Rogue Community College Men’s Soccer

Rogue Community College Men’s Soccer

Rogue at 3, 123, Rogue! The men’s program started just just like
all of our programs have four years ago from basically from scratch and so we
got through the first year and got into recruiting for the second year added a
bigger roster added a lot more talented players in the second year in year three
we got we got more players a little bit more of a complete team and now we’re
we’re trying to extend that to go further in the postseason than we did
last year. I think I love about let’s talk to you is that it’s a unique group
of people we have a lot of out-of-state players including myself. We have players
from Reno we have players from New Mexico. It’s like a family it’s like
honestly like a brotherhood for me it’s I come here and it’s like I’m not
leaving even though I’m away from home I’m from the Bay Area it’s like I step
on the field with these guys and I don’t feel I don’t feel alone I feel like
they’re with me all the time. I mean the biggest thing about about our program
being a being a community college junior college program you know our big thing
is is that guys are gonna come in and they’re gonna play they’re gonna play a
lot of minutes. They’re also gonna go to school at a great value so I think that
sets us apart from other programs. “TEAM CHEER!!”

Antonio Breitenberg

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