roll’athlon: almost longest inline skating race in europe (pascal briand vlog 146)

roll’athlon: almost longest inline skating race in europe (pascal briand vlog 146)

3…2….1 …..let’s start 20 years ago, that’s where We were testing we are testing the skates for Salomon here on those road little road here and there is a cycling track and We did the test on this cycling track it’s the nice jersey from roll’athlon? yes it’s a good one You know, it has Pocket at the back Was more looking the mountains, but The grass is good. And tomorrow the start of the race will be in this area We just start on the road here and we have to do 103km get ready for the start 5…4…3…2…1 here we go Well 500m to go I couldn’t keep up in the uphill Way too fast now 300m you could get a group from the start? yes it’s funny, but at the start i was in the 2nd group Juliette and Baptiste and then in the uphill at the start Just after the uphill it start… to accelerate when it start to be more flat i couldn’t follow my leg muscle was tired cause of the hill they also start fullspeed this year then i end up in the 3rd group then in the 4th…. so Vanilla and Brownie it’s gonna be perfect after 103km , we can have a little ice cream^^

Antonio Breitenberg

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15 thoughts on “roll’athlon: almost longest inline skating race in europe (pascal briand vlog 146)

  1. GreenTools NYC says:

    Thumbs ☝

  2. Theepan says:

    wow amazing 😉.!! 103 k …! 👏🏻👏🏻
    sir u did good …..👍🏻👍🏻

  3. Guillaume Bride says:

    Sa donne presque envie ^^

  4. thierry feutrier says:

    après 103 bornes on a droit à une bière

  5. Daniel Mihalcea says:

    I follow you in a race and on YouTube, c'est moi le numéro 12 au début de la vidéo qui resserre ses patins juste avant le départ. Belle vidéo de cette magnifique course, merci pour tes partages et d'aider à médiatiser notre sport !

  6. Pol Pot says:

    Make a honest video about Doping in profi and amateur Inline speed skating races.
    I guess there is very much to report and expose, certainly not less than in cycling races.
    As we all know you were on top of the sport wich means you are a top source.

  7. alain789456123 says:

    Merci pour cette (trop) courte vidéo pascal et félicitation pour ta course

  8. Udacian says:

    I strongly disagree with title "the longest inline skating race in europe". In Czech Republic there is a competition It is 24 hour competition for teams and individuals. The record is 414km for a single person, so this is quite short competition compared to INLINE24… Just for information 🙂

  9. gui_ gui says:

    Magnifique ! Et ce qui est compliqué, c'est pas que ce soit 100 bornes, mais plutôt la vitesse à laquelle ça roule ! (en dessous des 3 heures n'est ce pas ?)

  10. KENTOS KENNIe says:


  11. Juan Carlos says:

    Fantástico Pascal. Comparte el tiempo, y ritmo de carrera para deprimirme al compararlos con los míos. Saludos.

  12. tapsarautanen says:

    I come from cycling and used to practice skating in the off season. Now I just cycle and skate for fun (I am old) and when I can commute with skates because I hate to leave a $2000 bike locked at a pole, so I know quite little about skating. Still, I wonder why such a huge difference in distance between the two disciplines. Very similar tactics, similar speed average and on ice there is (or at least there was because of temperature change…sic) the Elfstedentocht of 200K, still skaters speak of a Marathon as a long race and for a cyclist a 100K is just a bit more than Criterium racing.

  13. Marco Sönksen says:

    The Hundertfive in Grossräschen is 2 km longer. 105 km.  The next race date is 07.07.2018, 16:00 o'clock. More Information on the original site

  14. pundave1 says:

    Pascal, de la bombe cette video, j'ai failli verser une larme…

  15. Zefiris says:

    For this long race, did you periodically turn your Go Pro off and on to conserve batteries? I'm planning to make a video for next year's Athens to Atlanta Road Skate, which is 88 miles, and was wondering what the best method would be for filming during the event. Also, have you ever tried to film a point to point race with a drone? I think this would be pretty cool, but logistically quite difficult with the limited battery life of a drone. A good friend of mine builds racing quadcopters that could easily take footage close to the skaters as they race (although maybe this would be distracting for the skaters?)

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