– Wow. What a day my friends. No wind here at the RC Sparks Ranch. It is the evening, about six o’clock, and the water is like glass. Everything is nice and smooth. So I figured, hey, what’s up? It’s a good time to take out my Kyosho RC Surfer 3, the “Lost” surfboards edition. Now, I unboxed it yesterday, and I’m guilty as charged guys. I RC the way I want to. You know, I went out this morning and tested the surfer on 2S LiPo. The ESC that comes stocked
does handle 2S LiPo. And I gotta tell ya, it was a blast. I did it off camera
because I wanted to learn and before I put on a show for you guys I gotta know what I’m doing. So puttering around this morning I found it had ample power to get up and go and have a good time around. Self-rights like nothing else, but it just didn’t enough jam for the weir that I want to take it to over there where the whitewater is
always churning, right? So I’m gonna take it
out for you right now. I do have the same 2S LiPo in it with a brushless motor. I went crazy. I went to like a 5250KV brushless. I already had it in my toolbox. And I went with a streamline RC ESC. So I can use anywhere from 2 to 6S LiPo. 6S will just keep it hopping and bouncing. There’s no need to have it. But the 2S I think is
gonna surprise you today. So let’s have a look at it and see what I have in store for you. So there it is, my radio turned on. Here is the surfboard from Kyosho. It is pretty darn cool my friends. I got a GoPro Session 4 there on the front to kinda give you a boardside view of what’s going on in the water. Also, just kept the
plastic prop on the back. Check out that rudder. Hey, this thing turns on a dime. You guys are gonna love it. Also, of course, I
couldn’t have had the rider not speckled with a beard
and some sunglasses. So I say no more chit-chat, let’s get out to the water. (toy motor running) (birds chirping) (toy motor running) Nice. Look at how this guy floats around. It’s so well-balanced. Brushless motor definitely
makes a difference right off the bat. If I was driving on regular 2S it would be about this fast with the stock setup that it came with. Which isn’t too bad,
still plenty of power. Maybe it’s a bit more faster like this. (toy motor running) But now … This is on the same 2S LiPo but with a brushless setup (toy motor running) I’m just feathering the throttle, trying to get used to
the new brushless setup. As you can see, if you go faster it really does start to hop. (toy motor running) Now I think the only way
to test this out properly of course is to take it down to the dam. It’s a blast. It actually is so cool to imagine that you’re surfing around. It really handles well so far. Yeah, and I just want to take
it down to the whitewater. Let’s see how it does. (water flowing) And here we go, always turbulent. A little bit of shadow today. But regardless, I think
I can put on a good show and try to get this surfer over there on the whitecaps and see how it handles. (toy motor running) (water flowing) (toy motor running) (water flowing) (toy motor running) (water flowing) (toy motor running) All right, that was fun. So there we go, my LiPo cutoff is signaling that I’m
getting towards the end of my 5300 2S LiPo but I can tell you the
upgrade was totally worth it. Even on 2S it has plenty of power. Hopefully you guys enjoyed
the onboard footage that I was able to capture for you today. You’ll see that I actually ran some tape around the outside lid. Not for any other reason than it was just something I do with all of my RCs, especially when I’m filming. Don’t wanna lose the camera. It’s secure on there, but you never know. You could have an accident any time. Though, my friends, it
ripped around today. The buoyancy and self-righting
system works fantastically. This dude being as hollow
as he is is just like … It rises to the top immediately. And plenty of juice. I did break a prop on the rocks, but you know that’s gonna
happen from time to time. I think it’s probably an $8 fix so I’ll head down to the
hobby store and get it. But guys, check this out. I hit the edge of the rock wall. I got a little bit of damage there, but I’ll get in there and Shoe Goo it and seal it up so there’s no leaking. I didn’t really have any
leaking problems anyway and overall I gotta give
it two thumbs up out of two because it is pretty epic to imagine that you’re out there having a good time. So hopefully you enjoyed the video today. If you wanna check out
more about this surfer I’ll leave a link in the
video description box down below to where I got it on Amazon. 239 bucks to start off with it and then of course
whatever upgrades you want and whatever electronics. But it comes with everything and it actually did pretty well. So thanks a lot for tuning in. We’ll catch you in the next
episode of RC Adventures. Leave us a like click and maybe we even earned a subscription. Until next time my friends, have fun, go outside and enjoy the hobby of RC. Bye.

Antonio Breitenberg

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