ROBLOX: Cloud 9 Snowboarding Tricks and Secrets

ROBLOX: Cloud 9 Snowboarding Tricks and Secrets

Hey Youtube. Today I’m showing a secret and
a glitch for Cloud 9 Snowboarding This glitch is the Speed Boost glitch. What you do is: You use your speed boost,
then you let go of W or the UP arrow, just
before your speed boost drains to 0%. And then just don’t press W or the UP arrow
until the race is over! (You can still turn
when you’re doing the glitch) Now I’m going to show a secret cave in this
map. Just follow what I do! C: Drop your board here, near the big ramp!
(Press backspace to drop) Now feel free to fall onto the platform. Take a walk to the lil entrance. Go through the small hole on the side C: Walk up to the red button and press that
sucker C: Congratulations, you’ve won! Now reset C: So yeah, cya youtube! C: Sub, comment, like
and fav!

Antonio Breitenberg

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13 thoughts on “ROBLOX: Cloud 9 Snowboarding Tricks and Secrets

  1. GodSlayer Cole says:

    If you don't turn on captions, you wont know how to do the speed boost glitch!

  2. LILSLIDE-_- says:

    No Music please

  3. Stayii says:

    Nice. Thanks man.

  4. Stayii says:

    FR me my user is Johng09

  5. brabble says:

    I don't really get it I keep trying, it won't work.

  6. Brian Nguyen says:

    Thx very much

  7. Brian Nguyen says:

    Thx very much my high score now is like 40 somthing seconds

  8. Elemental Rick says:


  9. Crisis says:

    i was herculise

  10. Brian Nguyen says:

    I miss this game

  11. SacredV says:

    Heh,! Send a request on SacredV, ROBLOX,

  12. Rianolinon says:

    Song : Nightcore Pika girl

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