Program Overview | EA Ski & Snowboard

Program Overview | EA Ski & Snowboard

Hi I’m Eryn from EA Ski &Snowboard Training thanks for checking out our instructor courses. I understand it’s a big decision as I remember starting out over 10 years ago but it’s also a really exciting one. This quick video will give you an understanding of our program options to becoming an instructor where you can go and the process of how you get onboard. Our most popular course is our Instructor Internship program under this program you get all the critical ingredients you need including training, accommodation, support, the level 1 exam, and that all important critical guaranteed job offer. The guaranteed job offer is contingent on you passing the level 1 exam but we have a great pass rate at 98%. What this means is you get to start working in time for that busy holiday period as soon as you’ve passed that level 1 exam. With our Internship Plus program we give you some added extras. These include level 2 training, first aid and also avalanche awareness. This is a great course if you’re thinking about making this a career as you get extra certifications and the level 2 which is fantastic in addition to that experience you get in the ski school for moving on to other resorts around the world and gaining jobs. EA now works with over 30 resorts around the world in Canada, the USA, Japan, Switzerland and New Zealand. What this means for you is no matter what level you’re at or where you’re from we’ve got a great course for you. To get onboard, your first step is to talk to one of our training consultants. We’ve all been instructors and we all know exactly the position you’re in. These guys are all best placed to talk to you about your options including working holiday visas your level of ability on skis and snowboard and what country, resort and program might be best suited to you. So have a chat to these guys good luck! In the meantime, check out the resources on our website get in touch with any questions, and we look forward to seeing you out on the snow

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