oh it worked I wore my Snow Day shirt
last night and check out what’s outside we’ve got a bunch of snow outside that’s
right whoa it’s a snow day let’s go out and
play before I go outside gotta get to share the love beanie
that’s right here’s if you would all this way you can get it in the swag
stored link in description below know what we’re waiting for let’s get outside
let’s see what Carter and Liz are up to a baby otter and Millie go it’s it’s
Millie’s first snow day I just realized Lily’s never seen snow let’s go see how
she’s playing along Oh Carter what’s going on what’s up Cher’s welcome to the
vlog what are you working on oh you know how you said next time it snows you’re
gonna do your rocket-powered sled oh yeah rocket-powered sled yeah well I
got a bunch of rockets I think we should try it
oh that’s awesome have you been outside yeah yeah I’ve been outside like all
morning I’ve been driving my xmax the world’s biggest RC car I even trying to
pull a prank on Liz but a backfire and Bob Bashara and Liz even made an igloo
it was so cute baby otter loves it where’s Mellie on earth she is yeah she
shares my mom made it a blue for baby otter and Millie and they’ve been
playing in it all day they totally love it looks like Carter’s looking out the
window he’s trying to go back in this igloo he’s been watching the snow you
having a good snow day on her what do you see out there you’re just watching
everyone come over and play you want to go sledding you want to go outside no
you want to go in your igloo mo well let’s say it starting to get a little
dark outside I’ve been inside all day I’ve been working on this very very very
special video for Saturday at 10:00 a.m. it’s super special to share it if you
want to send an alarm we’re gonna be giving away ten swag packs for that vlog
Saturday 10:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time get ready it’s gonna be very epic
I’m ready I don’t even know a special video you’re talking about super sue I
know what it is saturday 10:00 a.m. you’ll find out okay I can’t wait well
let’s see where is this rocket-powered sled I think Carter might have been
using it earlier today I don’t know where it is but here’s the igloo check
this thing out it’s an igloo for the dogs they go in here they hang out
inside there it’s actually really warm inside we have some wobble bubbles here
oh there it is here is the sled shares check this out
this might look like a normal sled but by the end of this vlog it’s gonna have
Rockets on it and be zooming fast so let’s grab this sled because the only
thing we’re missing right now is the big rocket cartridge that goes on the back
stairs if you haven’t seen the first of all we had to sled completely mod it out
to fit six huge Rockets on the end but then it got warm we never thought I was
gonna snow again but that’s no so it’s time to actually do the rocket-powered
sled so let’s go see we saw the rocket cartridges car did you find the rocket
cartridges oh yeah you did this looks so good yeah how many is it one two three
four five six giant rocket cartridges six times the power
I don’t lose has ever been done before in a sled but it goes on the back just
like that oh yeah we just got to keep it on really nice and tight and it’ll be
ready to do some thrust let’s bring this I didn’t take me a prototype but I think
just like this looks pretty good right quarter yeah it looks good to me nice
gotta tape it on it and then we’ll add the Rockets
taping this thing I think that looks pretty good let’s go Steve I don’t think you know
this but I don’t wear a coat when it’s snowing outside I got a really cool snow
suit Steve check it out this is my snow suit and the coolest part about it is
how you get into it ready yeah I’ll take this out he’s gonna step right in in
three two one whoa there we go I’m all ready to go out in the snow let’s do
this let’s do it we’re gonna have to open both doors for
this all right let’s bring this thing out the monster sled oh yeah it’s super
heavy now ready yeah three two one lift oh it is heavy this thing is
oh yeah you’re right we’ve got the rockets okay you know what let’s put it
down I’ll test it Cody you run up and grab the rockets okay test number one is
to make sure this works right corner yeah you got to make sure that this sled
or the snow is sled of all these Rockets take up a lot of the slip yeah you
barely fit oh no Rockets it is still fast here you
go oh there we go shares go get it Mellie whoa that thing is awesome we
haven’t even put Rockets on it yet and I think it’s fast when we put six rockets
on it’s gonna go even faster I think gotta go in the front yard for a
bigger hill when we put the Rockets on MLA come on baby
come on Millie come on Steve come on Millie come on good girl
Oh Sheriff Billy loves the snow she’s being so cute what are you waiting for
let’s go grab those rockets going down the hill was just a little test to make
sure that the sled even worked the next step car what is the next step well we
got to add all of these rockets to it because this will give you the extra
thrust for extra speed yeah sure is these rockets are gonna be crazy so you
definitely want to try this at home with this this could be awesome so to get
these Rockets ready you got to take the cap off like this
it’s kind of hard and now we tape it because this is where the rocket flame
is gonna shoot out so then what we’re just gonna use duct tape and tape women
quarter yep I’ll use a lot of duct tape hold each rocket in place we should be
good to go you think that’s gonna hold all that thrust in I hope so yeah I mean
I guess there’s only one way to find out we’re just gonna use all out of duct
tape let’s take these rockets in Oh Carter you need chapstick what what is
this this card is chapstick lanyard that’s awesome oh no because my face and
lips always get burnt in the Sun Cher’s we got the Rockets in there we just
gotta tape them on real good I hope this duct tape stick I hope it’s soap it’s
strong enough yeah I don’t know what’s gonna happen the rocket they’re just
kind of take off this LEDs gonna go nowhere well give me that all right it’s
not like it’s rocket science wait it is rockets and it is kind of a science
project okay so maybe just rocket science but I don’t think it’s that hard
anyways we’re just gonna put a lot of tape on it and hopefully the Rockets
will stay put yes we’ve done a lot with the Rockets we’ve done rocket powered
scooters we’ve done a rocket-powered nerf
football here we go whoa Oh Carter oh my god F about landing in your backyard
shares comma right now we still haven’t found it to this day so this is gonna be
