Recap: Men’s Ice Hockey at St. Lawrence

Recap: Men’s Ice Hockey at St. Lawrence

[Music] ANNOUNCER: Centering pass, Nielsen. Knocks it down, gets it back to White. In the slot, Suthers a shot, save made. Here’s Rathbone busting in for a shot and a save made by Mannella. Out to the neutral zone, nice pass to Risteau. 4-on-2 if they hurry. Here’s a chance out in front, Laidley moving in and a save made by Gibson. 35 seconds to go on the power play. Farinacci moves in. Danglefest for him and he scores. Harvard wins the draw. Rathbone, who’s out there constantly, takes the shot and it’s blocked. Backdoor, save made by Mannella. The rebound chance, off a skate and in. It’s hard to tell who’s got the power play here. Harvard’s shorthanded. Look out a chance out in front and they score shorthanded. [Music]

Antonio Breitenberg

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