Reading G9 U1 P18 – Roald Amundsen’s biography – قراءة درس / مترجم

Reading G9 U1 P18 – Roald Amundsen’s biography – قراءة درس / مترجم

grade 9 unit 1 reading page 18 Roald Amundsen’s biography Roald Amundsen was born in borghi Norway in 1872 in 1911 he became the first person to reach the South Pole he hoped to follow the footsteps of his hero the British arctic explorer John Franklin when he turned 21 years of age he set out to turn his dream into a reality by preparing for a polar expedition On January 14th 1911 in preparation for his expedition to the South Pole that took almost a year he created a camp in the Bay of whales Antarctic it included planning the journey selecting his team members organizing supplies and practicing with sled dogs and Siberian ponies Amundsen set off on the expedition on the 20th of October leading a team of five people and fifty two dogs with four sleds they reached their destination on the 14th of December 1911 in 1926 he reached the North Pole by airplane this made him the first person to stand at both ends of the globe almond scens exact date of death is unknown because he disappeared in June of 1928 when his plane crashed into the Arctic Ocean while he was trying to rescue a friend [Music]

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