Professional Surfer Bitten By Shark In Jacksonville | Sunday TODAY

Professional Surfer Bitten By Shark In Jacksonville | Sunday TODAY

Antonio Breitenberg

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26 thoughts on “Professional Surfer Bitten By Shark In Jacksonville | Sunday TODAY

  1. Sara Wilcker says:

    Wow if I saw a hot guy like that in the water I go up to him and bite him too. The good kind of biting.

  2. Watch-4-Me says:

    These are the risks people take when flirting with disaster sorry to see this and hope you are ok God bless you man

  3. Stephen kabya says:

    What should actually be news is the shark leaving the oceanic waters and biting the man on dry land!!! What do you expect when you invade their only habitat?

  4. Amanda McGregor says:

    Mini 🦈 πŸŽ‰

  5. Ashley Norris says:

    What a hottie!!

  6. Jennifer Davis says:

    Glad your okay ..idk that's the reason why I don't go in the water here at the Hamptons NY

  7. Barbara Von Traumer says:

    No joke. Jax does have the hottest guys.

  8. Dalai Lama says:

    Bro the sharks are double overhead today.
    Totally gnarly bra!!!

  9. John Allen Lauridsen Jr. says:

    The wrong francis O'Rourke. πŸ˜‚

  10. KiTT FOXXE says:

    #drafttool don't you surf your own toilet bowl LOL

  11. k7gixxer1000 says:

    Even sharks like white meat!

  12. PABLOBARBICI says:

    Once you go into the ocean. You become part of the food chain

  13. Chris W says:

    If the shark didn't get him the flesh eating bacteria will.

  14. Glendene Foster says:

    Thanks god he got away with his life

    Me :get well soon bro

  15. Crappie Fisher says:

    There are so many sharks if u fish in the ocean and u do not reel in the fish on your pole as fast as u can it WILL BE EaTEN by a SHARK ! I don’t think people have any idea how many sharks are out there

  16. Michael Newell says:

    Must be something in the water? I presume it's people.

  17. jason morgan says:

    Waves in Jacksonville? πŸ™‡ Maybe during a swell . πŸ™…

  18. BC Bob says:

    Professional surfer who? That looked more like a catfish bite. Talk about over dramatization and that valley girls voice saying Gnnnnnnnaaaarly was over the top.

    Where are the waves?

  19. Pyrogue says:

    How many shark attacks need to happen before it gets into people's heads that these dangerous animals are out there?

  20. Brian Szymanski says:


  21. EL says:

    Lol! Love that ignorant competitive spirit!πŸ™πŸ»β€οΈβ˜¦οΈ

  22. tyler keogh says:

    NBC News: This just in, if you surf a lot your odds of getting bitten by a shark increase…. Thanks for the heads up.

  23. Ramona Halliwell says:

    Please dont let any surfer surfing there anymore

  24. Freedom is a Right says:

    When's the last time you saw a headline where a human bit (ate) a shark? Don't want to get bit, don't enter their domain.

  25. Candis Gambino says:

    People still say "narly"? Lmao

  26. Marcos Juarez says:

    It's better to swim in the swimming pool than in the open waters of the ocean.

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