another rocket vlog and uh let’s hope this one actually works whoa check it
out we got the Rockets all taped oh and look at this you think they’re gonna
hold that rocket looks loose that one looks loose that’s dangerous
hang on we better take that back up rockets are on let’s bring this to a new
Hill sure is we’re gonna go to the front yard why is this not moving it’s got a
lot of weight in the back now Carter yeah this thing looks kind of heavy it’s
making its own track in the snow but yeah sure is the hill in the front yard
is even bigger so we give us more room just in case this thing really takes off
for now the only problem with doing the front hill it is bigger and it is
steeper whoa but is that there’s a pond at the end so if you can’t stop in time
you might fall in the pond I don’t know we’ll see what happens whoa I almost
fell again it is speech Aaron look at this all this snow is untouched it’s a
fresh winter wonderland yeah this looks awesome out here like a massive igloo
yeah there’s one in the backyard it’s mini for otter and Milly but we
should be like a huge one for us to go inside there’s still snow out tomorrow
we could come out here and do a frozen box for it made of snow Oh
make it like a big box and then carve it out so it’s like a box would be so great
on the epic where we like these Rockets on let’s do a little dry run make sure
this hill is actually steep gets us some speed Steve this hill is definitely see
if I can look at it it’s so steep I don’t even know I feel like this snow is
like not the right amount of snow well it’s really like squishy it’s wet so you
really what I think you need to pack it down first
give me a good push yeah all right Carter give me a good push okay Steve
here we go there you go three two one there you go sure oh you think you’ll
build a stop in time before the pond he’s going so slow oh come on
hopefully get a little bit farther oh okay
really made it this far oh not bad we definitely packed down some snow
though it was actually really slow but I think it’s packed
a little bit better house we should go a little faster yeah it’s super slow but
when you go sledding sure is you gotta kind of go down a few times and pack the
snow down and then it starts getting faster and faster so let’s see if we go
faster this time I don’t even think I’m gonna have to push you this time because
now you have a trail so it’s already packed down a little bit there you go
telling you it’s going faster oh it’s way faster whoa whoa oh it’s definitely
faster check this out whoa it’s definitely going faster oh yeah we
almost made it over to the pod oh yeah whoo
that was a lot better okay corner it’s getting a lot better that was the second
time it got so much faster I almost made to the Ponk we’ll do one more test ride
and then we’ll light the Rockets off I think we’ll definitely be good to go
yeah the only problem is that if you go too fast you might get wet in the water
Steve no I’ll bail before that that way the water will put out the Rockets but
I’ll jump off way before any of that happens here you go wow you’re going so
fast oh it’s going so much faster oh the pod the pod oh my gosh
he was like it looks like he’s like only a couple feet away from the pond if we
do the Rockets I think if he’s gonna go too fast and he might get in the water
he might go in and the water is so super cold this could be bad three attempts so
far apart I think we’re ready to go it’s time to actually light the rock is this
time I think it’s gonna be super fast yeah I think this is gonna be crazy
I just hope that you can stop at time before you get to the water that would
be super bad if you go in the water I think I can I’ll just fall off before
that way the Rockets can land in the water and they’ll like stop working but
I’ll just be out right before if you go too fast I don’t know if you’re gonna
jump off though I think they’re gonna be that fast I don’t know you you have like
six Rockets on here so it’s gonna be pretty fast
well well know one way to find out let’s do this Carter. Sharer’s definitely don’t
try this at home all right you ready quarter yeah are you all ready yeah I’m
ready let’s do this okay I’m gonna go I’m gonna go get the torch we’re gonna
light all these rockets off we got the torch the torches lit already this is
about to be crazy shares every once in a while we do something absolutely totally
crazy and epical Stevens Channel and that’s what we’re doing today
I hope you are ready for this this is your crazy idea and it’s about to happen
whoo your choice is already lit yeah I got my torch lit I’m ready to go
rocket-powered sled let’s do this okay I have a lot of rockets to light let’s do
this thing here we go this is about to be awesome okay I have five Rockets
delight oh here we go is doing I’m going to light the first one in three two one data control it’s freezing cold corner what are we
gonna do I don’t know how we gonna get that out of the water the rocket parts
that just went a little bit out of control yeah the Rockets are still going it is
so cold right now what are we gonna do I don’t know should I go back in and get
it you think you could get I don’t know
it’s really too cold like frozen boogers all laters so cold that water’s freezing this is a really bad idea we shouldn’t
have done this I knew the pond was gonna get the way shirts I even said it I said
if he goes too fast he’s not gonna be able to stop and fall in the water
yeah sure it’s definitely don’t do this at home the Sherry’s I was just going
down the hill um I thought I was gonna be able to bail but then the rocket
started powering even more I think they don’t start powering until like 30
seconds after because they’re still on Carter yeah that one broke off and it’s
just bubbling out there Steve the fact that these Rockets are waterproof is
crazy but yeah see if the whole plan was that worst-case scenario it goes in the
water and it puts the Rockets out but they’re in the water and they’re still
burning this was absolutely crazy I had no idea what I did not expect this whole
thing this is crazy yeah Sherry’s like I said don’t try this
at home this is what happens that you make a rocket-powered sled you’ll fall
in the freezing cold water I am so cold Carter so you’re totally wet I’m totally
wet I need to head back inside I gotta go inside a freezing cold it’s so cold right there okay Cheers go watch that
video Lizzy they’re gonna warm up that’s all for
today until next time you know what to do stay awesome and share the love, peace!

Antonio Breitenberg

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