Roller skating at the beach

– [Twins] Hey, guys! – I’m Teagan.
– I’m Sam. – [Twins] And we are the Rybka Twins. Welcome back to Squared. (pen scrapes) (bell rings) – Today guys we have a
really exciting photo shoot, because we’re working
on that secret project that we can’t tell you about just yet. – We are at the beach,
our favorite location we are always here. – And it’s honestly such a
beautiful autumn day here. So this video is going to be behind the scenes of this
photo shoot, and yeah. And we really hope you enjoy it. But before we get on with the
video be sure to subscribe. – If you haven’t already. – And give it a big thumbs up. – [Twins] If you like it. – We planned to get here
at 6:30 in the morning, so that means we had to wake up at 4:30, ’cause it takes like 45
minutes to get to the beach. So yeah, we woke up at 4:30.
– We had to wake up at 4:30. – And because we uploaded
a video last night. – We went to bed at 1:30.
– Yeah, so. – That means we only
had three hours sleep. – Solid three hours, everyone. – It was a good solid three hours. So the first outfit that we wore was red, because we wanted to
match the wheels of our – [Twins] Roller skates. – Which we–
– Which is so cool. – And we wore it especially
for the photo shoot. And Sam and I, it’s probably
been like, I don’t know, years since we’ve actually.
– A long time. – Been roller skating, so. – So when we put them on we’re like, oh! – [Sam] All right, so it’s
time to put the blades on. The roller skates. We haven’t skated in a while. – Oh my god, this is so cool. (gentle orchestral music) (laughter) – [Girl] Did you just fall? (smooth electronic music) – And it was so much fun, because yeah, we haven’t roller skated or roller bladed roller skating, skates. Roller skated. – In so long. – For so long. – But it actually, I wanna
come down and use them. – Yeah, like one morning. – We should get to places really fast. – Yeah, and it’s fun. – When we were purchasing
the roller skates the guy was like, “Do
you guys need knee pads?” We were like – [both] No, we’re good. – And then I fell over
the minute I put them on. – Yeah, safety first kids. (upbeat rock music) (laughs) – We’re gonna take some photos down close to the water, so. – We can’t take our skates there. – Get the beach in, you know. Confirmed, we did not
break legs, so that’s good. – [Camera person] So far, so good. (wind blowing) – And there’s a restaurant of people just having a nice little
lunch, that’s alright. – I know, why do we always pick places where there’s lots of people. No, we’re actually pretty lucky today there’s not that many people. – We wanted to be nice and
bright with our skates still on and just have that edgy different look because I was here at the beach and yeah, so we had bathing suits. (playful music) (screaming) (hiphop beat) (lighthearted music) – And then the third
outfit that we changed into was some active wear. We tried to get when
the wave was crashing. – Yeah, most of today was
basically waiting for the massive, ’cause there was huge waves and we wanted that amazing
spraying background. (gentle electronic music) Our final outfit that we
decided to wear was this one. These are just like, cute summery dresses. One sunnies, we share them ’cause we only got one pair. – Yeah, I take some photos with them and then Sam would and it’s like, – Yeah, and these were
just more standing pics, standing fashion. – Like posing. – Posing, ’cause we’re–
‘Cause we’re wearing a dress we can’t really– – Can’t put your leg up
in the air in a dress it’s just not. – It’s not appropriate. – Not ethical. (upbeat electronic music) – And now we’re in for a sail boat. (upbeat electronic music) – No, we have to end the video first but we get in a sail boat. – So guys, that’s the end of the video we really hope you enjoyed
watching behind the scenes of this photo shoot
for our secret project. – Yes, and we can’t wait
to tell you guys what it is when we’re allowed to tell you, but we don’t know when that is yet. – Comment down below
what your favorite outfit was that we wore today. Thank you guys so much for watching. Remember to see yesterday’s
video on Squared, click here. – To see more from us
on Squared click here and to subscribe to Squared click here. – And if you’d like to see more from us we do post on our personal
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Antonio Breitenberg

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