we have been watching you for months now
Thank You Raggedy Ann doll you have served your purpose
oh my god this is stuck in there oh my god this micro camera has been in this
doll in the back of my room for the past couple of months now all right so here I am with the SD card
and also the silver and gold iPhone 11 Pro maxes so it will be talking about
both of these phones at the end of the video so stay tuned for that um if you
have not watched part one I highly recommend watching it or else this video
probably gonna make any sense so please click the link down in the description
below for that as well that is the giveaway link for these two phones
alright so because I have a Mac out to connect the SD card to this dongle right
here and then this dongle into my macbook okay are so here we are and we
are greeted by a couple of videos and then a folder that says next and then
two documents and then another one that says this next say hi to the stream okay
let’s start with the first video a hello dot mp4 okay
it is 54 seconds long you need to look through yourself you
need to think before you act or speak sorry I’m talking like that but that
will end soon unless you behave correctly okay so I’m back and the door was
swinging wide open and stuff we do have a really bad snowstorm outside of New
York right now but um I don’t know if I could use that as excuse for the noises
we heard but I found nothing but our so apt can we slow it down it says you need
to look through yourself you need to think before you act or speak but that
will end soon unless you behave correctly correctiy okay well then
there’s some code right there oh there’s some binary code as well um if you want
to pause that for yourself pause it right now
otherwise the bar will cover up this screen so let’s see what else do we have
oh my god there’s different languages and then what this looks is just like I
don’t know I really don’t know I’m no help here without us you are worthless more numbers and letters there’s
something in Arabic translated backwards still doesn’t make sense care for who feeds you remember the ones
who already got punished remember us what happened to them can happen to you we will strike like will happen to them anything could happen
if you think about it if you don’t change you will face the fear of the
consequences you will not wrong the population anymore well then I said one
last thing we stand for you you stand for us
remain calm take us seriously and then there’s this descending thing right here
trying to figure out if you guys have any idea what any of them met in this
video please let me know down in the comment section below oh my god there’s
so much ffs my brain is like it can’t process all does that wants to be honest
but let’s carry on to the next video okay we’re greeted by a man in a green
suit with a bunch of electronics mmm-hmm so loud I’m stand here what I mean you know guys what is going
on okay that’s absolutely freaky if you guys
have any idea what this video meant I mean I think I’m section below that that
was probably weirdest video I’ve ever watched my life and I’ve watched a lot
of what your videos my life’s next up we have one dot mp4 so we have a very very
grainy image F versus 12 seconds long okay well we have a cleaning supplies
that looks like a jacks you know the disinfectant thing you use for when you
clean I have some and then there’s some bedsheets over here just some white
bedsheets there’s something right here as well I can’t really tell what it is
can I see if there’s anything in the back there’s another white sheet back
here as well yeah okay next video we go zoom that mp4 okay one minute and 14
seconds long read your triggers still wars your
triggers Star Wars okay all right so in the last SD card video we had a file on
there as well they had it was like some type of wall and it switched colors and
every time the wall the color switched it said your trigger is this now I
really don’t know what trigger means I usually it means like for me it means
like this triggers me or you know something like that like you triggered
me that’s not how I use it but you get the idea
so something like to piss me off but now like what does she say your trigger is
still yours yes who gets pissed off has Star Wars
I’ve never that besides the point this is very weird now if you didn’t watch
the last SD card video that contains them like this I’m gonna link that down
in description below as well but let’s continue at this one your trigger is Britney Spears Britney
Spears Green you trigger is green balloons yeah you’re clear is the phrase oh yes I
remember pink your trigger is the Little Mermaid all right so first things first I kind
of missed something turn number carrier k6 h z IA emu it don’t do that if you
have any idea what this means or her honestly anything else let me know that
in comment section below that was the last video yeah alright so next up we
have passed targets dot doc X it’s a YouTube channel sir
alright I’m gonna copy this into my web browser I probably shouldn’t but I’ll
see what happens all right so I’m gonna nicely just paste the link right there
