better place for me that’s about it
can’t really skate it should we go before you fall asleep stop working here
okay we had a little escape now it’s time to move on bigger and better things
in life know you’re worth the skatepark it’s not worthy of me
the other one is not really bigger than this one is it bigger and better things
in life I know I focus on a better look at ladies okay here that’s hard I don’t
have the time for that like I need to carry skate I need to come to scape I
need to edit the videos and I leave the washing the car for my wifey I’m sure on
YouTube there’s the place where they teach that because she doesn’t know the
name of anything so we are in Grandal skate park one of the first videos on
this channel was filmed on this park we’ve been back here and that’s where
Janis won a helmet that she was so proud but now she’s using a different one so
this is the skate park anyway I’m not gonna give you my black
helmet and this is the skatepark where we are today it’s a little bit slippery
and I’m gonna try the roller skates again maybe on the park before it was
actually me and not the part might be the thing so let’s see what happened it’s very slippery and I just turned
around as I was saying I’m not a pussy and let’s not forget that we came from
the other skate pocket when it was very dangerous you came to this one the other
one was way too creepy this one is way too slippery sometimes things are just
not meant to be so let me just take this picture for our interest is it all blah
let me try it again okay so I don’t think I’m gonna skate
way too much here better try to get like trick or two and then leave my back is
also not in the best condition I’m pay attention you got me losing really feeling comfortable with these
things it’s so long I’ve gotten comfortable at all really not feeling
comfortable with this case it’s nothing to do in this case actually with me it’s really not feeling comfortable I
don’t know why it’s me for sure can’t even do any real tricks or
whatever I’m usually used to grind and used to grind with the grinding surface
right in the middle of my foot and because the wheels are not really
centered with my foot and I haven’t been skating them in a while it kind of feels
like the the block is going to be a tiny bit behind the center of my foot like
this the center should be here so we call it goes this tiny bit to the side
because it goes a tiny bit to the side it feels really really different and
also I got Chinese in the car I love to do like just a little thingy little
grind let me see if I can do at least one little grind on the rail and then
I’m happy cuz just weird man ah so far today’s not today sorry about this not always like this sometimes it just
feels frustrating and my wife just fell gotta go gotta go check if she’s all
right and that’s it it’s not always the way we want it to be and I know next
time it’s gonna be better and I always say that we always start skating because
it’s fun today I’m not having best feeling so I’m gonna
leave it here tomorrow’s gonna be fun so that’s it sorry about these negative
video I really wish it was different but today is not the day so I hope you guys
enjoyed this one drop me a comment let me know what you think
I wish Janice a fast recovery gonna check out she’s and well if you’re not
subscribe to this channel make sure to do so I’ll also make sure next time I
come to skate these I’ll bring wax because this thing is super sticky
Cheers and again don’t forget why we all started skating that is because it’s fun
Cheers not where I’m supposed to be I’m going
in circles going in circles I should get whoo

Antonio Breitenberg

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