Professional MODEL leaves BEVERLY HILLS to LIVE in a VAN

Professional MODEL leaves BEVERLY HILLS to LIVE in a VAN

Antonio Breitenberg

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100 thoughts on “Professional MODEL leaves BEVERLY HILLS to LIVE in a VAN

  1. Agnes Jane Bonales says:

    I hope im with you. This kind of adventure i love it. Im also inlove to nature.

  2. 区日金 says:

    beauty really is something subjective.

  3. Route 117 says:

    I have it exact mug @5:22 from the left. It said the adventure begins!!!

  4. dattack1970 says:

    This guy is just ripping off the lifestyle of Matt Foley with his van down by the river.

  5. vin kat says:

    Well school is stupid and for robots only

  6. Julith Brown says:

    A Mogul living in a van

  7. Kirk Barkley says:

    Bet he's a Sagittarian

  8. Juverne Divino says:

    YEah but where does he take a crap? lol

  9. Unique says:

    I love his freedom.. .

  10. Douglas Meyer says:

    I’m sure a hundred other people have said it, but it should be illegal to be this attractive and happy and adorable…

  11. Angel Mireles says:

    His philosophy of living life is humbling. Live simple yet be happy.

  12. Ethan Cruz says:

    I get one recommendation on van life and minimalism and now I got all these vids popping up

  13. John Smitherson says:

    This dude is way too handsome for his own good.

  14. gibememoni says:

    must be nice having rich parents, not having to work, go to school, study real subjects. Just enjoying life because others worked hard for you.

  15. The Oober Youtuber says:

    Comments below – Prove women only choose looks. Men don't hate good looking men.

  16. J W says:

    Maybe some pulleys, cable and come along can help with those "FCK MOMENT"?
    I hope my 11yr son finds interest in this faze…
    "Normal is boring."

  17. shakin2009 says:


  18. Jessie Romero says:


  19. Alexander Seling says:

    Could have been titled: "Professional Model leaves BEVERLY HILLS to become INSTAGRAM MODEL"

  20. Jordan D says:

    you didn't say where you poo

  21. tigesinaus says:

    Takes a certain amount of money to do this, its not possible for everyone. Sounds nice in theory but who keeps society running whilst the rest of us are on eternal vacation?

  22. Manuel Orbea Otaola says:

    From 2017 to today, he has become a instagram superstar.

  23. Signs says:

    Professional model LMFAO.. Anyone can model means fuck all

  24. Vagabonds of Sweden says:

    Love it! We are living that kind of lifestyle right now in Australia. Check out our Instagram for inspo: @vagabondsofsweden or

  25. Cody Stephenson says:

    Nice bro

  26. Elisa Valkyria says:

    That’s the life I want ❤️

  27. Manuel Mazariego says:

    We all know he doing it for social media take all the cameras and selfie sticks away he’ll go back to “Beverly hills

  28. hamba rabbani says:

    good idea,, i love that's. new subscribers here. 👍😊

  29. hamba rabbani says:

    good idea,, i love that's. new subscribers here. 👍😊

  30. salma winnie says:

    MY DREAM!!!

  31. Patrick Haug says:

    Welcome to Diablo Lake , my beautiful county I was born in!.

  32. Andy T says:

    you get my vote m8 👍 livin it up here in New Zealand in my VW LT 46.

  33. Cat Man says:

    Dude, get a real life wardrobe please🙈

  34. Aladeen Xavi says:

    in a van down by the river

  35. Tejendra Rajput says:

    I felt it was an Inspiration video… I just loved the various quotes he used…. You are awesome Sir…

  36. ladytradiej westy says:

    Oh right, there's a van too… 😂

  37. Best 4Last says:

    Money isnt everything. My ex was a millionaire that spoiled me but was a narcissistic asshole. Simple life humbles you the most- luxury leads to greed and selfishness. Good for you, life isnt all about money👍🏼

  38. rahul says:

    he has put the hindu om sign on closet

  39. Eddie Towers says:

    Can anyone tell me the Make and Model of his ride?

  40. Monique Addn says:

    This might need to be my life during the summertime when I have vacation, You get way more bang for your buck not having to pay for a hotel and flight all the time.

  41. Joe Solo says:

    so does he do his G4P in the van too, to pay the bills?

  42. Stickler ForBricks says:

    wow to be good looking and well adjusted, might as well kill my self

  43. Etan Proctor says:

    What kind of van is that ?

  44. Nick van Betuw says:

    What a cool dude, keeping life simple and be one with nature 🏞

    Totally wicked 😎🤙

  45. Sandeep Kumar says:

    I am from india ihave same ven house

  46. Sagar Sheth says:

    "Into the wild"

  47. moto Odyssey says:

    This is your first video I watch and I loved it , inspiring bro

  48. MostNaturalMedia says:

    Materialism is a plague
    Letting go is a cure

  49. ginalepa says:

    Interesting tattoo… hmmmm…isn’t that satanic tattoo …. I think all of that is bs… yes little by little this idea have been introduced….,it’s tranding….. yes it all looks adventurous and cool but it’s actually bullshit

  50. s8f360 says:

    it’s obvious that he is really good looking and has a good personality. i feel like the life is i unfair

  51. Michelle Burkholder says:

    He knows beauty doesn't last, freedom does.

