Rob’s Review-Gnu Mullair Snowboard

Rob’s Review-Gnu Mullair Snowboard

Hey I’m Rob, I just got done riding the Gnu Mullair. Really enjoyed this board. It is a surfy feel, but still a really aggressive board so you can get on it. We have some harder packed conditions, I was able to roll the board over and it held an edge incredibly well. Long sweeping turns, its decent on the short, tight turns. Gnu’s aren’t the most nimble boards in the world, but it is still a really fun ride. LIke I said, really hard packed conditions here and it performed really well. A lot of energy and a lot of life. It has a C3 rocker profile, you know Gnu boards always are very powerful boards and it has the MagnaTraction so it holds an edge incredibly well. I really enjoyed the board, like I said it is a good surfy feel. Great solid intermediate to advanced, even expert level all-mountain freeride guy.

Antonio Breitenberg

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