Radian Sled follow up video #CaptainMavic

Hello friends, welcome back to my channel I decided to do a follow-up video from last week’s Radian sled it was a popular video and I read through all your comments and I decided to act on One of them by a short circuit one. He was suggesting to add a elevator servo so I’m going to take this on the bench and show you the modifications I did and Go from there and then take it out for another test run so the first thing I did is I took off the servo that was here and going back to the rudder and What I ended up doing was cutting into the back here putting the servo for the elevator and Then on the other side But this servo for the rudder and Just kind of both glued them in there. And so now both the servos are behind the motor I’d also Upgraded the prop. So it’s a little bit stronger stiffer prop and it’s also a bigger size. It’s a 7 by 6 Propeller on there same motor But so now I have a little bit more thrust And the last thing I did Is I cut into the firewall for the motor and it was a little bit more Straight on and which caused the craft to push to the left? So now I got about a 10 degree right thrust on the motor And so now using the P factor wearing those motor spins it wants to turn the craft normally to the left So this by offsetting it to the right should keep it a little bit more true It’s pretty true now It’s pretty cold out here got chewed up a little bit Hey I have a slight modification to do that wetness out here is velcro is not holding so I’m going to use a little bit old duct tape to hold the battery Wanted to get some flights in here before the starts raining later today So this is the dogs bathroom, so hopefully I’m not gonna hit any land mines here But let’s see how much fun we can have? Well, this has been a fun project It’s a quite a bit muddy And I need to get inside and clean it up But thanks for your suggestions and comments on my videos and I do a new video every Sunday evening I also have a Facebook group where you can go to Facebook groups. And then search for Captain Mavic. You’re welcome to join It’s open for the public and there you can post comments and thought things you’re going to do news and event related But appreciate you coming back subscribing don’t forget to hit the notification bell and see you in next video

Antonio Breitenberg

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