  52. Texas Guy says:

    Blue Steel!

  53. sun shine Leonie says:

    I saw 'om' hanging inside in ur van.. it's really amazing .

  54. halloo jhh says:

    Well, Not everyone can afford this way of life. Food, petrol, cloths, car damages and ofc a van. He is still Working, without his looks He Would be a bum

  55. camilo medina says:

    Wow man life goal.!

  56. Its ASetUp says:

    Im renovated my house and renting it out. As soon as im done im quitting my $121k job and leaving the cubicle for life in my RV. Can not wait!

  57. nicole sky says:

    Like the view on those National🌲 parks especially the waterfall' can you name some of them so i could visit them…?

  58. Fernando Parra says:

    It would be interesting to see if these van life people are still living out of their Van's in 20-30 yrs. I bet most will grow up, raise a family, work and become productive members of society

  59. Daniel Kim says:

    The steak he grilled looked delicious!

  60. Aurora James says:

    He’s so fine

  61. K J says:

    This is freedom life to enjoy simple things and the nature of the world and humanity and survay your inside your mind

  62. Impacting Lives Towards Peace says:

    So cool. I wanted to know if you plan to do this forever. At certain point in your life, you’ll need someone to appreciate what you do.

    Normal is boring. Haha! I love that.

    How about family life?

  63. gary gray says:

    im so envy of you… wish i had one…

  64. Amilissa Araneta says:

    i love watching solo travelers without a camera man

  65. Colton Loberg says:

    Much hotter than me but check me out 😉

  66. semounaful says:

    French boy making his way through the American society

  67. Ebony Addison says:

    I clicked because of the thumbnail. :>D

  68. Dark Star King says:

    For a second i thought this was my long lost twin brother. He totally looks just like me! I swear….

  69. Choreolover says:

    You are just a whole mood!

  70. Dennis Leshchinskiy says:

    Why not a used RV, wouldn't it be easier and more comfortable. Just install solar panels.

  71. marcus ramirez says:

    1. stay away from my gf.
    2. where did u get the van?

  72. Stephanie Paez says:

    He has nice eyes

  73. Ziddy says:

    Looked like it was pewdiepie in the thumbnail

  74. Ilya Tovsky says:

    My bros!!! stay blessed! 🙂

  75. Eve Cordovez says:

    Hope I would do this kind of living someday. One of my biggest dream

  76. Show Sir says:

    For the first 0:00–0:15 where is that place located at?

  77. Charles Pukeowski says:

    This van sees more action than warren beatty's penis

  78. Lavern Smith says:

    What an awesome guy.

  79. Prazat Kumai says:

    What do you need to survive?
    Shelter and

  80. Claudio Monk says:

    One word dude. Awesome

  81. Rick Dawkins says:

    This is possible, when you have the right mind set and or money. Keep that in mind" Ppl of the prison planet".

  82. Lord Bang-a-Lot says:

    I bet the inside of the van smells like pussy juice!

  83. Delacruz says:

    Mtl represent 🙏

  84. Fabian Banda III says:

    "My closet teach me to take my time" lol wish my closet could teach me a life lesson

  85. Ericka L. says:

    I'd definitely go for a "get away" with him😍

  86. All The Epic Possibilities: It's Robin Rockin' It says:

    oh my GOD marry me!

  87. Jenny Dahlkar says:


  88. IknowMOARthanyou says:

    Van life is where its at for us young men who wanna travel and stay alive comfortably

  89. IknowMOARthanyou says:

    I genuinely think anyone can make a living by going and doing this van life and youtubing This is very cool bro

  90. CHIEFSYesYouAre#1 YYA/FAN says:

    0:55 into it. . .my travel trailer is my bedroom. kitchen. bathroom/laundry room. the outdoors is my living room I've been living like this since May 2005. LOVING IT EVERYDAY💕🌞🌌🌖

  91. Discover the world With vickey says:

    Hi man you are looking so nice look like very cute

  92. Baseball69 says:

    Who? CARES

  93. B Jones says:

    He Seems Genuinely Happy With His Life And That's What's Important Material Things Don't Matter Just Being Happy In Life Does 💯💯 💯…

  94. Santina Belly Dance says:

    Cool, I just followed him on IG. He now has a sail boat and is traveling through the Mediterranean.

  95. Faithfull Cheater says:

    Not a 4×4 ??? Wtfffff

  96. Pinterest junkie 801 says:

    I gave up my job my family and life back home to to my boyfriend truck from coast to coast working and seeing new things every day I would never go back to a regular job unless I have to I am was scared at frist and it's hard sometimes but it's the best decision I ever made

  97. Jessica Bailey says:

    He seems to be pretty grounded as a person. Cool.

  98. Be Calm says:

    and how do you get Money for gas and food ?

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