There are many ways, many cases, where you might feel that a rope would save your life or give you a much better access to incredible terrain. So today we’re gonna see how to rappel
from a snow anchor. Like to rappel the gear is pretty simple first of all a harness, today I’ve got my wife’s harness, which is very tight, so I’m not gonna be
able to breathe! A rope, the rope very important for rappelling! A belay device, with a locking carabiner. you need a long sling with another carabiner to make your anchor and then if you want to be really safe you can have a machard and another sling, and another carabiner. So let’s see how it’s done. So we’re gonna make a hole in a t-shape so here the snow is quite light, so especially all that top layer here so I’m trying to go into the lower layer. It’s nice to have it through the bindings, because then it won’t move away and it’s very practical to have a wife that doesn’t want to ski the couloir with you because then you can use her ski! So now we fill up the whole thing, quite important to walk on it to make sure the snow will compress. Tack, tack, tack. And now I’m gonna let it sit for five – ten minutes and I’m gonna test it after. So what you do, you take both ends put them through the little carabiner and then you’re just gonna pull the whole
rope, until you reach the middle. So, take a sling put it to your harness, have the locking carabiner at the end of it, put both your ropes in it, so you always need to hold the rope on your thigh, and then you’re gonna use, what we call a, prusik to secure yourself on the way down, so if you let the Rope go, you will not fall all the way down. Alright, it’s important to let the rope, like not pull too much, until you have the right angle. So you see the prusik stops, if I don’t really, if I let go the rope, so oop la Eh voila! This is it, we’re at the bottom, now it’s time to ride that freakin couloir! happy days! Alright! whoo-hoo

Antonio Breitenberg

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  1. Kim Lee says:

    Just one question…. how to get back those ski?🤔

  2. Daniel Anderson says:

    Great videos! I appreciate the simple instructions on all of your videos. I understand that learned and getting training from experienced backcountry rides and alpinest is needed to do this type of thing with success. But I love your attitude and your willingness to share your knowledge. You answer some of these basic questions that anyone like me, who wants to do this has and it’s a great group of videos to study and begin in this exciting new frontier. Thanks again. Your my new favorite big mountain rider! I’ll pass on your channel to my friends.

  3. johnny cigar says:

    Even with low exposure it's a good habit to take the time to always tie knots at the end of the rope. This way when your rappel is exposed and you're scared and tired you don't forget and slip off the end of the rope into the deadly void.

  4. freshseeker says:

    Just enough vague information to get some seriously hurt or dead

  5. Semi Ennafaa says:

    I would say rappeling is quite advanced technique and should be trained properly in safe enviroment before you even try it in mountains. XV is pro so it seems so easy but its not 🙂

  6. Dan B says:

    And how do you recover the anchor?

  7. Jmaes akaJma says:

    Now that's some nasty weather. And what happened to the rest of the line :)?

  8. Zakrapovic says:

    That's some nasty weather

  9. My H20 Adventure says:

    Thanks for the tips. More on building bomber ice and rock anchors would be nice to see.

  10. Tom E.H.M says:

    These “how to” series are such gold!! It’s weirdly cozy to watch and motivating! Xavier is ridicilous awesome and good instructor! ! Sure, it’s more to know and understand before people go ahead and try this stuff for you’re own safety! Mucho appreciate! Cheers from Norway 🇳🇴 🍻

  11. Faith & Action says:

    Hey Xav', I got a pretty rad new drone scouting video in AK you might like: https://youtu.be/2EG0xVLm99w

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