Quinn Hughes NHL Debut – Behind the Scenes

Quinn Hughes NHL Debut – Behind the Scenes

– Vancouver selects from the University of Michigan, Quinn Hughes. (cheering) He’s a skilled player, he’s fun to watch. We didn’t think he was gonna
be there for us at seven, but we thought there was
gonna be a good player, and that was kind of the missing
piece to the puzzle for us is that power play dynamic defenceman. – He’s one of the most exciting
prospects in Canuck history. You’ve got Pettersson, you’ve
got Boeser, you got Horvat, and all of the sudden you get this franchise-type defenceman. (violin music) – I want him to be aggressive when he can. I want him to get up the ice. I want him to make good passes, skate the puck when he
can, and enjoy himself. – I think I’m just gonna try
to keep it simple tonight. If there’s a play to
be made, I’ll make it, but I don’t think I need
to do anything crazy. I’m just gonna try to play my position, and pitch in where I can. We’re gonna have fun, baby. – Watch where this guy goes. Around him, right? Not in front of him. Go around him. Make sure, every detail, get it right. – Yeah! If he was going in the
middle, I had your back there. – Perfect. – Rocket – I can do that too, eh? You see that one Boes? Hey, Schenner, good day. Thanks. (intense music) – I just think growing up in Toronto, and watching what his father did and watching what the players
in Toronto go through, I think he’s seen it all, so I think it’s just
organically natural for him. We just said enjoy the night, and be proud of yourself, and be you. – He’s just another member of the team, and he just wants to
contribute any way he can. He’s a mobile, puck-moving
defenceman that can play in different kinds of situations,
including the power play, and I think he can distribute the puck and maybe jump in and
activate a little bit. You know, he’ll take the
direction from his coaches, and they’ll give him
direction on how they want him to pursue certain situations,
and then we’ll see how this all plays out. – [Announcer] The journey begins tonight, a much anticipated one
for die-hard Canucks fans. The seventh overall pick from last year’s draft makes his NHL debut. (intense operatic music) Enjoy the future, folks! Here it is right now. Quinn Hughes is gonna make
his way through the door and onto the ice for his first shift with dad Jim and mom Ellen, watching on. (intense music) Horvat wins the draw. (cheering)
And they score! As the puck was thrown on goal. Alex Edler from the blue line. For Hughes, Quinn Hughes
makes a quick dash down the near side, takes
the puck behind the net, banks him to himself, out the near side, Hughes shoots, stopped by Quick. Rebound, they score, Brock Boeser! (crowd cheers) And they’re gonna have to
grab that puck as well, because Quinn Hughes has
his first point in the NHL. (violin music) Pass to Quinn Hughes, cuts in front, Hughes ’round the net. Pettersson, Boeser, stopped
by the sprawling Quick. Got excited, because 43 came
over the boards for round two. (intense music) (crowd cheering) Tried to go five-hole,
Quick denies Quinn Hughes. The ex-king, Tanner Pearson,
who was traded to Pittsburgh earlier this year, wound
up with the Canucks. His chance, in round four. Scores! (crowd cheers) Alex Iafollo will try to keep this going, Demko out to meet him. Canucks win! (violin music) – Special talent, that’s for sure, and he doesn’t look like
he lacks confidence, which you want in your
guys that are skilled and you want them to make plays, and he made a few tonight that
obviously are very exciting. (crowd cheers) – It was surreal to have the Canucks fans support me like that. It was a tremendous night
for me and my parents, and just, I’m really happy to be here. (music fades)

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