go ahead this account has been terminated due to multiple or severe
violations of YouTube’s policy prohibiting hate speech huh are so
according to Google if you look up at a terminated account on social bleed it
should give you the accounts original name and stuff like that so let’s go I
pasted it right there search the real moon man user-created December
15th 2016 so this is kind of freaking me have this whole moon and thing tied into
like this especially I’m especially if they had an account that is really
really freaky but I’m just gonna close out of that for now and let’s see what
else is on this SD card hours the next up we have six feet dot doc X I notice
they’re all from relatively the same area they have to be they also two forty
two and they’re all in the 70s so I’m gonna take one of these for example and
let’s see what happens when I pulled up on Google Maps I just want to bring the
coordinates right up here it says that it is in Hudson New York one two five
three four and then over here it shows that the exact locations right here it’s
really close to this pond close to this beach right here as well I have no idea
can i zoom in on that I get huh no idea I wanted was the significance of this
under Underhill pond I’m not sure if someone wants to look over the rest of
these coordinates and let me know what pops up when you look them up please let
me know down in the comment section below what you find or message me over
on Instagram and Twitter so that’d be I’d be sick guys thank you so much I’ll
make sure to heart your comment and so on and so forth you know you do
alright so then we have this next which has two JPEGs and then say hi to the
stream so the first JPEG is okay so the first picture has a tree with three
people hanging from it it’s not I’m trying to do okay next one is joy that JPEG hold on
guys look I got one in the last box that we did on the video that went up Friday
but when we found as there was I hangman on it and now there’s this first
question I want to ask is this in the actual movie like I don’t there’s no way
that this is in the actual movie I’ve watched the first three and I don’t
recall seeing this but it doesn’t that movie is pretty weird
I wonder why but say hi to the stream dot docx we have been watching you for
months now Thank You Raggedy Ann doll you have served your purpose oh hold on
so for everyone that knows out of all of these boxes that I do I have this little
section in the back of my room where I keep like some of the coolest things I
find like this for example but this has been back here for a couple of months I
check the doll though like I squeeze through it yeah I didn’t feel anything
out of the ordinary oh my god this is stuck in there oh my god alright so I
threw it against the ground and it broke into a couple of pieces but let me go
double-check this doll and I’ll be right back this micro camera has been in this
doll in the back of my room for the past couple of months now if this has been
recording the entire time what oh my god I literally didn’t record an outro so
here I am I really did freak out about that I destroy the camera and I
destroyed that D card because I freaked out I’m not gonna lie – absolutely
freaked out that doll has been sick in the back of my room for a long time
now I can’t even remember what video I got that Dahlin because it’s been so
long now oh alright so I checked it all before and there was something in there
already hence wide there was a slashed on the back but but I’ve had my setup
back there for a very long time what I’m thinking was so it looks like I got the
nest I took out whatever was in the mid section of the doll and I just placed
the doll back there thinking everything was cool but the doll was not you could
actually see through the eyes the eyes were completely transparent I could see
inside of the doll you could probably see on the outside as well hence when
the camera was so this was a very very freaky experience for me and then say hi
to extreme two weeks ago we received the box with a camera integrated inside of
the box literally was just there furtive the longest time so yeah I hope
you understand why I freaked out a bit thank you guys so much for watching yeah
oh yeah as far as the phones go I’m like I said if you want to participate in
this giveaway the link will be down in the description but these phones are
completely cleaned they were factory reset and there was nothing on them
although I just wanted to make be a hundred percent sure so I’m having a
team look at it so they’re closer to New York City so I thought you know what
I’ll go drop off these phones and I’ll go spend a couple of days in New York
City while they’re doing that and then on my way back we’ll just pick up the
phones and you know I’ll keep you guys updated but yeah everything will be fine
once they’re cleared out so thank you guys so much for watching what a shit
show seriously well I’ll see you guys next
time like subscribe peace see you guys bye

Antonio Breitenberg

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