Roller skating with my American Girl doll! PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION!

Roller skating with my American Girl doll! PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION!

Don’t worry, I’m wearing a helmet. It’s hard to skate on the sidewalk okay! I should probably just stop now while I have a little bit of dignity left… No, I’m not that bad. I can do this! I could have put actual sound in, but my neighbor was being really annoying. And I was also humming an annoying song the whole time. Maybe I am the annoying neighbor now. Oh, by the way, check out my Instagram account and my favorite video on my channel. Links will be in the description! My poor Twitter account never gets any attention. I have three followers, and one of them is Dollar Tree. Like, what?! If any of you guys have Twitter, go follow me there to! I will put that link in the description as well! I really wish I could skate better on the sidewalk. I think I am going to start practicing often, so that I can get good at it. Maybe then I can skate around my neighborhood. I usually ride my bike, but skating could be my new thing! I can see it now! “*my name*, the best skater the world has ever seen!” Okay, maybe not. But it could be fun. By the way, I am still trying to think of something special to do for 100 subscribers. What would you guys think about me doing a name reveal? It just kinda feels like the right time to tell you guys what my name is. I’ll think about it. Oh, I wanted to ask you guys something. What is your favorite video on my channel? Comment down below what your favorite video on my channel is, and if you think I should do a name reveal. I want to know what you guys think!

Antonio Breitenberg

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3 thoughts on “Roller skating with my American Girl doll! PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION!

  1. Me and my dolls says:

    This is so cute!!!!

  2. Lauren Marie says:


  3. Hallie Turquitt says:

    I love to skate

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