Riding Invisible Waves on an Electric Surf Skate

Riding Invisible Waves on an Electric Surf Skate

Welcome to another Mellow Show or should I say “Aloha” because today we’re gonna explore a surf skate truck on your
Mellow. These things are super fun to skate man!
You’re just out there swerving and curving. The way they work is these trucks are set on a swivel and they let you wobble around, thrash and bash as
you surf the earth. There’s a bunch of companies out there.
What we have set up today is the Carver at C7 truck. The magic behind this
truck is something that few surf skate trucks have is that the tension in the
swivel is controllable. You can have it tight if you want to be going a little
bit faster a bit more of a steady ride, not so swervy, or you can go fully loose
and you can just thrash and every single turn, just tear out every turn, super fun,
you know just surf that invisible wave behind you. Another beneficial factor to these
trucks, as we’re always trying to kill the bad vibes in electric skateboarding, is
it does have a vibration reducing tendency, whether it’s attention or not I
don’t know, when you’re riding through a road it absorbs the inconsistencies in
the road so if you hit a little bump the truck is going to wobble and take in that
impact a little bit. So if you get yourself on a patch of cobblestone it’s
gonna kind of wobble and absorb some of that. That was awful lot of fun right there,
just surfing through Hamburg city. Consider that this is a perfect truck
for a Mellow S setup which only goes 25 kilometers an hour since you don’t
really want to go super fast on these things With your truck being a little bit unstable going 40km/h is really not a safe idea. Think about adding this to your collection of options for your Mellow drive set up to vary your
experience and enjoy all the different decks and different terrain you might
skate out there. Yeah enjoy the endless options that the Mellow Drive
gives you!

Antonio Breitenberg

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10 thoughts on “Riding Invisible Waves on an Electric Surf Skate

  1. emonty999 says:

    great to fool the cops!!!

  2. Tony Nietnagel says:

    Could you add a link for more info on these trucks? Pretty please

  3. Koen says:

    Been thinking about this combo since I learned about Mellow! I think it would be especially nice with the endless mode – keep pumping for speed. Would love some 65/70mm wheels for it tho because these large wheels decrease the surfskate's performance a bit.. Do you plan on making smaller wheels?

  4. Diefullah says:

    Very cool! I gotta look into these carver trucks.

  5. Mellow Boards says:

    Just for clarification: The bolt that tightens and loosens the truck is the spring bolt close to the deck not the pivot bolt that is shown in the video. sorry for any confusion.

  6. The GRiD says:

    do you ship in the Philippines or Hong Kong?

  7. Samuel James says:

    Killer little option!

  8. SquattinCassanova says:

    Can you update the firmware to remove the safety feature where you have to kickstart

  9. Kovary Zoltan says:

    how does endless mode work with pumping? Can I free roll, then just add some extra juice when I start to slow down, or get to a hill?

  10. Shattered DnB says:

    Was that 80mm 80A wheels? Will you be selling these any time soon? Any chance for a 80mm 76A?

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